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これが地球なら、天国は:If This is Earth

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These are *transferred from Ms. Y in Malaysia to Yoshy as someone’s New Year’s Greeting. Thanks a lot, wonderful Christians, Ms. Y and this author!

Though Lunisolar New Year Day or Chinese NYD was over, the proverb says, “we live today as long as we are alive.” – We thank our lives with these presented pictures!

Yoshy translates the following English messages written by Ms. Y. including each caption of the picture by the author.

*transfer [trænsfˈɚː] from A to B:をAからBに転送する





You only pass this way Once...



I've never seen so much beauty contained in one e-mail before.

May I take this opportunity to wish you and your family the very best for the New Year?

May you continue to be blessed with good health (if you are not too well, may your health improve), have lots of love, joy & happiness and success, too in the New Year.

Have a *fulfilled 2015.



あなたがずっと健康で (もしもお具合が良くなければご回復なさいますよう)、たくさんの愛、喜び、そして幸福と成功も続きますように!


*fulfill [fʊlfíl]~:(夢などを)実現させる

German Easter Eggs of Ms. Y

2014.05.17 (Sat) From Blog

Gorgeous Photos by Weerapong Chaipuck

2014.03.12 (Wed) From Blog


These 16 pictures and the original sender’s message below were transferred to Yoshy from Ms. A, a high school English teacher in Malaysia. Thank you very much! She is one of my old friends. While watching these magical pictures, I guess she is telling me the fact that we small humans are kept alive in a short time on this enormous and beautiful planet thanks to something mysterious and super powerful like God.



Asia, *besides being the biggest and most *populated continent, is a place of beauty and mystery with *breathtaking landscapes and ancient traditions.


<besides~:~の他にも> <populated~:人口の多い~> <breathtaking~:あっと言わせるような~>



Photographer Weerapong Chaipuck knows *exactly how to *bring out the best of this land, and it's *incredibly hard to believe he took up photography not long ago, following a *medical career.


<exactly:正確に> <bring out~:~を取り出す、開花させる> <incredibly:信じられないほど>

<medical career:医者の経歴>



He *attributes the beauty of his photos to timing. "When shooting landscapes, it is 100% natural, and *pinpointing the exact time of day to shoot, whether that be 30 minutes before the sun begins to rise or 30 minutes before sunset, is a *constant challenge. But that’s also what makes it all worth it." He says.


<attribute~to…:~を…のせいにする> <pinpointing:非常に小さく正確な>

<constant challenge:いつも変わらない挑戦>



I could look at these all day, the colors, the atmosphere, are simply magical.




2014.01.27 (Mon) From Blog "If You Were a Bird"


「もしもあなたが鳥なら!」If You Were a Bird! (a few pictures from all 40)



Yoshy thanks lots of authors and Ms. A who transferred them to me.


A様のヨッシーへのひと言は、…Ms. A’s short message is as follows, …


“Fantastic!!! - u really should view it .... No regrets!!”


2014.01.14 (Tue) From Blog "Northern Lights and Fire Rainbow"

Fire Rainbow
Fire Rainbow


January 14, 2014, Tuesday at 8:00 am, a thermometer at the doorway of LL Shihoya Arai School showed “-1℃”.




Even in this heavy-snowfall area, the temperature doesn’t go sub-zero so often.




The next one shows “-40℃”!!! These precious pictures of the City of Yellow Knife, Northwest Territories in Canada were transported via Ms. A living in Malaysia. Thanks a lot!




They should be more of *celestial than beautiful; if Yoshy lived for *less than a year, I might sit in *an ivory tower. (Well, I’d already been a stranger, I bet.)

<celestial [s ə l έ st ʃ ə l]:神々しい、天国のような> <for less than~:~未満の間に、~もしない内に> <ivory tower:世離れ、浮世離れ / an ivory tower:象牙の塔>




Let me share eight pictures with you, thanks to Ms.A.


2014.01.01 (Wed) From Blog "Message by Drawing for New Year's Day"

2014年元旦への「絵画のメッセージ」: “Message by Drawing on New Year’s Day”




I was presented these fifteen pictures from Ms. A in China. Thanks a lot.




All are done by drawing. This author's autograph is written, but I'm afraid I can't read it.




Yoshy can feel, the author sure be telling us, that what gives our planet some energy is not a nation or people but “everyone’s sensitivity”.




It is natural that we have various kinds or levels of arguing against each other, however, how foolish we make a war! … This author may be saying.




Through learning and teaching the language of English, we might be checked by Gods whether we could spread such a sense toward all over the world or not.

2013.12.17 (Tue) From Blog "Live Simply"

Live simply! :単純に生きなさい!



Watching these eleven pictures carefully, I can feel why the author named this title.




The author added a short poem as follows.



Live simply.




Love generously.




Care deeply.




Speak kindly.




Leave the rest to God.



2013.07.04 The Roof of The World, Tibet

2013.06.21 Quiet Waters

Mirrors on Quiet Waters.pps
Microsoft Power Point プレゼンテーション 7.6 MB
Walt Whitman (1819 - 1882)
Walt Whitman (1819 - 1882)


Yoshy appreciates to both persons: this author, Mr. or Ms. A and Ms. B who transferred to me.



Yoshy knew Mr. or Ms. A thanks his/her “Almighty Creator God”.



“My mind must be under no illusions.” These pictures made Yoshy again realised that.



They remind Yoshy a poet of Walt Whitman (1819 – 1882).




Even if everyone in the world greeted me with big applause, I would be calmly seated alone with satisfaction; and even if everyone in the world ran out of me, I would be seated in peace as well. (These expressions are from Yoshy’s memory.)



Yoshy translated Mr. or Ms. A's following messages into Japanese.




Why can we see these reflections?

Because there is Peace on Quiet Waters!





If we want to know ourselves,

We need to have Peace in Ourselves.






I wish you a few minutes of Peace and Tranquility!



2013.06.08 It's Tulip Season! 31 pictures are Here!

It's Tulip Season!



These soooooooo beautiful pictures of tulips were transferred from Ms. S living in Italy to Yoshy on Wednesday, June 5th. Maybe; since Yoshy was writing about flowers in my blogs, these are for R.




Respecting the author’s will, the caption below is written without any change. Thank you very much, Ms. S!



以下の和訳は、ヨッシーです。The following Japanese was written by Yoshy.



There are many beautiful flowers in the world, but few have ever competed with the abundance and pure beauty that the tulip represents. This gorgeous and colorful flower has many festivals in its honor held around the world, because it can be grown in so many bright colors, it makes for beautiful celebrations.

With tulip season just arrived, we have some truly breathtaking photos to share with you, with some tulip facts as well!





A: Colorful fields of tulips as far as the eye can see. These were shot in British Columbia, Canada. Many places around the world see Tulip Festivals in their region, and these fragrant and beautiful flowers used to be so popular that a phrase was coined: "Tulip Mania”


A: どこもかしこも鮮やかなチューリップだらけです。カナダ、ブリティッシュコロンビアでの撮影です。世界中たくさんの場所でチューリップ祭りがあり、そこではこの芳しく美しい花がとても人気があるため、次のような造語が出来ました。「チューリップ狂」と。



B: The 'wooden shoes tulip festival' held in Oregon. In 17th century Holland, tulips were so important that you could measure someone's social status by the exotic tulips they cultivated. At the peak of this 'tulip mania', individual exotic tulips would be sold for more than ten times the annual salary of a skilled worker.


B: オレゴン州で開かれている「木靴チューリップ祭り」です。17世紀のオランダでは、チューリップはとても大切なものでしたから、栽培される異国情緒に満ちたチューリップによって、栽培する人の社会的地位が決まっていたのです。「チューリップ・マニア」の頂点まで行くと、個性的で異国情緒のあるチューリップは、今でも、熟練サラリーマンの年収の10倍以上の値段で売られるほどなのです。



C: Keukenhof, Lisse, The Netherlands. A common sight in Dutch parks during tulip season.

C: オランダのKeukenhof, Lisseです。チューリップ季節によく見かけるオランダの公園風景です。



D: Woodburn Tulip Festival in Oregon.

D: オレゴン州の、ウッドバーン・チューリップ祭り。



E: The photographer who took this photo won the Picsean World Photo contest photo. The colors here are breath-taking.

E: この写真を撮影した写真家は、ピクセン世界フォトコンテストで入賞しました。この色彩には息をのみます。



F: Every year, in the spring, The Skagit Vallet Tulip Festival sees hundreds of thousands of visitors come to enjoy the endless colors of the newly blossomed tulips.

F: 毎年春、Skagit Vallet チューリップ祭りには、咲いたばかりのチューリップの果てしない色彩を楽しむために何百何千人もの観光客が訪れます。



G: A colorful sunset. Tulips come in many hues and colors, but there's one they don't come in: Pure blue. The closest are the violet colored tulips.

G: カラフルな日没の風景です。チューリップにはたくさんの色彩がありますが、現れない色が一つあります。本当の青だけは。一番近い色は紫です。



H: You'd think this was shot in Holland, but this is Oregon again. Many believe that Holland is where tulips originated, but in reality, they were first cultivated by the Ottoman Empire (Turkish empire) more than 500 years ago.

H: オランダの写真だと思うでしょうが、実はまたオレゴンです。オランダがチューリップの原産国だと思う人が多いのですが、実は、500年以上前のオスマン帝国 (トルコの帝国)が原産です。



I: The Skagit Valley Tulip fields on a cloudy afternoon.

I: 曇った午後の、Skagit Valleyのチューリップ畑です。



J: In Persia, to give a red tulip was to declare your love. The black center of the red tulip was said to represent the lover’s heart, burned to a coal by love’s passion.

J: ペルシャでは、赤いバラを渡すことは愛の告白を意味していました。赤いチューリップの中心部分の黒は恋人の心を表わすと言われていました。恋の情熱で燃えて炭になったというのです。



K: Under the orange heads of the tulips.

K: オレンジ色のチューリップの下。



L: The Keukenhof garden in Holland is home to no less than 7 million flowers, an incredible achievement.

L: オランダのKeukenhof 庭園には、七百万本ものチューリップがあります。途方もない偉業と言えます。



M: Tulips make every photo look color enhanced, as if they were more colorful than real life.

M: チューリップの写真は、どれも本物以上に色彩を引き立たせてくれます。



N: A typical sight at Dutch tulip color fields.

N: 典型的なオランダのチューリップ畑です。


O: For over half a century, Keukenhof has been the largest flower garden in the world. We cannot imagine how beautiful it must be to walk there and enjoy the heavily perfumed air.

O: 半世紀以上もの間、Keukenhofこそが、世界で一番大きなチューリップ畑です。重厚な香りに包まれながらそこを歩くことはどんなにか素晴らしいことか、歩いた人でなければ分かりません。



P: Red tulips, not unlike roses, are a sign of love.

P: 赤いチューリップは、薔薇とは違った、鯉の合図です。



Q: A great place to play hide and seek, just be careful not to damage the precious flowers.

Q: かくれんぼするには最高ですが、貴重な花を傷つけないように気をつけましょう。



R: Purple and red, green and pink. A celebration of colors. Not all tulips are fragrant, but all of them can be eaten, and indeed during WWII and the 1944 Dutch famine, people survived by eating tulips and sugar beets.

R: 紫、赤、緑、ピンク。色彩の祝賀会のようです。全てのチューリップが良い香りとは限りませんが、どれも食用になります。事実、第二次大戦中の1944年のオランダの飢饉では、人々は、チューリップとサトウキビで飢えを凌いだのです。



S: Again, this is not Holland, but actually Sakura City in Japan.

S: またも、これはオランダではありません。日本の佐倉市です。



T: The 'serpent garden' in Japan.

T: 日本の「蛇の庭」。



U: At one point, the tulip was the most expensive flower in the world. At one point during the height of Europe’s tulip mania, a single Viceroy tulip bulb was purchased for two lasts of wheat, four lasts of rye, four fat oxen, eight fat swine, 12 fat sheep, two hogsheads of wine, four casks of beer, two tons of butter, a complete bed, a suit of clothes and a silver drinking cup!

U: かつて、チューリップは、世界で最も高価な花でした。一頃、欧州のチューリップ・マニアたちの中では、たった一個の最高のチューリップの球根を求めるために、2ラストの小麦、4ラストのライ麦、4頭の肥えた雄牛、8頭の太った豚、12頭の太った羊、ワイン大樽2荷、ビール4樽、2トンのバター、完璧な寝台、一揃いの寝具、そして銀製の酒を飲むカップを払ったのです!



V: A pink dreamscape in Southern Netherlands. Pink tulips are a sign of caring and strong attachment.

V: 南オランダのピンクの夢のような情景です。ピンクのチューリップは、思いやりと強い愛情の印です。



W: White tulips are usually associated with purity and innocence, while cream colored symbolize commitment. Yellow tulips used to represent hopeless love, but now are a more positive symbol of sunshine and brightness. Purple tulips are a sign of royalty and rebirth.

W: 白いチューリップは、大抵、純潔と純真と結び付けられます。一方、淡黄色は、責任ある約束の象徴です。黄色いチューリップは、見込みのない愛を表わしましたが、今では、不運な時の希望と聡明さの象徴です。紫のチューリップは、気品と復活の印です。



X: Dull sky, colorful earth.

X: どんよりした天空と色鮮やかな大地。



Y: A white peacock among orange tulips at Keukenhof. An amazing photo.

Y: Keukenhofの、オレンジ色のチューリップの中の白い孔雀。目を見張る写真です。



Z: The Canadian Tulip Festival, which claims to be the world’s largest tulip festival, is a major event held annually each May in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. During World War II, the Dutch Royal Family took refuge in Canada. Princess Margriet of the Netherlands was born at Ottawa Civic Hospital in 1943, and the Canadian government declared the land to be extraterritorial. This was done to ensure that the princess would have Dutch citizenship. Every year since, Queen Juliana and the royal family after her death have sent tulip bulbs for the festival.

Z: 世界一大きなチューリップ祭りだと豪語するカナダのチューリップ祭りは、オンタリオ州オタワで毎年5月に開催されます。第二次大戦中、オランダ王室の家族がカナダに避難したことがあります。オランダのマルグリート王妃は、1943年にオタワ市民病院で生まれました。そして、当時のカナダ政府は、その土地に治外法権を与えました。これにより、その王妃はオランダの市民権があることを保証したことになりました。それ以来、毎年ジュリアーナ王女と彼女の死後の皇室家族はこの祭りのために、チューリップの球根を贈り続けています。



Z-a: Gorgeous white and red tulips.

Z-A: 華麗な白と赤のチューリップ。



Z-b: An ocean of red. Red tulips at Fraser Valley.

Z-b: 赤の海。Fraser Valleyに咲く赤のチューリップ。



Z-c: White tipped purple tulips in New York City.

Z-c: ニューヨークに咲く、先端が白い紫のチューリップ。



Z-d: A rainbow over tulip fields, British Columbia, Canada.

Z-d: チューリップ畑にかかる虹。カナダ、ブリティッシュコロンビア州。



Z-e: A fantastic sunrise over the tulips at Woodburn.

Z-e: ウッドバーンのチューリップを覆う素敵な夜明け。

2013.06.01 洞窟:世界の地下景色で涼しく!Caves: The World Beneath the World will Make you Feel Cool!

洞窟:世界の地下景色で涼しく!Caves: The World Beneath the World will Make you Feel Cool!



It is in the beginning of early summer around LL Shihoya Arai School, Yoshy’s area.



In this small planet, various climates are daily and hourly changing now.



Even in a small country, Japan from Hokkaido to Okinawa. …



Let me introduce some “pictures which would give you the cool air” which was transferred from one of Yoshy’s foreign friends as “the midsummer greeting”.




The English sentences bellow was written by this author.


If you are stretched and squeezed by everyday life, then you might be in perfect shape to explore caves.



Enter a narrow natural passageway that may lead to simply mind-boggling underground world. Caves may lurk right under your feet: a fascinating and unexpected environment.




01 Brazil “Symphony of Stones”

02 Armenia “Garni Caves”

03 USA, Virginia “A Wishing Well” at Luray Caverns

04 Kenya “Mount Kenya’s Ice Cave”

05 USA, Alaska “Ice Cave in Matanuska Glacier”

06 Brazil “Crystalline Underground Waters”

2013.05.04 Amazing Views in the World

Amazing Views Mr. A. sent Yoshy on 2013.04.24



Let me introduce “Amazing Views in the World” transferred by one of Yoshy’s friends in UK, Mr. A. Each caption written in English by the author and Yoshy’s translation are added. Thank you, Mr. A!



I’m sure Mr. A could understand Yoshy’s thought; such luxurious and magnific pix as “World’s first billion house in Mumbai, India”, “Bandra Ohn Residential Tower in Mumbai, India”, etc… are not shown here; because they look like “greedy docs, tax-thieves and corrupt Buddhism priests, …”. Yoshy loves these natural beauty rather than them; sorry, Mr. A. 



Well, to Dear Yoshy’s readers who couldn’t get any chance to go out for taking a rest; please enjoy these pix imagining as you really went there!



Each number is IAW (in accord with) its picture’s.


01:Super Moon rising above Sierra Nevada Sequoia National Park, California



02:The Amazing Stone Mirror in Istanbul, Turkey



03:The water is so clear it looks like the boat is hovering! – Bora Bora Pearl Beach



04:Heart Island in mangrove delta of Vaza-Barris River, Brazil



05:Airplanes rolling over highway at Leipzig-Halle Airport in Germany



06:Amazing walk at West Side of Taihang Mountain in Shanxi Province, China



07:Mesmerizing Niagara Falls – Rainbow Bridge, USA



08:Amazing Corinthos Channel in Greece



09:Awesome Singapore – Dance of Light

荘厳なシンガポール – 光のダンス


10:World’s Largest Ice Cave in Austria



11:The Streets of Monaco Yacht



12:Amazing Landwasser Viaduct, Switzerland


2013.04.16 Sakura Around the World

1. Cherry blossoms in bloom in Bonn, Germany.

2. Cherry blossoms in Kyoto in Spring

3. Cherry blossoms in Japan

4. 5. Cherry blossoms Kyoto in Japan (2 pix)

6. Cherry blossoms in Kungsträdgården in Stockholm

7. 8. Cherry blossoms along the Tidal Basin in Washington, DC. (2 Pix)

9. Cherry blossoms along a stream in Japan

10. Cherry blossom path tribute - Spencer Smith Park, Burlington Ontario

11. Cherry blossoms in Japan. A sakura river.

12. Cherry blossoms with Mt. Fuji in the background

13. Cherry blossoms in Portland, Oregon

14. Japanese White-eye bird and cherry blossoms