M-PEC講座ご報告:Report of YEA, M-PEC Lesson



There attended nine including one lady-foreigner in today’s M-PEC Lesson, Yoshy’s English Activity (YEA) on Saturday, July 14th.




After a long time we had Ms. I, a native speaker as a guest who lives in Myoko City moved from abroad. So, many of us could have a good chance to talk with her in English a lot. Thank you! Hoping you will be able to join here again at next YEA held on Saturday, August 11th.



「DVD: とっさの一言」では、「贈答用に包装して下さい」のいいかたを。

At the time of the DVD: “Prompt words”, We learned an expression, “Will you gift-wrap this?” in a department store.



「CPC-L.3:楽しく挨拶しよう」では、「どうしたの?どこか具合が悪いの?」- 「疲れているんです」、「風邪をひいているんです」…

At the time of using Communication Practice Course (CPC presented by LL Education Center), we learned Lesson 3 whose title was “Let’s have greeting merrily.” We learned many expressions in there, e.g. “What’s the matter? What’s wrong?” – “I’m tired” , “I have a cold”, etc. …



11月18日(日)、#6 M-PEC フェスティバルで上演する「#4 はね馬」の配役を決定しました。

After that, we decided the cast of “#4 Prancer” which is going to be performed at the 6th M-PEC Festival on Sunday, November 18th.



ところで、10月13日(土)は、6:00-7:30 pm at LLシホヤ新井教室、「香原ちさと顧問の特別講座」が決定しました。英語劇「はね馬」の発音と演技を指導して頂けます。それまでに、練習を家でも頑張って下さい。

BTW, an Advisor of M-PEC, Ms. Kohara who is the president of c-k office is sure going to come here to teach us pronunciation and performance of the English Drama, Prancer on Saturday, October 13th, from 6:00 to 7:30 at LL Shihoya Arai School. Let’s go for it in order to show our result of practicing it; keep doing at home, too!



写真は、昨年度9月10日(土) の「香原先生・特別講座」の一こまです。東京から優秀な専門家をお迎えできて、私達は大変幸運です。

These pix of “Special Lecture by Ms. Kohara” were shot last year, on Saturday, September 10th, 2011. We’re so lucky because such a sophisticated and super-talented instructor came here from Tokyo to teach us! Again thank you, Ms. Kohara!




At the tea-time, we could have two kinds of hand-made cake Ms. Y and Ms. E made. Thank you VERY much!



今年度は、お客様が飽きないように、ストーリーを少し変更いたします。今月中に、 の、「M-PEC-2012」に新台本を掲載致します。お楽しみに。

In order not to make the audience boring the previous story, Yoshy will a little change its story by the end of July. You can read the new script at “M-PEC-2012” in the site above. Look forward to it, please.




We are to start practicing this Drama from next YEA. Why don’t you join us as a cast? Yoshy’s waiting for your calling; emailing; the phone number and e-address are written below. Thank you.



YEA (M-PEC講座)記録は、You can see the record of YEA in 2012 by clicking here .











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