お陰様で2017年度は、M-PEC 11周年! The 11th ANNIVERSARY of M-PEC in the year of 2017! Thanks!

2017年度のM-PEC講座: YEAなどの予告、報告です.:Records or Advance Billings of Monthly Activities in the year of 2017, which are being added.

#121 YEA on Oct 14th ご報告:Review



The 121st M-PEC10月講座ご報告

Review of the 121st YEA in October




Dear Friends: How are you getting along? <国内外の遠距離の先生方には、… as M-PEC Yoshy's Updates to my friends at home and abroad.>


お変わりございませんか?体調が良くなって、念願の60 kgになりました。子犬を飼っても、世話ができます。Rと探しに出かけたいのですが、週末は町内会の行事と重なってしまうこの頃です。-ブログに「拍手」ちょうだいね。(10/14th)


Hi, this is Yoshy (Yoshiaki Endo). How are you doing? I’ve at last weighed 60 kg. I’m able to take care of a puppy, R and I would like to look for on weekends. But we can’t because there’s an event of Kanmachi Neighborhood Association almost every weekend. BTW, I’m enjoying writing my blog including updates almost every day. Please click “the clapping hands” button. Keep in touch. (Written on October 14th)




#121st M-PEC月例講座は、予定通り、1014() 7:00-9:00 pm at LLシホヤ新井教室で実施させていただきました。

On schedule, the 121st YEA (Yoshy’s Volunteering Monthly English Activity) of M-PEC was held on Saturday, October 14th at LL Shihoya Arai School, from 7:00 to 9:00 pm.


<楽しんだ講座項目:Main Contents>


A:身近な「カタカナ英語」の、正しい発音クイズ- No.2:例えば、ビタミン、エネルギー、ラジオ、アジア今回、「和製英語」も初めて取り入れました。

We enjoyed pronunciation quiz! - How should we say these katakana-English words correctly? Ex: vitamin, energy, radio, Asia… “Japanized English Words” were included for the first time in this lesson.



B: 「音声ペンでフォニックスクイズ」…音声ペンは、今春から、LLシホヤ新井教室で、幼児~小2以下で使っています。

“Phonics Quiz by using Sound-pen” … The Sound-pen has been used in the lower level-classes, under the 2nd graders’ class of LL Shihoya Arai School since this spring.



C: 「英語のポピュラーソング」…次の3曲を歌いました。

We enjoyed singing three English popular songs!  … “The More We Get Together”, “Muffin Man”, “I’m Alive” by Celine Dion.



D: 新企画:「最新世界ニュースを超やさしい英字新聞で!」…英検5級レベルで、「読める喜び」を味わいました。手始めに、昭和初期に発行された「赤倉観光ホテルパンフ英語版」を使いました。

NEW: We tried to read the Latest News on Super Easy Newspaper. … Its English level is around the 5th grade of English Testing, so every guest could enjoy reading with me. To begin with, I used “the brochure of Akakura Kanko Hotel for Foreigners” published in the early Showa era.



E: NHKDVD とっさの一言」:Les.4「アメリカにはどのくらい(長く)いるのですか?」

“NHK DVD Prompt Words” as usual.


Key Sentence: “How long have you been in USA?”

From 続・妙高火山の文化史#2-Vol-5. Pamphlet of Akakura Kanko Hotel in the early Showa Era
From 続・妙高火山の文化史#2-Vol-5. Pamphlet of Akakura Kanko Hotel in the early Showa Era

#120 YEA ご報告: Review on September 9th


The 120th M-PEC9月講座ご報告

Review of the 120th YEA on Sep, 2017





#120th M-PEC月例講座は、LLシホヤ新井教室で、予定通り、99()に実施いたしました。

On schedule, we could enjoy the 120th YEA (Yoshy’s Volunteering Monthly English Activity) of M-PEC at LL Shihoya Arai School from 7:00 to 9:00 pm on Saturday, September 9th.


99日は、「ポップコーンの日」とか…Y様が、富山のコストコで買った「大きなポップコーン」とピザを持ってこられました。8:30-9:00 pmのティータイムで、全員でいただきました。うまかったです!ありがとうございました。


Ms. Y told us 9.9 was “Popcorn Day”. – She bought a big bag of popcorn at *Costco in Toyama and brought it with pizza. All of us were happy we had them during tea time, from 8:30 to 9:00 pm after M-PEC lesson. They were yummy! Thanks, Ms. Y.

*Costco [kɔ́stkoʊ]:コストコ、Costco Wholesale Corporation trading as Costco, is the largest American membership-only warehouse club. As of 2015, Costco was the second largest retailer in the world after Walmart, and as of 2016, Costco was the world's largest retailer of choice and prime beef, organic foods, rotisserie chicken, and wine. <from Wikipedia>:コストコの商標での「コストコ卸会社(直訳)」は、全米で最大の、会員制の卸小売会社です。2015年現在で、ウオールマートに次ぐ第2位の規模でしたが、2016年現在では、世界一の小売り会社になりました。主な商品は、高品質で極上な牛肉、自然食品、回転焼鶏肉、ワインです。



<主な内容:Main Contents>



“Where is the stressed place?” Pronunciation quiz! - How should we say these katakana-English words correctly? Ex: calendar, chocolate, diamond…56 words were used. Ex. When I said, a correct English: “calendar”, they had to say, “karenda” in katakana of Japanese language. Next, the parts: English and katakana were exchanged.


B: 「英語の早口言葉」:発音が良くなる活舌学習を笑いながら楽しみました。(先回評判でしたのでもう一度. より易しいもので作り直しました.)

“Tongue Twisters”, as an exercise in *articulation! (As this was very popular last time, we tried them again. I revised the old text into the new one full of easier tongue twisters.)

*articulation [ɑɚtìkjʊléɪʃən]:明瞭な発音


C: 次の「英語の歌」を歌いました。

We sang the following English songs!

“Yankee Doodle”, “If You’re Happy and You Know It”, “Honesty” (by Billy Joel)


D: NHKDVD とっさの一言」: “NHK DVD Prompt Words


“What’s A like?”:「Aは、どんな感じ(様子)ですか?」Key Sentence: What’s Japan like in the summer? 「日本の夏はどんな感じですか?」

#119 YEAは、No Guestsでお休みでした.

#118 YEA ご報告: Review on July 8th



The 118th M-PEC


Review of YEA in July




#118th M-PEC月例講座は、予定通り78()LLシホヤ新井教室で 7:00-9:00 pm実施いたしました。

On schedule, the 118th YEA (Yoshy’s Volunteering Monthly English Activity) of M-PEC was held on Saturday, July 8th at LL Shihoya Arai School, from 7:00 to 9:00 pm.






To our joy, Mrs. Rollison brought her four kids here. Thanks a lot! It was after three years’ absence to meet them. 18 year old A-kun is going to start College life from August this year.



<主な内容:Main Contents>




A: 「英語の早口言葉20連発」:発音が良くなる活舌学習を笑いながら楽しみました。長女、アミリアちゃん(11)の「ピーターパイパー」は早くて上手で歓声が上がりました。

“Tongue Twisters: twenty shooting”, as an exercise in articulation. We enjoyed it with a laughing mood! Eleven year old Amelia tried one of them, “Peter Piper”; which was so quick and good that all of us cheered.





We sang this song so that we could understand Westerners’ deep or traditional affection for herbs. I knew four kids hadn’t heard this song. After singing this anti-war song, I explained these lyrics full of mysteries and contradictions; Mrs. Rollison, A-kun and Max understood well.



C: NHKDVD とっさの一言」: “NHK DVD Prompt Words”



A key sentence was “Will you tell me your name again?” Participants tried self-introductions with nine year old, the youngest brother, Aiden and Amelia.

Happy News!



Andrew & Max join M-PEC Lesson on July 8th



アンドリュー(18)、マックス(16)兄弟が、626()夕方、ひょっこりLLレッスン中に立ち寄ってくれました。R一家はテキサス在住です。お母さんのご実家が妙高市にあります。もうしばらく日本におられると聞き、78()7:00-9:00 pm M-PEC講座(YEA)に誘ったところ、快諾してくれました。


To my joy, Andrew (18) and Max (16) brothers dropped in at my lesson of LL Shihoya Arai School in the evening on Monday, June 26th. R family live in TX, USA. Their mom’s home is in Myoko City. Since I heard they’re going to stay here for the time being, I invited them to next YEA (Yoshy’s English Activity) of M-PEC on Saturday, July 8th, from 7:00 to 9:00 pm. – Both agreed willingly.



もう1枚は、3年前、2014, 712日のYEAの一コマです。「アナと雪の女王」の主題歌、「レットイットゴー」を歌いました。今回は、サイモンとガーファンクルの「スカボロフェア」ですね。二人には「早口言葉」の方が楽しいかも知れませんね。私たちにとっても、二人のおかげで早口になれるかも!


They joined YEA three years ago, July 12th, 2014. In this picture, we’re singing “Let it go”, the theme song of “Frozen.” This time, we will do “Scarborough Fair” of Simon and Garfunkel. I guess “Tongue Twisters” may be much more enjoyable for them; I believe thanks to them we can be taught by them!




Let’s have fun there on Saturday, July 8th. I’m looking forward to many participants.




Explanation Lyrics of Scarborough Fair





This lyric is full of *contradictions, a strange “*ballad”.

*contradiction [kὰntrədíkʃən]:反駁、矛盾  *ballad [bˈæləd]:物語詩、民謡



"parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme"の繰り返し句は、現代人にはよく理解できませんが、象徴的意味に満ちています。

Though we modern people can’t understand well, the refrain of four herbs is full of *symbolic meanings.

*symbolic [sɪmblɪk ]:象徴的な




*Parsley promotes digestion and eliminates bitter taste.

*parsley [pάɚsli]:パセリ




*Sage is a symbol of *sustaining power.

*sage [séɪdʒ]:セージ  *sustain [səstéɪn](vt) 持続する、耐える




*Rosemary means faithfulness, love and memories. There are the custom in UK and the other European countries that a bride wears a *sprig of rosemary in her hair.

*rosemary [róʊzmeri]:ローズマリー  *sprig [spríg]:小枝、青二才




*Thyme is a symbol of courage or guts.

*thyme [tάɪm]:タイム、タチジャコウソウ




The reason why the speaker in this ballad refers to these four herbs — he wishes she would come back to him; after acquiring peacefulness which eliminates bitterness between two, sustaining power of waiting her lover (speaker), faithfulness in loneliness and guts of doing impossible tasks.




As this is an anti-war song, there’re some readers who explain that this speaker is “the ghost of a soldier” and he is telling from spirit world.




スカボロー SCARBOROUGH (Fromhttp://www.eigomate.com/uk/scarb_study.html )

★スカボローは北ヨークシャー(Yorkshire) の中心、ヨークの北東に位置する、海辺のリゾート地。町は南北の両湾に挟まれ、高台に中世の古城を臨む、国立公園や森に囲まれた最高の環境。16世紀頃から繁栄した街だから歴史こそ浅いが、古くから文化は高く博物館が多い街。


★アン・ブロンテが29歳の生涯を閉じた地であり彼女の墓は、セントメアリー教会内にある。音楽では特に知られている街だけに、オペラの上演も盛んに行われています。映画「卒業 (The Graduate)」の中でサイモン&ガーファンクルが歌ったスカボローフェアは有名。

#117 YEA ご報告: Review on June 10th


The 117th M-PEC6月講座ご報告

Review of the 117th YEA on June 10, 2017



<主な内容:Main Contents>




A: 「七夕・短冊づくり」:英語での作文学習を楽しみました。

“Making strips of fancy paper for Star Festival”, in which we enjoyed learning English composition.





“Origami in English”; we made little birds associated with the sign of this zodiac year and with the magpie which became a bridge over Milky Way. I will hang them among a decollated bamboo blanch.



C: 「旗の日」:614日は、米国の国旗制定記念日。LLシホヤ新井教室でも楽しんでいる世界国旗ゲーム」 をしました。

“Flag Day”: June 14th is the US Flag Day established in 1777. We played “National Flags game”, LL students are now enjoying, too.



D: NHKDVD とっさの一言」: “NHK DVD Prompt Words”


Target sentences: “I couldn’t catch your name.” “It’s Yoshiaki. I’d like you to call me Yoshy.”