M-PEC講座95回目:3月14日ご報告:Review of the 95th YEA on March 14th



Report of 95th YEA of M-PEC




314()7:00-9:00 pm95M-PEC講座にご参加下さりありがとうございました。Y様が少し早めに来校されましたので、「名犬ラッシー:家路」を英語字幕で鑑賞しました。ラッシーシリーズの第一作で、エリザベス・テーラーのデビュー作です。

On Saturday, March 14th, from 7:00 to 9:00 pm, thanks a lot for joining the 95th YEA (Yoshy’s English Activity) of Myoko Powerful English Club (M-PEC). As Ms. Y arrived here a little earlier, we enjoyed watching “Lassie Come Home” with English *subtitles. It is the very first movie of “Series of Lassie”, in which Elizabeth Taylor appears making her *debut as an actress.

*subtitles:副題、字幕スーパー (withsubtitles:~の説明字幕で)  *make one’s debut [déɪbjuː,  ]:初出演する





A dog of the rough collie resembles Erie, a sheltie. I’m going to use this DVD, Lassie Come Home at next YEA (Yoshy’s English Activity on April 11th). Look forward to it.





You see. Because one of her best friends, Carin (Y’s pet-dog) was absent, she was at first *sulking on sofa in LL-office.






As soon as all participants arrived here, first, we enjoyed English-Japanese translation on exchanging e-mails between A-kun and Yoshy. The theme of it was “Snow in TX!?” (Of course I got his permission to be printed out.)





Next, we sang “Annie Laurie”; which was, according to WIKIPEDIA, made in Scotland and has been popular since 18th century. A-kun, have you ever been to “Annie Laurie Evans Hall” in your TX?





We checked the place names in the song: “Max Welton”, “Solway Firth”, etc. on UK-map. They are on the southern edge of Scotland.





On the “Prompt Expressions” of NHK-DVD, we learned an expression: “The bill, please.” In this scene, a waiter is asking the guests, “Can I get you anything else?”




English subtitles come out like this.





Last, using both about 30 picture-cards + stuffed animals, e.g. one of them was asking the others, “What is Elephant doing?” – A questioner is giving them only actions of his/her animal + his/her actions without speaking.





This lady was trying to tell the others “Dolphin is eating.” as hard as she could. Interestingly, not only she but also the others didn’t try to move her/his body but tried to use only the stuffed animal.

M-PEC・3月、第95回講座予告 Advancing Bill of the 95th YEA in March


The 95th M-PEC月例講座:314()予告:

Advance billing of YEA on March 14th (Sat)




さて、予定通り、314()7:00-9:00 pm at LLシホヤ新井教室:The 95th M-PEC月例講座を準備してお待ち申し上げます。


Well, we look forward to your joining the 95th YEA (Yoshy’s English Activity) of M-PEC on Saturday, March 14th, from 7:00 to 9:00 pm at LL Shihoya Arai School.






I bet that most adults are always busy. Hum … shall we change our paces in a kind of academic atmosphere? – Yes, why don’t we enjoy with our fresh moods, do we?




学習の主テーマ予定:(1) 「テキサスのA-kunとのe-文通」の表現を学びましょう。(2) 今回は Key-words発見に重点を置いた「イロハカルタ」の学習です。(3) マッサンで歌われた、「アニー・ローリー:Annie Laurie」を英語で歌ってみましょう! (4) NHK:とっさの一言」より (食事編より)、等。


Main themes planed this time: (1) Try to learn various expressions of the latest e-mails between A-kun and Yoshy”. (2) Enjoy “Iroha Karuta” in super easy English. Try to find key words or phrases in it. (3) Enjoy singing “Annie Laurie” that was sung by Ellie on TV-drama, Massan! (4) "Prompt Words from DVD of NHK"<from Vol. Dinner>, etc.




中高生以上、年齢不問で資料代は500円:出欠のご返事は、212()までにお電話:0255-72-2025 or メール (個人情報保護機能付き:Personal data in this e-mailing is protected.)にてお願いいたします。


On schedule, the 94th YEA (Yoshy's English Activity) of M-PEC is going to be held on Saturday, February 14th; from 7:00 to 9:00 pm. YEA is available to all ages from J/S high school students. Material fee is 500 yen. Please reply to confirm your participation by December 11th (Thu) by email or phone (above) to Yoshy.




新井小での「ヨッシーの英語研究授業:イロハカルタ」の記録は、You can see and read the scenery of “Trial Lesson by Yoshy in Arai E/S” by clickingHERE:ここをクリックなさってください。

M-PEC・2月、第94回講座ご報告 Report of the 94th YEA in February



Report of 94th YEA of M-PECFire Drill




214()7:00-9:00 pm、お仕事、家事そして連日の除雪でお疲れの中、3名もご参加下さりありがとうございました。



On Saturday, February 14th, from 7:00 to 9:00 pm, though I think most adults are very *hectic for their office work, housework and *consecutive removing snow, etc, thanks a lot no less than three persons joined YEA (Yoshy’s English Activity) of Myoko Powerful English Club (M-PEC).

”*Perseverance will win in the end.” – We need to continue such a *steady learning many times so that we could hold a *showy M-PEC Festival some day.


*hectic~:多忙を極めた、ヘトヘトの~ *perseverance [p`ɚːsəví(ə)rəns]:忍耐  *consecutive~:連続する~  *steady~:堅実な、着実な~  *showy~:華やかな~






The 2nd fire-drills were held last week including LL Shihoya Arai School. On the *assumption that some foreign friends would join, we *carried it out in English; “Stand in a row!”, “Let me confirm the number here.”, “Be quiet, please.”, “Walk through the *emergency corridor to the store office on the 1st floor.”

*assumption:仮定、想定  *carry out~:= implement [ímpləmənt]~:~を実行する  *emergency corridor:避難廊下






Watching the DVD of NHK’s “Prompt Words”, we learned such a useful expression as “Could you have separate checks?”; that’s to be told before ordering dishes at a restaurant.






Next we learned the English *lyric of “Flowers Will Bloom” by saying out loud together, when I sometimes explained their Qs about grammar in it on the blackboard. There are many *relatives on it.

*lyric:歌詞  *relative:親戚の人、関係詞






After all of them understood this lyric, we enjoyed singing with IL DIVO on YouTube all together.






If we’d like to tell the meaning of Iroha-karuta by our lower command of English like the 5th grade of Eiken to our foreign friends; for example, “Sweep under the rug. should be translated into “Let’s put a cover the smelly thing.” – So to speak, this kind of work *inspires us to try to think the structure of sentences as well as find key-words or phrases “by using our right and left brains *at full blast”. While playing this activity, we were all getting into full swing.

*inspire A:~にAを鼓舞する  *at full blast:全力で (blast = 突風、爆風、一吹き)






At the usual tea-time, we smacked our lips with relish over R’s handmade “banana-cakes”.






As you see, Mr. A presented R “a headless shape of bust” so that she could show the necklace with R’s glass beads. – Well, I have no idea of the real name of this kind of bust in English. I’m going to ask one of advisers of M-PEC what this is called, I’m sure I could be able to answer it next time. There is nothing/ nobody that has no name; yes, our life is full of opportunities for studying.

M-PEC・1月, 2015、第93回講座受講感謝! Thanks for Your Joining YEA, M-PEC in January


The 93rd M-PEC月例講座:110()


Thanks for your Joining YEA on January 10th (Sat)






Today is the last day of the first three days of New Year. Recently as soon as I wake up, I’ve *made it a rule to watch LL-garden from the window of the bedroom how much snow we had. Fortunately, last night’s weather forecast being off, we had only 40 cm snow around here. As it was below frozen point al the night, “wata-suki”, *large snowflakes were so dry, light and soft like cotton, that it was easy to be cleaned away to the ditch.

*make it a rule to (do) / ofing:~することが常である、心がけている  *large snowflakes:綿雪、牡丹雪 (直訳:大きな雪の切片)






The third of New Year was the day when the garbage should be picked up; Yoshy enjoyed walking with two big bags and Erie. On the way, I met an old woman living alone who was trying to open a cover of the ditches made of iron with hot water of a kettle; after greeting of New Year, I helped her to do very easily by my hand. Though she was happy, there’re many such elderly people living alone, which I again realized the *problem of sudden declining birthrate and aging even in the center zone in a city.

Well, this scene is Kin-ken Center and Cherry Avenue covered with new snowfal.


*problem of declining birthrate and aging:少子高齢化問題





Sure am I “hare-otoko, a man who causes the weather to become sunny whenever I go out”? – It stopped snowing while walking. Erie is *shrugs her shoulders with cold on the snow.






We’re very cold in the middle of winter, which means spring will come soon; I’d like to see rape blossoms.



さて、予定通り、110()7:00-9:00 pm at LLシホヤ新井教室:The 93rd M-PEC月例講座に降雪の中ご参加ありがとうございました。

Well, thank you very much for your joining on Saturday, January 10th, from 7:00 to 9:00 pm at LL Shihoya Arai School in a bad snowy weather.




Made us feel that we were in the fresh New Year through special activities!




学習の主テーマ予定:(1) カラオケでも歌えるように、「花は咲く:Flowers Will Bloom」、を英語で歌ってみましょう!  (2) 簡単な単語で英作文に挑戦してみましょう!(『今年の夢、決意』等…)  (3) NHK:とっさの一言」より (食事編より)  (3) 「イロハカルタ」を簡単な英文で楽しみましょう! (4) 時間があれば、ゲームで「イキイキ動作を表現する動詞」をおぼえましょう

Main themes planed this time: (1) Try to sing “Flowers Will Bloom” so that we could sing it well at karaoke-room!  (2) Try to think and write your original resolutions of this year in easy English. (3) "Prompt Words from DVD of NHK"<from Vol. Dinner> (3) Enjoy “Iroha Karuta” in easy English. (4) If time permits, try to learn many simple verbs, “which will make our English expressions more vividly”, etc.

M-PEC・12月、第92回講座ご報告  Report of YEA, M-PEC in December



Report of 92nd YEA of M-PECFirst Heavy Snow




天気予報通り、どんどん雪が積もっています。1214()4:00 pm頃のLL菜園です。除雪ばかりしていて、書いている今:16()深夜は、積雪が1mを越えています。雪は4:00 pm頃から降りやんでいます。


As had been weather forecast, it’s been snowing; this is LL-garden shot at 4:00 pm on Sunday, December 14th. Actually we’ve got over 1m snow while I’m writing this blog as of now: midnight on Tuesday, 16th, though it stopped snowing at around 4:00 pm.




前日13()10:00 pm頃から雪がちらついて、…


I began snowing from 10:00 pm on Saturday, 13th.






The snowing shot in front of Shihoya Bookstore was like this picture then.




4:00 pm頃には、30㎝:まだエリーがドッグラン出来ましたが…


Around 4:00 pm, we had 30 cm snow on LL-garden, where Erie was still able to run or walk there, but …






She wanted to return warm LL-Office, where she became a cat.




1213()、予定通り7:00-9:00 pm LLシホヤ新井教室で、第92M-PEC月例講座を楽しむことができました。4:00 pm~最終準備に入りました。エリーに「LEDの青い」蝶ネクタイをつけて、ヨッシーはサンタの衣装を着て、受講生を待ちました。


On Saturday night, December 13th, on schedule, we enjoyed the *round number: 92nd YEA (Yoshy’s English Activity) of M-PEC from 7:00 to 9:00 pm. I started the final preparation at 4:00 pm. I had my pet-dog, Erie wear an “LED-like blue” *bow-tie and Yoshy wore Santa-costume, waiting for attendants.

*bowtie [bóʊ-]:蝶ネクタイ (原意:弓なりのネクタイ)






Though it was heavily snowing then, there were five attendants. Mr. A drove here from Naoetsu; it took one hour. Since I was worrying in my mind that no one might come, YEA on that day was worth doing; thank you!






I thought first comer, Ms. U was a little so nervous that we started YEA from origami in English; we made A: “The worms of the names” and B: “Santa Clause”. Most of them told me the worm: A looked “*creepy but cute!” Each one drew his/her favorite or unique face-parts on B after making it. Showing it each other caused a big laugh.







This is New Year Card for 2015. One of R and Yoshy’s best friends: Ms. Y who is teaching English at a high school in Malaysia sent us. I didn’t explain her writing to them because the content was of course for R and me.




NHK朝ドラでエリーさんが歌っていた「広い川の岸辺」(この日本語タイトルは誤訳だと思います。『広い海辺』ではないでしょうか?) の英語歌詞と発音を指導して、アカペラで歌ってみました。そして…


After Yoshy taught pronunciation and grammar, we tried to sing *a cappella “The Water Is Wide” which was sung by Ellie in a morning soap drama, Massan on NHK TV.

*a cappella [ːkəpélə]:アカペラで = 無伴奏で






Then we sang it again with a professional singer on YouTube.






R had made “Tart of Strawberry” for our tea-break.






Turning off the light, two candles were *lit; while singing “Silent night”, all of us: six including Yoshy enjoyed exchanging small gifts.





私は「マドロン社のクッキー」が、Rは、彼女の大好きな「ワイヤープランツ:和名 = 乙女の髪」一鉢 (一つ前の写真:『インテリア・プランツ』がそれ. )が当たりました。花言葉は、「憧れ、純愛」。


Yoshy by chance received “Madlon’s Cookies” and R did her favorite a pot of “Wire Vine / Maidenhair Vine” (You see the words, ‘Interior Plant’ in *one picture ahead.) The floral language is “*palpitation” or “platonic love”

*one picture ahead:一つ前の写真  *palpitation [p`ælpətéɪʃən]:心臓の高鳴り、憧れ






Since three of ladies suddenly said to me, “I’d like to watch TV in which a skater, Hanyu Yuzuru must have skated or will do at GF-competition”, all of us were *riveted on TV in LL Shihoya Arai School.

*rivet [rívɪt]~:~を釘づけにする

M-PEC・11月、第91回講座ご報告     Report of YEA in Nov. of M-PEC



Report of 91st YEA of M-PEC



118()、予定通り7:00-9:00 pm LLシホヤ新井教室で、第91M-PEC月例講座を楽しむことができました。


On Saturday night, November 8th, on schedule, we enjoyed the *round number: 91st YEA (Yoshy’s English Activity) of M-PEC from 7:00 to 9:00 pm.






First, we tried to be able to sing “Home! Sweet Home”, called “Hanyu-no-Yado” in Japanese; which has been also popular among us, Japanese for more than 190 years. It recently came into spotlight through NHK’s morning TV drama, “Massan”.




ウィキペディアによると、1823年、ハワード・ペインによって戯曲化されたオペラ:「ミラノの乙女」で発表されました。作曲は、英国人:ヘンリー・ビショップ (1786-1855)、作詞は、米国人:ジョン・ペイン (1791-1852)


According to WIKIPEDIA, it was adapted from American actor and dramatist John Howard Payne's 1823 opera Clari, or the Maid of Milan, the song's melody was composed by Englishman Sir Henry Bishop (1786-1855) with lyrics by Payne (1791-1852).






We enjoyed another song, “Amazing Grace”, too. It was used in LL Shihoya Arai School as a song of Halloween.






Then, we tried to find *appropriate words for five blanks in the *passage, which was explaining what Halloween was.

*appropriate~:適切な~ *passage:一節、ひとくだり






Yoshy had *in advance made the photo-cards of R’s latest handmade sweets or cakes in the afternoon before this YEA (Yoshy’s Volunteering Monthly English Activity) of M-PEC. They look good, don’t they? – Yes, *it should be. R has the *qualification: “Sweets Specialist” for making sweets. We enjoyed the swat game; “Repeating after Yoshy’s pronunciations, swat its card as soon as possible!” Ms. Y is also very “good at making sweets.” At last Ms. Y won the 1st prize!


*in advance:予(あらかじ)め  *It should be.:それもそのはず。 *qualification:資格




「とっさの一言:NHKDVD使用」では、レストランの注文の表現をクイズにしました。今回の表現は、「(ウエイターが、お客に、食事が終わったかどうか) 片づけてもよろしいでしょうか?」でした。


I had them try to find something wrong or strange in a conversation between a waiter and a Japanese customer at a restaurant by using the DVD, “Prompt Words” of NHK. The expression this time was “May I clean the table?”




8:30-9:00 pmは、いつも「ティータイム」です。ゲームにも出てきた本物の「Rのタルト・タタン」が出てきてびっくり!舌鼓!R、ありがとう!エリーは、「ふかし芋」で満足していました。


“Tea Break” was open as usual from 8:30 to 9:00 pm. All of us were surprised at the real “Tart Tatin” R had in advance made for us! We *smacked our lips with them. Thank you very much, R! BTW, Erie was satisfied with “a boiled sweet potato”.

*smack our lips with~:~に舌鼓を打つ




*Tarte Tatin (タルト・タタン)とは、型の中にバター砂糖いためた(キャラメリゼ)リンゴ敷きつめ、その上からタルト生地かぶせ焼いたフランス菓子(出典:OED)


A type of *upside-down cake in which the fruit is caramelized in butter and sugar.

Origin: French, from tarte ‘tart’ + Tatin, the surname of the sisters said to have created the dish.

*upside-down cake:供する時、ひっくり返してお出しするケーキ




次回の第92回講座は1213():「Xmas Lesson」です。お楽しみに。

Next YEA #92nd (Yoshy’s Monthly English Activity) of M-PEC is going to be held as “Xmas Lesson” on Saturday, December 13th. Look forward to it, please.

M-PEC・10月、月例・第90回講座ご報告:Report of The 90th YEA in Oct. 



Report of 90th YEA of M-PEC



1011()、予定通り7:00-9:00 pm LLシホヤ新井教室で、切りの良い第90M-PEC月例講座を楽しむことができました。

On Saturday night, October 13th, on schedule, we enjoyed the *round number: 90th YEA (Yoshy’s English Activity) of M-PEC from 7:00 to 9:00 pm.

*round number:端数がない数字、切りの良い~




First, we tried to be able to sing “*Auld Lang Syne”, called “Hotaru-no-Hikari: Lights of Fireflies” in Japanese; this famous song born in Scotland has been popular among us Japanese recently come into spotlight through NHK’s morning TV drama, “Massan”.

*Auld Lang Syne(スコ) = (英語)Old Long Since:「懐かしいあの頃」




When we read this old poem, we could understand it was never written as a song of “*farewell or *separation”. After listening to a Scottish singer, Ms. Susan Boyle in front of her YouTube; we enjoyed singing it all together with her singing.

*farewell:別れ、告別、暇乞い *separation:分離、離別




Next, we listened to an English singer, Ms. Julie Andrews’s singing in order to *compare with that Scottish, Ms. Boyle’s. – Some Scottish words were translated into English even Scottish Ms. Boyle’s.

*compare with~:~と比較する



買い物で、「一番上の棚の右から3番目のものを見せて下さい。」+応用…を学んでから、「~模様:柄」のカードでゲームをしました。ヨッシーの恩師のお一人、M-PEC特別顧問の阿部・Ford・恵子先生考案のものです。先生は時々 http://mpec.blog.fc2.com/ をご覧下さり、数日前、ハワイからメールで、「えいごでコント」の発案を褒めて下さいました。

An expression during shopping, after learning “Show me the 3rd one from the right on the top shelf”, etc; we enjoyed “Swat-game” of “various patterns”. Yoshy learned this activity of Swat with flyswatters from Ms. Abe Ford Keiko, one of special advisors of M-PEC. A few days ago, she e-mailed me to praise my idea of “Conte in English” from Hawaii.




I had them try to find something wrong or strange in a conversation between a waiter and a Japanese customer at a restaurant by using the DVD, “Prompt Words” of NHK.




The expression this time was “Does coffee come with this meal?”




Next YEA #91st (Yoshy’s Monthly English Activity) of M-PEC is going to be held on Saturday, November 8th. Look forward to it, please.

PRパネルでM-PEC活動紹介中! at Myoko City Support Center for Civic Activity (市民活動支援センター in 勤研センター)


YEA・M-PEC 9月講座ご報告



Report of YEA of M-PEC



913()、予定通り7:00-9:00 pm LLシホヤ新井教室で第89M-PEC月例講座を楽しむことができました。

On Saturday night, September 13th, on schedule, we enjoyed the 89th YEA (Yoshy’s English Activity) of M-PEC from 7:00 to 9:00 pm.




Yoshy was very happy to meet Ms. U Ms. Y introduced this lesson.




I had them try to find something wrong or strange in a conversation between a waiter and a Japanese customer at a restaurant by using the DVD, “Prompt Words” of NHK.




E.g. a waiter was asking a man, “Are you ready to order?” – “Well, I am chicken.” … This means he was saying, “I’m coward.”




One of the better words of order is “I HAVE the chicken dinner” rather than “I will ORDER .”




Next, we had a good time to sing “Born Free” of Andy Williams. The reason I chose it was that the song is so slow tempo that we are able to understand each word of it. But, next song was different from it.




We tried to find as many words as possible while listening to “I’m Alive” of Celine Dion. BTW, As I wrote on the blackboard, the first phrase of the script in English was misprinted. All the three promptly found it, which means they became accustomed to fast tempo.




We were concentrated to the lesson so much that I found the ending time was close on the way! We didn’t have any break and I had each visitor bring a cake home. R had got ready some special cakes: “Muffins of Banana and Walnut” for us. Walking outside along LL garden to see them off, the waning moon was shining among clouds and fall-insects were singing!




Next YEA (Yoshy’s Monthly English Activity) of M-PEC is going to be held on Saturday, October 11th. Look forward to it, please.

YEA・M-PEC 8月講座報告

予定通り、8月9日(日)、7:00-9:00 am at LLシホヤ新井教室:予定通りM-PEC月例講座 (2007年度より88回目!) を楽しく学習しました。中高生以上、年齢不問で資料代は500円。


On schedule, YEA (Yoshy's English Activity) of M-PEC was held on Sunday, August 9th, from 7:00 to 9:00 pm. (It will be the 88th YEA counted from the year of 2007.) YEA is available to all ages from J/S high school students. A material fee is 500 yen. 




学習の主テーマ: Main Contents Enjoyed Learning


(1) 「えいごでコント」の台詞を考えて若さを保とう!

(2) 「NHK:とっさの一言」より、「(レストランで) "私にも同じものをください."」など。

(3) イーメール手紙の書き方:(前回の すてきなTX-kidsからのメールへの返信を英語で挑戦.)

(4) その他、英語の歌を練習して、カラオケで上手に歌えますように!


Main themes this time: (1) Let us keep young by making lines on the pictures of "Conte in English"! (2) "Prompt Words from DVD of NHK" (3) How to write e-mail: let us try to make our messages to TX kids who were our nice ALTs. (4) The others: Singing Songs so that we could sing it well at karaoke-room.


M-PEC 7月例講座:ご報告

20140712 YEA報告News A4vtc.pdf
PDFファイル 305.5 KB
Commemorative picture on July 12th, 2014
Commemorative picture on July 12th, 2014



Report of YEA of M-PEC with A-kun and Max from TX




7月12日(土)、7:00-9:00 pm、LLシホヤ新井教室で、テキサス、グレープヴァインからの男子2名と一緒に月例講座を楽しみました。

Saturday evening on July 12th, from 7:00 to 9:00, at LL Shihoya Arai School, we enjoyed YEA (Yoshy’s English Activity), a monthly lesson of Myoko Powerful English Club (M-PEC) with two kids from Grapevine, Texas.




Yoshy was interested in their *school-system in TX; I asked them about it before their speeches of self-introduction. According to their explanation, Andrew Mile Rollison is in the sophomore of Heritage High School, which is also called “the 10th grader”. And Max Rollison is in the 3rd grade of Heritage Middle School, also called “the 8th grader”. Their new school season starts at the end of August.




4人のお子さんとお母さんに初めてお会いしたのが6月22日(日)。それ以来、ネイティブと英会話の学習ができる貴重な機会ですから、M-PEC会員は元より、LLシホヤ新井教室の中高生成人に、この日の講座を案内したのですが…いやはや、当地は恥ずかりやさんが多いなぁ!- 出席なさったM-PECの3名とLLの1名:中学生のSさん、を褒めるべきなのでしょう。

It was June 22nd (Sun) when I met three sons and one daughter with their mother for the first time. Because there are very few we can get such an opportunity that we can talk with native speakers, I was keeping promoting not only LL students but also the members of M-PEC to join us; however, hum… Hoity-toity! There are much more bashful men and women around here than I expected. ― Instead, I had better praise the attendants who were three members of M-PEC and one junior high school students of LL Shihoya Arai School.




There are in this rural area very few native speakers who can speak beautiful standard language of American English, even in ALTs of public schools! What a waste!



<Yoshy’s Original Idea>

15歳のアックンはバイリンガルで、日本語も少し読めますから、特別な「カードめくり・自己紹介ゲーム」を考え準備しておきました。例えば、あるカードには、「あなたの趣味は?」と書くべきところ、「貴公之趣味は何也哉」、下に小さく英語のキーワード:hobby, what を。判じものでも何とか質問文を作れるようにしました。

Fifteen-year-old boy, A-kun is a bilingual and he can read Japanese a little. So I had prepared a special prop for introducing al together: “turning up cards”. E.g. on a card, I wrote like an old fashioned Japanese question: “Kiden no shumi wa nannnariya?” and added the hints written like this, “hobby, what”. Both we Japanese and the two kids could easily understand how they would ask to someone.




He/ she are able to ask anyone and if his/her English Questions were grammatically wrong, added his/her own gestures, the answerer could guess it. As very old-fashioned Japanese was given, this game became at last a kind of strange mutual culture exchanging way, going to big laughter!




Then, we sang “LET IT GO!” introduced here at the latest BLOG with YouTube + two TX-kids. Some had already enjoyed watching “FROZEN”; they happily said to us, “Thanks to this singing it, I could almost realize its deep meaning or feeling through this lyrics as well as recalling those sceneries!” I bet Max sure is fond of this song or maybe *jocular; his usual low voice of boy-soprano was bigger and bigger with his gesture. Thanks to him, the others’ sound became powerful.




次に、「コントの台詞を作って、演じてみよう!」を楽しみました。― 手始めに「エリーとフーちゃんの確執」。エリーの台詞を考えてもらいました。アックンが、「その場所は私のよ~。どいて~。」と犬の遠吠え的に。

Next we enjoyed an activity: “Try to the line of a conte and perform!” - To begin with, Yoshy showed a sample quiz of “discord between Erie and Fu”; Yoshy had them make Erie’s second line. A-kun said like dog’s *howling in the distance, “That is my seat. Get out of there!”





“Washer with Squeezer” in which Yoshy is going to be flat was performed by Max and Yoshy. “Meister Carpenter with Shelf” was done by A-kun and Yoshy. When most of them briefly understood what the conte was, we started “making other lines”.




Absorbed in it, I was afraid there was not enough time to do for all members; but the most impressive “line” was Max’s one. He pretended as Carrot at a conte of “Broccoli and Carrot”, saying that “Well, you never see Broccoli wearing glasses.” - Mmm, *I have to give you credit, Max!

*I have to give you credit. :「名声をあげなきゃ:お見事!」



アックンとマックスが「グーグルアース」で、「ヘリテージ・中学、高校」と「プール付きの自宅を」見せてくれました。中学のSさんは、「プールがあって、敷地が広くていいなぁ!」- アックンが、「それって普通だよ。」でみな、唖然!

A-kun and Max showed us their “Heritage Middle School and Heritage High School” and “their residence with a swimming pool” by using “Google Erath”. Looking at it, a junior high school student, S said to herself, “There is your own swimming pool and your estate is so big. Why?” - A-kun answered, “Most residents have their own swimming pools, some have two. Here it is. That’s common.” – All of us watched it with our *stunned faces.





R served us her original refreshingly cool “the cup of cold jelly with a leaf of mint”. All of us ate it *as happy as a dog with two tails. No snack for Erie, which broke her heart. To the contrary, ex-guide-dog, Carin was lying for two hours.

*as happy as a dog with two tails:(犬の尻尾が2本に見えるくらい) 嬉しくて




We took a commemorative picture. The two is going to leave Japan soon; we can’t see them for a couple of years. A-kun wants to be a psychologist. … Probably he will sure be a college student majoring psychology in order to make his dream come true when we meet him again; and Max will be … I’m sorry not to have asked his dream.

M-PEC 月例講座:7月12日(土) 予告:Advance billing of YEA

2014.06.25 (Wed) at PB in LL Shihoya Arai School
2014.06.25 (Wed) at PB in LL Shihoya Arai School



Advance billing of YEA on July 12th (Sat)



7月12日(土) 7:00-9:00 pm at LLシホヤ新井教室の「M-PEC講座」内容を一部ご紹介させて頂きます。中学生、英語初心者様~プロまで楽しく何かを学習できるように工夫していますので、お気軽にご参加くださいませ。


Well, let me introduce some items of happy learning in YEA (Yoshy’s English Activity) coming July 12th (Sat) from 7:00 to 9:00 pm at LL Shihoya Arai School. Anyone who is interested in English Communication could be enjoyable; Yoshy is always making great effort to make this monthly lesson. Why don’t you join here? – Feel free to come, please.





Tow American super nice boys are joining us. They are from Texas; one is Andrew, 15 years old and another is Max, 13.



項目の一部:From Items of Activities



♪ Sing Together! :Theme Song of updated movie: “Frozen” (J: Anna and Snow-queen)




Enjoy Trying to Perform Funny Skits!




Even if you couldn’t perform, e.g. how about trying to make lines of two donkeys?




All of you who want trying to use English are able to learn practical English skills in YEA of Myoko Powerful English Club (M-PEC).



8:30-9:00 pmは、「お茶会」:Tea-break is from 8:30 through 9:00 pm and so long!

ヨッシーは紅茶かコーヒーを用意します。ケーキ等のお茶菓子を差し入れして下さると嬉しいです。Yoshy prepares tea or coffee. Welcoming to offer your cakes or light refreshment, etc.



中略:<Snip> due to limited contents

M-PEC月例講座:4月12日(土), 2014 ご報告: Report of YEA

Yoshy's pet dog, Erie
Yoshy's pet dog, Erie


YEA (Yoshy’s English Activity) of M-PEC was content-rich as I had expected.




First, we enjoyed one of regular items, “Prompt-words by NHK”; in which we learned two expressions. – “How long is the wait?” and “We’d like a table by the window, please.”




We were able to use Ms. Chisato Kohara’s latest book, “Kokodake-kiite…”. We practiced aural-oral repetition and the quiz, then …




We tried to sing “Why Can’t the English?” in “My Fair Lady” as its applied learning: “liaison and reduction of sounds”.




As you know, this song is one of the speediest songs in this musical drama.




It was so speedy that even Yoshy wasn’t able to sing clearly like Prof. Higgins, bursting into laughter!




As we sang it many times, green-tea tasted very good for all of us!




After coming into next door, LL Office, Erie was sleeping like a log snoring.

M-PEC月例講座:4月12日(土)予告 Advance billing of YEA

Some Props on April 12th (Sat)
Some Props on April 12th (Sat)

4月12日(土) 7:00-9:00 pm at LLシホヤ新井教室の「M-PEC講座」内容を一部ご紹介させて頂きます。中学生、英語初心者様~プロまで楽しく何かを学習できるように工夫していますので、お気軽にご参加くださいませ。


Well, let me introduce some items of happy learning in YEA (Yoshy’s English Activity) coming April 12th (Sat) from 7:00 to 9:00 pm at LL Shihoya Arai School. Anyone who is interested in English Communication could be enjoyable; Yoshy is always making great effort to make this monthly lesson. Why don’t you join here? – Feel free to come, please.




≪項目の一部:Some Items of Activities≫


★ 「二巡りの会話を、人形を使って楽しみましょう!」:“Let’s Enjoy Two Ways Conversation”


★ 「顧問・香原先生の新刊:ここだけ聞いて…!で短文英語を聞きとる力をつけましょう!」: “Let’s get better command of listening by using ‘Listening these and…’ which is M-PEC Adviser, Ms. Kohara’s latest book!”


★ 「有名な英語の歌を聞いて歌いましょう!」: “Let’s enjoy listening to famous English songs and try to sing it!”


★ まだございます:お出で下さってからのお楽しみ!:Yoshy is ready for other items; look forward to them on April 12th!


★ 8:30-9:00 pmは、「お茶会」:Tea-break is from 8:30 through 9:00 pm and so long!


準備のため、出来るだけ、当日の週の(木)までに、お電話を= 0255-72-2025 おねがい!:Call me by the Thursday just before the day: phone number is 0255-72-2025.


Myoko Powerful English Club (M-PEC)
Myoko Powerful English Club (M-PEC)

お陰さまで、2014年4月から8周年です。 Thanks to your encouragement, M-PEC Activities started the 8th anniversary in April, 2014.



"Festival" should be an announcement of fruits of our studying through monthly lessons: YEA (Yoshy's English Activity). It is indispensable for us to constant brush-ups if we'd like to make us showy. Do not put the cart before the horse! Please try to remember our original purpose in the year of 2014.


The article of our M-PEC in 「つな・ナビ」, which was published by Myoko Supporting Center in March, 2014
The article of our M-PEC in 「つな・ナビ」, which was published by Myoko Supporting Center in March, 2014


“Tsuna-nabi” stands for “to *navigate us who want to make friends together.”




M-PEC活動のPR文:The Ad for M-PEC Activity




It should be one of the happiest things in our purposes in lives that what our words could be recognized to others. Let’s throw off our prejudice to the way of learning English! I.e. We can’t describe by words how beautiful it must be that we could introduce our own ideas and some cultures of our hometown, Myoko to our foreign friends! It is you who will do this troublesome job not professionals! Monthly M-PEC Lessons would provide you guts and know-how to realize it! Make Myoko City famous for its original place where the way of learning English was renovated in Japan! Your power through activities in M-PEC would contribute to our new community development!




Yoshy wanted to add “If your attitude toward learning English changed, one of children would do, too!” However, since the number of characters would be over the limit, I didn’t add this sentence.