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What I Learned at my Club-Activity


A / LL Shihoya Arai School / The 1st grader



“There is no pleasure without pain.” … Let me introduce my latest experience.




I attended a swimming school between my age of four and the sixth grader of elementary school. Those eight years were such happy days as I could feel like “Swimming is very fun.”




When I went on to a junior high school, I entered “the swimming club” without hesitation. On the beginning day, the third graders showed us, new members “their demonstrations”. Their fast speed and crisp actions made me overwhelmed.



「3年間、楽しく泳げる!」という期待は的外れでした。- 30人の新入部員全員が一人ずつクロール100mを披露しました。…夢中で泳ぎ切った後、なぜか、「すみませんでした!」と先輩たちに挨拶してしまいました。自分のスピードが遅かったからです。

My hope that “I could enjoy swimming for three years!” was quickly crushed. After their demonstration, all of thirty new members crawled 100 meters one by one. I heard, … I did my best, but as soon as I finished, the words I uttered in front of the seniors were “I am sorry!” Because my swimming speed was slow.




Finally our teacher said to us, new members; “Keep swimming in order to be able to join J swimming competition in September!”



クロール、平泳ぎ、バタフライ。次の日から、平日は2 km、週末は5 km泳いでいます。泳ぐ前には、30分以上、グランドで柔軟体操、腕立て伏せ、ランニング等をします。

From the next day, I’ve been swimming crawl, breaststroke, and butterfly two kilometers on weekdays and five kilometers on weekends. Before swimming, we must do some stretching, do push-ups, running, and so on for over half an hour.




After I had a very hard work or when I saw some of my friends swimming faster than me, I came home sadly many times. But whenever I stood in front of the swimming pool, I could say to myself, “All right! I will shorten the time today!” I didn’t give up swimming, because I just liked swimming.



夏休み直前、「9月の大会選選抜名簿」に僕の名前がありました。周りに友達がたくさんいたので、心の中で、「やったー!」と叫びました。- 結果は、入賞は出来なかったけれど、自己ベスト・タイムを出しました。僕は満足でした。先生も「良くやった!」と褒めてくれました。

Just before starting summer holidays, I found my name on the shortlist, which meant I was chosen to take part in the participants to “J Swimming competition in September. There were many students watching it around me. As there were also some friends whose speeds were faster than me before, I said to myself, “I did it! I did it!” – After all, though I couldn’t win a prize; I marked my best time there. I was satisfied that. Happily my teacher praised me, saying: “Good hustle!”




“Pleasure follows after pain,” I believe. … Yes! Whenever I had a hard time of swimming or studying, I would overcome it remembering that good experience.


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Never lose our dreams!


B / LL Shihoya Arai School / The 1st grader



I want to cherish my life and dream.




Do you like music? – Well, I do! I like playing the piano, listening to songs and singing them very much. During the time, my elation is strangely growing bigger; I always become cheerful. In my future, I wish I could choose the job where I was playing the piano and singing.



でも、この夢を友達に話すと決まって、「無理に決まっているよ!」と笑われます。いつ仕事ができるか分からず、不安定だからです。先生からも、「現実を見て、自分の適性に合う仕事を選びましょう。」と言われてしまいました。おばあちゃんも、「音楽のことは、趣味だけにして、しっかりした仕事に就けるといいね。」と、僕の希望に耳を貸してくれません。- 自分の夢を実現しようと、本気になってはいけないのでしょうか?-だんだん、僕の夢はしぼんでいきました。

But, the reality is different. Whenever I tell this dream to my friends, they always say to me with a big laugh, “Eat your heart out!” I know what they say; maybe I couldn’t get a stable life in this dream. My homeroom teacher also said to me, “Look at the reality around you, and you can find a good job you’re suitable for.” Even my grandmother says to me, “How about putting your music aside as one of your hobbies? I hope you will get a stable job.” – She doesn’t try to listen to my words about my dream at all. – Is it bad for me to be serious in order to make my dream come true? – Day by day, my dream was fading away in time.




Meanwhile, my great-grandmother who had been going to become 100 years old very soon recently passed away to heaven. Then I could feel that “we are all mortal” was real for the first time. And at the same time, I thought, “I’d better not waste my only life.”




Am I wrong? I don’t want to live my whole life keeping my smoldering dream covered. If anyone believes my dream must be in the cloud, which will turn into the reason where much more precious value is, I think.




I’m asking you here. Do you have your own big purpose or dream to your future? If do, is it something you really make come true? – I have many good friends with me, but there is nobody who can say his dream proudly yet. On the contrary, we often hear such lots of sad news have happened as only one life was wastefully used. While listening to my speech, is there anybody who can say aloud coming here, “I have my dream I want to make come true, too?” – I’d be happy if I could meet such a friend!




Our life is the most precious. If we are going to live anyway, why don’t you keep cherishing our dreams?



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