Yoshy & R、東條麗子先生を訪問

Yoshy & R、東條麗子先生を訪問



R and Yoshy dropped in Studio Zero on Tuesday, October 9th, on the way to AYK to record Yoshy’s English Corners.




There were lots of arts and crafts mainly made by floating balls in there.




Yoshy can’t tell the difference between good and bad one.




Mr. Itazuraya Nao from Sanwa Village was kind enough to explain it to me.



いたずら屋尚さんは、昨年度のM-PEC フェスティバルに来て下さいました。

I knew he had joined last M-PEC Festival.




While we were talking with him, Ms. Reiko Tojo, the owner of Studio Zero came back there.



11月18日(日)の#6 M-PEC フェスティバルに、何を出品なさるか楽しみです。

We’re looking forward to what kind of her arts and crafts would be exhibited at # 6 M-PEC Festival on Sunday, November 18th.



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