#36 LL スピーチコンテスト・中高生以上の部・校内大会のご報告

Just after finishing “Interclass Speech Contest of J/S High School Students and Over” on

2013/09/01 (SUN)


遠藤の英語での挨拶(大意):Yoshy's Speech in English (Gist)


Each of you here are very good LL student.

The strange atmosphere is filled all over Japan these days. It is “I want to jump to the eye without troublesome efforts”.





Though everyone knows that it needs long way to get enough commands of English conversation, most of Japanese learners are trying to seek “the quick, cheap and convenient way”.




Think of Olympic athletes, professional musician, etc; they are practicing their skills every day! Why?

Because, they have had their own curiosities and dreams toward their goals.





So, if you wish you could be good English speakers and listeners, keep having strong curiosity and dream!





I am offering you special time to make your power of curiosity higher from this year. It is “Try to think!”




Let’s enjoy this precious time, shall we? Thank you.



A: 結果報告

<From Left to Right> Yoshy、出場証明書= 第3位と同点:飯吉風香 (A3 新井中2年)、最優秀賞:上平 駿 (A2 新井中3年)、優秀賞:牛木晴海 (A1 高田高3年)、優秀賞:横田 渉 (A3 新井中2年) (優秀賞に順位はありません.)


ヨッシーのB:感想は、You can read Yoshy’s impression by clicking:HERE:ここをクリックなさってください。