2013.11.03 on NST-TV
2013.11.03 on NST-TV

全力教室:茂木健一郎 Vs 東大生(Mr. Kenichiro Mogi Vs. The students at Tokyo University):偏差値教育が日本をダメに!?」より…(11月3日(日)放映)


LL Shihoya News:11-12月号では、11月9日までにこのNST:TV番組の内容をご紹介の予定でした。遅くなってすみません。

As I notified in LL Shihoya News: November-December in 2013, I should have already written this column by November 9th; I’m sorry to be late.




First of all, let me *enumerate Mr. Mogi’s “Questions and Opinions” to active students at Tokyo University below.





“You’d been worried about your own *deviation scores until the end of senior high schools, hadn’t you? I believe especially during three years in high school: post *compulsory education, you were given the most precious time that would have made you notice what kind of *innovation would need in your future world! However …”

<deviation score:偏差値> <compulsory education:義務教育> <innovation:革新>




“Don’t you think it should be crazy that admission criterion of the entrance examination to Tokyo University is to be decided by the score of the given subjects; education in Japan today is really insane?”




“Hey! You, the students of To-dai! Don’t you think of yourself as an excellent student? You are a boy who is a victim of first principal of score, don’t you understand?”




“I’m sure even Einstein or Edison couldn’t enter To-dai which selects students by deviation scores. And more they wouldn’t ever like to study at your university in the first place.”




“’Serendipity’ should be placed at the base for getting real academic progress, I hope!” In order to improve it, you need training of ‘3-As: Action, Awareness and Acceptance’!”




「鍛える訓練として、分かりやすい例として、『知らない異性と会話する』と良いぞ。その時、 ACC:前部帯状皮質にドーパミンが増加するんです。」

“Let me show you a simple example for training them, which is ‘to meet and talk with the opposite sex you meet for the first time’. It is the time when *dopamine rapidly increases in ACC: *Anterior Cingulate Cortex’.”

<dopamine:ドーパミン(脳内の神経伝達物質)> < Anterior Cingulate Cortex:前部帯状皮質>




“Needless to say, you have to accept some risk that you might feel hurt in human relationships; which should be regarded as one of your good trials to become a strong person.”




At first, more than a dozen boy-students of To-dai were refusing his opinions in an apparent expression with displeasure many times; as was to be expected. E.g. “I can’t hardly imagine that you denied our big effort to have got good score at an entrance examination, that’s ridiculous and *insult to us, the students of To-dai!” …, etc and etc. But, they were defeated in the end.





One of Yoshy’s mantras is “A language of English is just a tool for communication. To be able to hold my own opinions, we have to be cultured persons; i.e. we have to learn the other school-subjects and have got to social common sense, etc. Awareness of problem and curiosity should exist in the foundation for bearing the power.” – He was telling them almost the same as mine.




I.e. Mr. Mogi by chance proved my opinion scientifically.



さらに、この番組そのものが、ヨッシーが研究開発中の「LLディベーティング・コンテスト or ゲーム」の成人バージョンでした。

Additionally, that TV program itself was the very idea of an adult version of “LL Debating Competition or Game for Kids” Yoshy is developing now. (November, 2013)



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