妙高彩生アート展・とんぼ玉づくりにご参加ありがとうございました。:2014.08.03(日) - 08.09(土)

Kさまのとんぼ玉づくり体験:2012.05.26(土) - 06.02(土)

Kさんのとんぼ玉: Ms. K’s Glass-beads



These works were made by Ms. K on May 26th and June 2nd.



After entering a part of cherry blossom into a pink-colored glass bead …



Since the way of entering a part is very difficult, sometimes I cannot correctly place it. Let’s practice making glass beads in a leisurely fashion.



She put lines of red, black and white in the second bead whose basic color was gray.



Well, how shall I finish it, a strap, a bracelet or a pendant?



On June 2nd; as said, “I’d like to make a refreshing one like an air of summer” …



Sprinkling with fritted glass onto the blue-colored bead, this refreshing bead was made!



There is another one. Though this “drop-shaped” bead was made sprinkled with white and pink frit onto the green-colored base, unfortunately it was cracked.

2012.05.26 (土)


Ms. K made a glass-bead of morning glories



On Saturday, May 26th, Ms. K made a glass-bead of “morning glory”.



We cannot help taking our hats off to K’s patience.



Her work this time has an atmosphere of crisp summer, don’t you feel?

2012.04.04 (水)

合作:A joint work of the two
合作:A joint work of the two


Two J/H School Students’ Making Glass-Bead



On Wednesday, April 4th, two girls of j/h school visited Glass-Beads Corner in Shihoya Bookstore.



They made a glass-bead for presenting to a teacher of their school activities.



How cute their bead was!



As a last finish, it was turned into a strap; a beautiful present appeared!



The teacher would be moved.






2011.8.20 Ms. K's Works

Kさんのとんぼ玉制作体験:K’s Practice of Making Glass Beads


■8月20日(土)、3:00 pm~、お盆休みもあって2週間ぶりの体験。今回はマーブル模様とレース棒に挑戦。

K’s trial was done on Saturday, August 20th, after an interval of 2 weeks; in which there was the holiday of O-bon, the festival for the dead. This time she challenged making the pattern of marble and the lace-stick.



As she chose a piece of harder glass-stick, it was not easily adapted to a white “expanding stick”. So the pattern of marble became a little dim. Let’s give it a try again, shall we?



The lace-stick was made so beautifully that... Let’s try to insert this into your next glass beads. It sounds interesting. Look forward to it.

2011.8.10 Works of Bracelets

仲良しHちゃん、Tちゃんがブレスレットを作りました:Good Friends, H & T Made Bracelets



R’s repeat-guests: H and T made up their wonderful original bracelets with the help of R’s instruction in the afternoon of Wednesday, August 10th.



They seem to need patience as well as the device of arrangement of colors. Each of their bracelets sure is Only One in the world! They look very happy. Of course R, too!

2011.6.18 「オリジナルな形に仕上がったとんぼ玉」

K様3回目のとんぼ玉制作体験:Ms. K’s 3rd Experience of Making Her Glass Beads


■K様、6月18日(土)、3時からの3回目の体験でした。だいぶバーナーの火力にも慣れて、作業がスムーズになりましたネ!Dear Ms. K had her 3rd experience of making Glass Beads on Saturday, June 18th from 3:00 pm. You’ve got used to the fire of a burner. You were improving your work without a hitch, haven’t you?


■とんぼ玉の丸い玉に拘(こだわ)らず、自由な発想で面白い作品に仕上がりました。我が家の真紅の、一番咲きの薔薇と同じ色の作品です。Never sticking to the round shape of Beads, but with your vivid and free imagination, your works this time were beautifully completed. The color of yours is as same as the scarlet roses which are in first full bloom in our garden.

2011.06.07 「とんぼ玉 + ストラップ」

とんぼ玉制作体験by Ms. T. K. :Trial of Making Glass Beads by Ms. T. K.


■6月7日(火)、初めての体験のK様。1個目はかなり緊張されていましたが、2個目は落ち着いてピンクの「しずく玉」を完成なさいました。Tuesday, June 7th, Ms. K challenged making Glass Beads for the first time. She made two pieces. She looked very nervous when making the first one, but when she did the other one, she could calmly make a pink-colored “the drop-shaped bead”.


■2個ともストラップにされて喜んでお帰りになられました。毎週土曜日に続けられるそうで、Reikoも楽しみにお待ち申し上げます。Both the two were decollated with straps. She was very happy and brought them home. She’s going to continue making Glass Beads on Saturday s from the next, too. Reiko is looking forward to see her then. Thank you.

2011.5.31 「とんぼ玉+ストラップ、ネックレス」

Kさん親子様の「とんぼ玉制作体験」:Ms. K and her Child’s Trial of Making Glass Beads



Ms. K and her child came here after a long time. Today, May 31st, Mother and her daughter, R did. R could finish making a cute strap with a heart-shaped bead and putting dots.



Mother made a fantastic necklace with a glass bead in which some parts of roses were put into. Though both of the two challenged after around 2 months, they could do well without a hitch.

2011.3.28 am 「とんぼ玉・ビーズワーク」








2010.10.15 4:00 pm 「とんぼ玉」

K 様の作品
K 様の作品




2010.10.11 10:00 am 「とんぼ玉」










2010.10.09 4:00 pm ころ 「ビーズワーク」




2010.10.08 4:30 pm ころ 第3回目のS様(お母様)

2010.10.03 4:00 pmころ S様兄妹






2010.10.02 16:00 pmころ Mちゃん、とんぼ玉体験








★2011.01.22 Reiko's★


★2010.11.01 Reiko's★

11月14日(日)、2:00-5:00 pm at 勤研センターで の "#4 M-PEC Festival"…みなさまご存知ですか?今年で4周年。妙高市のシンボルの一つ:「はね馬」の英語劇あり、詩吟あり、帯結び実演あり、平和を祈る戦争資料展あり、…そして、「とんぼ玉制作体験コーナー」あります。



★2010.10.30 REIKO's★