「火の山 みょうこう」販売中!

おかげさまで、... 8月1日現在、残部僅少です.


2020 (R-2) 4月発刊:大人と子供の絵本:「火の山 みょうこう」、販売中です。


絵本のようですが、早津賢二先生の科学者としてのライフワークの「妙高山」 (2,454 m) のこれまでの半生 (誕生から現在、未来)を、分かりやすく解説しておられます.


2,145円 (税込) 


1冊、1,200円 (税込)







★ 4月/ 2016~志保屋書店で販売中。

★ 価格= 1,100円 (税込)





● 著者、荒井 豊先生は、遠藤由明が新井高校在籍当時からの、尊敬する英語教師です。


● 発刊ご通知頂いた折、思い出話に「花咲」きました。PR文と合わせて感想文を掲載中です。「右の目次」をクリックなさって下さい。

2019.10月 : 秋の店内に模様替え

国内外の友人へ一言近況:Yoshy’s Brief Updates to my Friends at Home and Abroad  from Blog Updated on Oct 26th.


当地近辺は、のんびりしています. 秋冷の気配に満ちています風物詩をどうぞ.


This are around here is almost free from care, full of atmosphere of deep autumn. After the work of stocktaking, R rearranged a few corners of Shihoya Bookstore to autumn version today, Sat Oct 26. Here’re some things which remind us the season of autumn.




<1a: 1025()、義母、トメさん93歳がデイサービスで作ってきてくださった「梟」>

“A pair of stuffed OWLs handmade by our 93-year-old Tome san. She made it in a day care facility yesterday, Fri Oct 25”


<1b: その右隣りは、川上優子先生の、貼り絵作品:「柘榴(ざくろ)」、「案山子(かかし)> “There’re two Chigiri-e works (collage of pieces of colored paper) made by Ms. Yuko Kawakami: “A *pomegranate” and “A *scarecrow”

*pomegranate [pάm(ə)gr`ænət](cn) 柘榴(ざくろ)  *scarecrow [ˈskɛə.krəʊ]:案山子(かかし)


<1c: Rが今年精魂込めて造った「とんぼ玉」@ 3,000 ~ 8,000円:今日、1個売れました. ありがとうございます.>

“Glass-beads” R has made them pouring her heart and soul into this year. One of them was sold today, thank you.


<1d: Signboard of coming「おたや」(報恩講:**The 757th Ho-on-ko for Shinran) >

*The 757th Ho-on-ko for Shinran親鸞聖人(1173521 - 1263116) by グリグレオ歴) 757回忌


<1e: 「新潟県民手帳」あと数冊で売り切れます. Thanks to you, “Niigata Prefectural Civic Portable Notebook” Only a few ones left. >

続・妙高火山の文化史#5 発売中


続・妙高火山の文化史#5 販売中

Cultural History of the Volcanoes of Mt. Myoko-range 2-Vol. 5 on Sale





続・妙高火山の文化史第5巻が、完成しました。エネルギッシュな小島正巳先生に敬服しています。妙高山(2,454 m)の山頂に立っておられます。

Cultural History of the Volcanoes of Mt. Myoko-range 2-Vol. 5 has been published. I always respect his energetic attitude. He is standing on the top of Mt. Myoko (2,454 m).





This page below shows some old picture post cards of Akakura Onsen.




11,000 (税込み)。お求めくださいませ。


It costs 1,000 yen (tax included). I want you to buy it.

フレップに(有) 志保屋書店が掲載されました

続・妙高火山の文化史#4 完売御礼



“Cultural History of the Volcanoes of Mt. Myoko-range 2-Vol. 4” 






This is the 5th serial of “Cultural History of the Volcanoes of Mt. Myoko-range”, whose author is Mr. Kojima Masami, 85 year-old local-culture historian.

“Cultural History of the Volcanoes of Mt. Myoko-range Sequel-Vol. 4”. It costs 1,080 yen (including taxes).




The cover shows the aerial photograph of magnificent Mt. Myoko and its somma, outer rim.



The back-cover shows the *surrounding town-map taken in Showa 8, 1933.



This content reads; there’re some themes i.e., “The Myoko Togakushi Range National Park”, “the introduction of Buddhism into Japan and Zenkoji-temple and the *faith of Mt. Myoko and Togakushi” and “Ms.Hikita Tenko, a magician”, etc. with lots of pictures related to them.


後書き (おわりに) には、小島先生のプロフィールがございます。

*Postscript…There’s mainly Author, Mr. Kojima’s profile, too.



There’re various valuable pictures of *acquisition in it. In these old picture-postcards, there’re e.g., the first “Akakura Kanko Hotel”, the first “Nakamuraya Inn”, skiing that was starting to be known as a tourist *attraction, etc. … My! I’m surprised; it’s amazing how he collected them.




Mr. Kojima inserted the latest PR-board of “Cultural History of the Volcanoes of Mt. Myoko-range 2-Vol. 3”. Does it also mean a kind of culture? Then, I have to make the new PR-board about this No.4! (Laughter)

「経塚山公園に於ける釈迦堂建立記念絵葉書3枚組」From 続・妙高火山の文化史#3


“A pack of 3 commemorative picture postcards of building Shakado Temple in Kyodukayama Park” From Cultural History of the Volcanoes of Mt. Myoko-range 2-Vol.3 



経塚山の釈迦堂は、昭和9(1934) に建立され、平成26(2014) 3月に除却されてしまいました。

This Shakado Temple was built in Showa 9 (1934) and *demolished on March of Heisei 26 (2014). 

最新住宅地図:妙高市版 販売中

えいご絵本読み聞かせ (RPB) 2015.11~継続中


毎月第2(土) 10:30-11:30 am at よりみちカフェ in 志保屋書店で開催中。