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ありがとうございます。Thank you very much from Yoshy (Yoshiaki Endo).

「百人一首」、「いろはカルタ」英訳は、側面の「教養」にございます。One "Hundred Poems from One Hundred Poets", "Iroha" : access to the side, Interesting education.

Swiss Govt's Warning from Blog on 2013.07.12 (Fri)


The following comments are extracted from some ones’ who transferred; translation is Yoshy.




Mobile phones and the internet are health hazards....



Listen to the Swiss govt warning its citizens concerning cordless devices.









Maybe we should all get back to wired products...


テオ医師の警告 from Blog on 2013.05.03 (Fri)

Brain surgeon, Dr Charlie Teo is Warning:脳外科医・チャーリー・テオ博士の警告



This article was transferred via one of M-PEC Advisors, Ms. A. who had done Dr. Patch Adams several years ago. This time … The English sentences are as same as the author (anonymous) wrote; and Yoshy is translating into Japanese. Vocabularies above the level of the Pre-2nd Eiken are added <annotations>. BTW, this article is part from full text.



Australia’s Most Trusted Person in 2012:チャーリー博士は、「2012年度、オーストラリアの最も信頼できる人物」に選ばれています。


This is mainly why electricals especially in the bedrooms, should be turned off completely when not in use. Also, microwaved foods should not be eaten immediately.



BRAIN cancer surgeon Charlie Teo has urged people to put mobile phones on loudspeaker, move clock radios to the foot of the bed and wait until microwaves have finished beeping before opening them..

脳腫瘍専門外科医のチャーリー・テオ博士は、携帯電話には拡声器を付属さすべきこと (直接耳に当てないこと)、ラジオ付き時計はベッドの床に置くべきこと、そして、電子レンジの扉をあけるには、チンの音が鳴りやんでからにすべきこと…を力説しています。


"The American government, for example, recommended that all electrical appliances should be put at the foot of the bed and not the head of the bed.”



"Electric blankets should be turned off before you get in bed and definitely wait for those five beeps before you open the microwave."



"With the mobile phone I encourage you to put it on loudspeaker and step outside rather than sticking it up to your brain."



Dr Teo, who tackles tumours other surgeons deem inoperable, said some hair dyes, particularly red, could also cause brain cancer in people with a predisposition.


<deem:~と思う> <inoperable:手術不可能な> <predisposition:傾向、病気になりやすい性質>


"The body needs some genetic predisposition. The hair dye, the mobile phone, they're just catalysts but you probably need some sort of genetic aberration to get the cancer in the first place," he said.


<genetic:遺伝の> <predisposition:傾向、性質(たち)> <catalyst:触媒、促進物質> <aberration:異常、脱線>


Dr Teo said there had been some advancements in treating tumours, like microwave therapy and putting chemotherapy directly into a tumour. A healthy diet, meditation and positive thought could also be beneficial.


<advancement:促進、助長> <therapy:療法> <chemotherapy:化学療法> <meditation:瞑想>


"We believe that they probably boost the immune system," he said.




Dr Teo's tips to reduce brain tumour risks



- Get eight hours sleep a night and eat well to boost your immune system



- Keep electrical appliances like clock radios at the foot of the bed



- Turn electric blankets off before retiring




- Put mobile phones on hands-free



- Wait until the microwave finishes beeping before opening it


2012.09.15 Mars-rover, Curiosity

2011.07.31 Funny Pix of Animals

動物面白写真、キミならどんなタイトルをつける?:What Title Will You Name This Picture?


① 「馬が穴に落っこちちゃった」: “A horse fell into a hole.”

「これが本当の『穴馬』?」: “Is this real ‘Dark Horse’?”

「厄介かけるなよ」: “Do not get into trouble.”


② 「犬仲間で一番高く跳べるのは?」: “Who can jump highest among us, dogs?”

「目標は高さにあり」: “Aim for greater heights.”


③ 「牛とけんかするつもりはないよ」: “I Won’t Fight Against An Ox!”

「おい、仕事に集中しろよ」: “Stay focused on your job.”


④ 「鳥だって、たまには運動しなくっちゃね」: “Even a bird sometimes have to exercise.”

「健康維持には運動さ」:Exercise to maintain good health.


⑤ 「鼠の子供たち、お母さんの背中にしがみついててね!」: “Baby-mice, keep clinging to your mom’s back! ” 

「チームワークを学ぼう」: “Practice Team work.”


6) 「牛と犬はいつも仲良し」: “Cows and dogs are always good friends.”

「頼れる仲間が後方確認」: “Rely on your trusted partner to watch your back.”


7) 「チンパンジーの赤ちゃん、雨が初めて?」: “Is this rain your first one?”

「まさかの時に備えましょう」: “Save for rainy days.”


8) 「リスだってのんびりしたいよ!」: “Even a squirrel wants to relax.”

「一休み、一休み」: “Rest and relax.”


9) 「犬が笑わないっていうのは嘘だよ、ほらね」: “It’s a lie that a dog never laugh. Look at me.”

「ご主人さまがそばにいる時はいつも笑顔を忘れずに」: “Always smile when your boss is around.”


10) 「これが山羊の踏ん張り!」: “This is just Goats’ holding out.”

「不可能などないのだ」:“Nothing is impossible.”

Not Seen Everyday

2011.06.xx 世界のバス停:Bus Stops in the World

世界のバス停:The Bus Stops in the World


2011/06下旬に、外国友人 Yさんから頂いた面白い「世界のバス停」の写真です。

These very interesting pix of “Bus Stops” were presented by one of my foreign friends, Y late in June.



Only the names of the City or Country are attached on each picture; if you had no idea, would’ you check up on them?



Yoshy inserted the bus stop close to LL Shihoya Arai School. It doesn’t come up to the others, does it? Hum… It couldn’t be helpful as this is a lovely rural area. Thanks a lot, Y!