LL スピーチコンテスト・クラス予選実施中!

LLスピーチコンテスト・クラス予選実施中!:We’re holding Class-preliminary of LL SC.



“The class-preliminary of #35 LL Speech Contest” has been held since last Saturday.




This picture was a scene of “Yoshy’s final training” in PB class on Thursday, August 23rd.




Some of them had kept practicing to learn their given range of recitation by heart in their home since June and some did nothing.




Some of LL students wonder why they must join the Speech Contest.




From old ancient times, there is a treasure of “harmony” in Japanese thoughts in our deep mind.




“Non-verbal communication”, “A tall tree catches much wind.” etc… It should be admired to be some kind of virtue to try to be peaceful around or in our close community.




But, you know, in this world which has become rapidly smaller than before, much more frictions against other countries have occurred and have seemed to be bigger day by day.




Yoshy believes children must learn “his/her powerful and flexible attitude in his/her unexpected case of trouble.”




One of the most important purposes of practicing “LL Speech Contest for elementary and junior high school students” should be “to get used to lots of stressful situations”; Yoshy believes.