#35 LL スピーチコンテスト中高校内大会・ご報告その2 (結果と感想)

The Award Ceremony
The Award Ceremony

#35 LL スピーチコンテスト・中高生の部校内大会報告・その2


出場生徒、親御様のお陰で、9月2日(日)、5:00-6:30 pm LLシホヤ新井教室で盛況に実施できました。

Thanks to these participants and their parents, this event was successfully held on Sunday, September 2nd, from 5:00 to 6:30 pm.



A4, A3, A1, AAからのクラス予選通過生徒が6月から熱心に練習してきたスピーチを披露してくれました。

The delegates who had passed class-preliminary in A44, A3, A1 and AA introduced their speeches they’d been practicing very hard since June.



コンテストの結果、12月9日(日)、アオーレ長岡で開催される「#35 県大会・中学生の部」には、横田 渉君 (A4 新井中1年)と、牛木拓海君 (A4 新井中1年)が出場権を得ました。補欠は、廣瀬貴子さん (A1 上教大附属中3年)です。おめでとうございます。

Wataru Yokota (A4 the 1st grader of Arai J/H-S) and Takumi Ushiki (A4 the 1st grader of Arai J/H-S) booked a ticket to “#35 Niigata Prefectural Speech Contest” held at Ao-re Nagaoka on Sunday, December 9th. Takako Hirose (A1 the 2nd J/H-S attached to Joetsu University of Education) became a substitute speaker.




It’s rather stressful more or less for even Japanese adults to speak what they want to tell even in Japanese, which is common situation, Yoshy bets.




“Not to be a tall tree which catches strong wind or “not to be ostracized,”etc …“island-nation mentality has been causing friction against even Asian neighbor countries..




“Learning English” means “learning the power of trying to tell our own wills in a dignified manner when necessary”, which is one of Yoshy’s cherished opinions.




Yoshy hopes LL-little children and elementary school ones to follow their senior LL students, these J/S-HS students who is learning Yoshy’s spirit or thought for learning English in LL Shihoya Arai School.




Yuichiro Matsuki (AA, the 3rd grader of Takada Senior High School) who are telling a short and funny story, “The Cost of Cigars” in the style of rakugo and won the top-prize.



後半の「落ち」を更に展開して「でも、喫煙は止めた方がいいですよ。」- 「うーん、キミの勝ちだ。」… のように「独自の落ち」を語ってくれました。

Moreover, he added his original “ochi: a punch line” which was “But you’d better quit smoking; don’t you agree, sir?” – “… Well, you win.” … He could at last make his own vivid atmosphere at the end of this rakugo.