LL GBクラスでのソング


GBでの Pease Porridge Hot!”


GBとGBS クラスでは、「色と形」のテーマで学習しています。






“Pease Porridge Hot, Pease Porridge Cold. Pease Porridge in the pot nine days old. …” There’re two verses in this song of GB-1-textbook.




This song is one of very impressive and sweet memories for Yoshy.




This song was used by Yoshy and Mr. Ivan Brown (M-PEC Advisor) at Yoshy’s first “English Lesson in Arai Elementary School” on October 5th, 2008.




Though this song is very old-fashioned, it’s still survived now. I believe anything surviving has brightness inside.



ブラウン先生、今年のM-PEC フェスティバルに出席して下さるかな?近々、上教大へ伺いに参ります。

Mr. Brown, are you going to join #6 M-PEC Festival held on Sunday, November 18th? I’ll visit you in JUEN to confirm or ask you if you could do or not.



新井小での「ヨッシーの英語授業」は、You can see Yoshys English Lesson at Arai Elementary School from the year of 2008 t0 2010 HERE:ここをクリックなさってください。