As of now, most of us: Japanese are infected with business depression, bullying, a political crisis, selfishness; the gap of seems to be spreading both physically and spiritually around here.




However, Yoshy believes that we will get “new harmonious spirit” back by principal of pendulum in the near future.




Yoshy has one of best friends, Mr. O. And one of his precious acquaintances now works at a rich hotel vividly in Taketomi-Jima.




In the beginning of this month, being invited by that person, he could enjoy staying the hotel.




On September 5th, 2012, just after his trip, he presented me some beautiful pix of Ishigaki-Jima and Taketomi-Jima which are the famous resort-spots located on the southern edge of Japan by hi recent email.



私は、見ているだけで、24時間忙しい本土とは違う爽やかな世界を感じることができます。 O様、お裾分けありがとうございました。

I can enjoy such a special and new world different from main islands of Japan where we’re always hectically working; jut viewing them makes me feel that. Mr. O, thanks a lot for sharing me these pix.



もっと多くの写真は、ここを:Here you can see more pictures!