#6 M-PEC Festival Poster が掲示中です!

#6 M-PEC Festival ポスター完成!



Thanks to YOU, we can again hold M-PEC Festival on Sunday, November 18th.




The poster had been made. Several ones were tacked up at public halls; this picture is the window of Joetsu Times Co. Ltd.




Customary English Drama, “Hane-Uma, Prance” is a little renewed this year hoping its ending would be happier. We’ve been practicing hard.




An LL student who is in the 3rd grade of S/H school is going to perform “Telling Ko-banashi: a short funny story in rakugo style”, too.




The theme in this year is “There is Life beyond Art! Discover Myself!”




Please look forward! We are waiting for many visitors!



You can see more about M-PEC Festival in 2012 HERE:ここをクリックなさってください。