#6 M-PEC Festival 記事、上越タイムスに掲載!



Performed English Drama & a rakugo-styled short-story-telling – M-PEC Festival –

Myoko Powerful English Club (M-PEC) has been taking an active part in introducing local culture and making friendship through learning practical English; the yearly Festival was held at Kin-ken Center in Kan-machi, Myoko City on November 18th.


In the part-1, they performed English Drama: “Hane-Uma: Prancer”, which is one of their original folktale dramas under the theme of the snow-shape: “Hane-Uma” appearing in early spring on the foot of Mt. Myoko. Performing this drama is the 4th time this year. Though it was very difficult to remember the lines for M-PEC members when they started practicing, they practiced many times getting rich power of expression. We could at last enjoy their superb performance in which we could feel vivid suggestion.


Yuichiro Matsuki (3rd grader of Takada Senior High School) introduced his telling rakugo-styled short-story, then Mr. Shinpan Iwashita and Mr. Shinsho Yokoo recited Shigin (recitation Chinese Poems).


In the part-2, all the participants were given an opportunities for making friends with each other by watching lots of rare paper money, how to tie sash of Japanese kimono, and so on.


(Yoshy’s translation with 189 words)



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