第35回 SWスピーチコンテスト県大会・報告と感想 The report and Yoshy’s Impression of The 35th SW Niigata Prefectural Speech Contest


Yoshiaki Endo (Yoshy): The acting chairman of SW Niigata Block Owners’ Association




Thanks to your cooperation, “The 35th Niigata Prefectural Speech Contest” under the auspices of SW Niigata Block Owners’ Association was successfully held at Shimin- Koryu-Hall-D of Ao-re Nagaoka on Sunday, December 9th.




We had a terrible weather, strong wind, heavy snow, lightning damages, etc. …, which brought us about various bad unexpected happenings.




The judge, Ms. Chisato Kohara couldn’t get on any trains which temporally stopped at Tokyo St. , being late for coming Ao-re Nagaoka just when “The Part of Elementary School Students” was over. Yoshy had no choice but to be the judge instead of her until her coming. I put a big ribbon on a lapel of my three-piece suit.




To be sad, the two of five delegates of Yoshy’s LL Shihoya Arai School couldn’t reach there because of traffic jam in heavy snow falling; however the other 18 speakers could give their speeches. If the two were the other schools’, Yoshy might have had anxiousness.



会長代行として、今年度から、進行:MCや、私の挨拶は、原則 All in English で行うように致しました。MCのK先生は、うっとりするくらいお上手で、教室の良いPRになったと思います。

Yoshy, as an acting chairman, instructed MC, Mr. K to say all in English including Yoshy’s welcome-greeting. Mr. K did very well. This must have given the audience sophisticated effects, which means, I believe, that became a good PR of SW or LL English School.




Speech itself is, I believe, extremely “part of communicative competence of the English language” so much that I told the audience in my speech as an acting chairman “please enjoy this afternoon like a kind of festival; not to be so serious!”



可愛い発表で会場を和ませてくれた「小学低学年の部のM. I.ちゃん」始め、11名の「小学生の部」も、6名の「中学生の部」も、さすがに教室代表だけあって、とても素晴らしい発表でした。…順位を決定づけたものは、「心のゆとりを持って自分自身がイメージを描きながら発表できたか、会場の雰囲気にのまれてしまったか」だったと思います。

All the speakers, not only “the first speaker: M. I. who was in the lower graders of elementary school students” who made us audience relaxed; but also both eleven “elementary school students” and six “junior high school students” did his/her wonderful speech just as expected of the delegate from each School. What made them orders of prize was, Yoshy thinks, “whether he/she could have the vivid image while speaking or not”, which means, “whether he/she could have the leeway to allow his/her own powerful speech or he/she was overwhelmed by the atmosphere.”



長岡市役所内にある会場 (アオーレ長岡が総称)そのものが、4月にオープンしたばかりで、とてもきれいで斬新な雰囲気でした。また、職員の対応もとても丁寧かつ親切で、ホテルの会場を使わせて頂いたような気が致しました。感謝申し上げます。

“Ao-re Nagaoka” is so to speak the nickname of multi-purposed City Hall of Nagaoka. It opened in April this year. It was so clean and beautiful, moreover, the staff were very kind and polite like a rich hotel; we could use it very comfortably. Let us say warmest thanks to them.



ご参考まで:For your reference:


1月13日(日)大宮での「東日本ブロック大会」に出場する新潟ブロックの代表は以下の通りです。(中学生の部:3位入賞:牛木拓海 (うしきたくみ) LLシホヤ新井教室 は、本人が出場を辞退いたしました。) 5名の皆様の健闘を祈念いたします。

After all, the delegates from Niigata Block to “East-Japan Semi-Final SC” at Omiya on Sunday, January 13th are as indicated below. (The 3rd winner of J/H students: Takumi Ushiki from LL Shihoya Arai School decided to bow out his next competition by his own will.) Yoshy hopes these five competitors will do their best!



小学生の部:Part of Elementary School Students


優勝:小川紗季(おがわ・さき) SW春陽館高田教室 上越市立南本町小学校6年 "The Birthday Surprise"

The 1st Prize: Saki Ogawa from SW-Shunyokan Takada School, the 6th grader of Minami-honcho E-School, her speech-title: "The Birthday Surprise"



準優勝:島津大(しまづ・だい)LL大島教室 新潟大学教育学部附属長岡小学校6年 "The Visionary"

The 2nd Prize: Dai Shimazu from LL Ojima School, the 6th grader of Nagaoka E-School attached to Niigata University, his speech-title: "The Visionary"



3位入賞:植木彩結(うえき・あゆ)SW春陽館高田教室 上越教育大学附属小学校6年 "The Birthday Surprise"

The 3rd Prize: Ayu Ueki from SW-Shunyokan Takada School, the 6th grader of attached E-School to Joetsu University of Education, her speech-title: "The Birthday Surprise"



中学生の部:Part of J/H School Students


優勝:萩野未彩(はぎの・みさい)LL大島教室 長岡市立大島中学校3年 “Efforts Never Tell a Lie”

The 1st Prize: Misai Hagino from LL Ojima School, the 3rd grader of Ojima J/H School, her speech-title: “Efforts Never Tell a Lie”



準優勝:安部和真(あべ・かずま)LL大島教室 長岡市立西中学校2年 "Mechanical Pencils vs. Normal Pencils"

The 2nd Prize: Kazuma Abe from LL Ojima School, the 2nd grader of Nishi J/H School, his speech-title: "Mechanical Pencils vs. Normal Pencils"



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