Y先生からのXmas Card + Tim 先生からの「英語力向上のコツ」

Y先生からのXmas Card+ライト教授からのメッセージ



Yoshy is now making various plans of Xmas Time for each class of LL Shihoya Arai School starting from next Monday.



12月に入ってすぐY先生から頂いた「クリスマスカード」と、ライト教授から頂いた「M-PEC フェスティバルへの激励文」を額に入れて掲示しました。お二人に感謝!

Yoshy put a special “Xmas Card” given by Ms. Y and “Encouraging Message for the 6th M-PEC Festival” from Professor Timothy J. Wright. The both were framed. Thanks a lot for the two friends of mine!




Let me introduce “some knack of mastering practical language of English” in his long letter.



Let me do part of it here.





I want to take this time to welcome each and every one of you to the 2012 M-PEC Festival. M-PEC was established to help promote English communication and international understanding for the Myoko area. It was a real honor for me when Yoshy kindly invited me to be one of the advisors of this unique club. I am impressed that all of you have made an effort to study at and support the Shihoya LL School that Yoshy runs. Without a doubt, he is one of the most internationally-minded people that I have had the pleasure to meet in Japan. Please take advantage of the wonderful opportunities that Shihoya LL and Yoshy have to offer.



加えて、みなさま全員が英語という言語での、みなさま方の意思疎通能力を磨き続けて頂きたいと心から望みます。会話を、話すことを、そしてそれを聴くことも然りです。CNN ニュース、英語放送、そして英語のテレビ番組を観る努力をなさってください。又、出来るだけたくさん英語のDVDやCDを借りて下さい。英語の本を読むことや、作文や書法の練習にも全力を尽くして下さい。もし、あなたが外国からの訪問者と接する機会を得たなら、学習途上であっても、可能な限りその人の手助けをしてあげて下さい。


In addition, I really do hope that all of you will keep working on your communicative competence in the English language. Study conversation, speak it and listen to it as well. Make an effort to watch CNN News, English broadcasts and TV programs. Also, rent DVDs and CDs as much as possible. Go all out to read English books and practice your writing and English penmanship, too. If you have an opportunity to come into contact with a foreign visitor, help him or her in every way possible while practicing your English.




Last, enjoy M-PEC! It’s a very special club and unique chance to make all of you better human beings and more internationally-minded people!







Professor Tim Wright Otsuma Women’s University



ライト教授のプロフィールなどは、You can see Professor Wright’s Profile and so on HERE:ここをクリックなさってください。