#35 スピーチコンテスト決勝大会・ご報告

「2012年度(第35回)全国ジュニア英語スピーチ・コンテスト 決勝大会結果」を下記のURLでご覧いただけます。

The 35th All-Japan Junior SC in Tokyo was over on February 3rd. You can see the picture and read the results + the comments by the chairman of the awards of committee, Professor Koganei Takeo by clicking URL below.


SW新潟県オーナー会から、長岡市・LL大島教室の島津 大君 (小6)が、最優秀賞を受賞しました。

The participant from SW Niigata Block Owners’ Association, Shimazu Dai (the 6th grade of E-S, LL Ojima LL School) won the Championship!


新潟ブロックのレベルの高さを証明して下さり、当会の代表代行として、本人は元より、指導された木村 聡先生に敬意を表します。

He proved the level of SW Niigata Block Owners’ Association is very high; on behalf of this association, Yoshy (Acting Chairman) pays my respects to not only Dai-kun but also his instructor, Mr. Kimura Satoshi.


You can see the picture and read “the results: winners’ names and the comment by Prof. Koganei in Japanese-language” by clicking:HERE:ここをクリックなさってください。


島津君の発表課題文・ご紹介:Introducing His Recitation


The Visionary                    (Grade 4)


In the modern world, technology changes all the time. There are new machines and gadgets built every year. Many people have computers, music players and mobile phones. We can also see exciting animated movies made with computers!


Did you know that one man was very important in making all these things happen? His vision and creative ideas changed the ways we communicate, work and entertain ourselves.


Computers were once very big and difficult to use. In 1984, his company made one of the first easy-to-use computers. It had a mouse and small onscreen pictures called “icons”. These computers became very popular among students and artists!


Because of some problems, he left the company and focused on computer-generated or CG animation. In 1995, the studio’s first major film was released. Many children and parents enjoyed it! That studio has made many memorable movies since!


Many years later, he returned to the computer company. Now, the digital age included music. In 2001, his company released a new type of portable media player. It was small and could hold more than 1,000 songs! These players can now hold many more songs!


In 2007, a lot of people already had mobile phones. However, his idea made them more popular. His new smartphone was controlled only by touching and sliding your finger on the screen! No more buttons were needed to make a call or get online or take a picture!


The man with the vision was Steve Jobs. His famous companies are Apple Computer and Pixar Animation. With his leadership and his companies’ talents, our lives have been changed through technology and entertainment.

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先(さき)を読(よ)む人           (Grade 4)