Mr. yasu's World:ご紹介

Mr. yasuの世界・ご紹介


ヨッシーとは40年来の友人、Mr. yasuは、常に進化し続けている、マルチ才能豊かな逸材です。最近立て続けに雑学中心の本を出版なさっておられます。彼の詳しい正体は、ここではまだ秘密にしておきますね。(笑) (2013.04.18 現在)


Mr. yasu is one of Yoshy’s best friends for over forty years. He is multitalented and always advancing toward his dreams step by step. He’s recently been chain-publishing his books. His detailed character should be unknown yet here. :-) (As of 2013.04.18)


「雪国・新潟から」の引用#01 <第1集、1991.04.25 「上越地方の雪景色」>

A Quotation from “From Snow-country, Niigata” <Vol. 01, 1991.04.25: “Snow Scenery of Joetsu-district”>





There’re lots of people, even the citizen of Joetsu who believe that “Joetsu-line is from Echigo to Ueno.”




これは上野 (こうずけ:今の群馬県) と越後を結んでいるのである。


Actually, it is from Echigo to Kozuke; which is old name, now called Gunma-ken.






Anyway, most people in Niigata-ken don't try to pay attention about naming too much, I think. E.g. they are satisfied with the naming of “Shinano River” which flows in their area.



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