Bible Camp at Bible Institute in Kashiwazaki in August, 1982
Bible Camp at Bible Institute in Kashiwazaki in August, 1982





Though, I’m afraid, I’m not a Christian; I joined various events organized by foreign Christians to wish I could master the communicative command of the language of English. I’ve still been on friendly with many foreign Christians.





This snap shows Yoshy joined “Bible Camp” in Kashiwazaki, where Yoshy attended one week every summer for three years around 1982. T from Alabama, a vegetarian B from Seattle, ... we're still e-mailing pals.



Yoshy first met Pastor, Hayatsu of Arai Bible Church, too here.



海外の友人(クリスチャン) S様から、美しい画像が転送されました。感謝!


These amazing and great pictures were transferred by one of Yoshy’s foreign friends, Ms. S who is a pious Christian. Thank you very much, S!





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Hopefully this will remind us to slow down and enjoy the beauty surrounding us!





Absolutely beautiful! Words CANNOT describe this short video clip. Sit back, and enjoy. SO awesome to see the transition from black and white to color - WOW –





This is beautiful to watch and if you feel any stress with getting things done or not having enough time, this will relax you and make you appreciative of all we have.





Turn up your sound too!