It's Tulip Season! 目を見張る31枚のチューリップの画像と解説!

It's Tulip Season!




These soooooooo beautiful pictures of tulips were transferred from Ms. S living in Italy to Yoshy on Wednesday, June 5th. Maybe; since Yoshy was writing about flowers in my blogs, these are for R.





Respecting the author’s will, the caption below is written without any change. Thank you very much, Ms. S!





There are 31 pix, which are alphabetically put on with each caption in E/J below. N.b: at # W and Z, you can read the meaning of the color of tulips and the background history, which should be very interesting!



以下の和訳は、ヨッシーです。The following Japanese was written by Yoshy.



There are many beautiful flowers in the world, but few have ever competed with the abundance and pure beauty that the tulip represents. This gorgeous and colorful flower has many festivals in its honor held around the world, because it can be grown in so many bright colors, it makes for beautiful celebrations.

With tulip season just arrived, we have some truly breathtaking photos to share with you, with some tulip facts as well!





A: Colorful fields of tulips as far as the eye can see. These were shot in British Columbia, Canada. Many places around the world see Tulip Festivals in their region, and these fragrant and beautiful flowers used to be so popular that a phrase was coined: "Tulip Mania”


A: どこもかしこも鮮やかなチューリップだらけです。カナダ、ブリティッシュコロンビアでの撮影です。世界中たくさんの場所でチューリップ祭りがあり、そこではこの芳しく美しい花がとても人気があるため、次のような造語が出来ました。「チューリップ狂」と。



B: The 'wooden shoes tulip festival' held in Oregon. In 17th century Holland, tulips were so important that you could measure someone's social status by the exotic tulips they cultivated. At the peak of this 'tulip mania', individual exotic tulips would be sold for more than ten times the annual salary of a skilled worker.


B: オレゴン州で開かれている「木靴チューリップ祭り」です。17世紀のオランダでは、チューリップはとても大切なものでしたから、栽培される異国情緒に満ちたチューリップによって、栽培する人の社会的地位が決まっていたのです。「チューリップ・マニア」の頂点まで行くと、個性的で異国情緒のあるチューリップは、今でも、熟練サラリーマンの年収の10倍以上の値段で売られるほどなのです。



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