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LL Shihoya News 7-8月号発行




Yoshy hopes all of my LL students have been accustomed to their atmosphere of their new text-sets, classes, etc, haven’t they?






As usual, we are staring practicing “LL Speech Contest” and “English Play” in July. These works are really fun and challenging!




もう一つ、方針の大転換!今年度からの「#36 LL スピーチコンテスト」は、当教室は「校内大会」までと致します。


There’s another big about-face, change of Yoshy’s policy in this newsletter. “The 36th LL SC in LL Shihoya Arai School” will end at the Interclass Competition, which means we do not join the above ones: from Niigata-prefectural to Oomiya Block and Tokyo Final. Next year, too!






“If I could grab the spotlight, my family would praise me!” Is it really right attitude as a learning student? – That is “reversing the cart and the horse!”






“Increasing independence supported by good manner” should be essential for “Learning the command of communication in English”, Yoshy believes.






Yoshy thinks that LL Speech Contest, English Play, Vocabulary-test, Junior Eiken, Practical Eiken, etc… should be its “means”; so Yoshy is making effort to have my LL students improve their “guts for keeping learning daily practicing of LL English Lessons”.




詳しい理由と今後の方針は、News 6月号を再読下さいますよう。

More information about this matter and Yoshy’s policy toward the future of LL Speech Contest in LL Shihoya Arai School can be read in the latest News: Issue-June.






Recent motorization will make the main street in front of Shihoya Bookstore “a sideway” soon. But … Am I so-called, “Amano-jaku, a perverse man”?




「禍を福に!」…文字通り、歩いて立ち寄って下さる「老若男女」さまを主たるお客様と心得て、6月20日(木)から「喫茶コーナー」がオープンしました。Rの自家製ケーキをご賞味くださいませ。お待ち申し上げます。営業時間は、(木)~(土)、11:00 am - 6:00 pm.です。


“The worse luck now, the better appears from its back.” (Yoshy’s original proverb) … Yoshy hopes many walking “old and young customers” will pop around in Yoshy’s renovated store; “Café in Shihoya” at last opened on Thursday, June 20th. Why don’t you visit to try R’s handmade cake? We are looking forward to seeing you! Opening Hours: from Thursdays to Saturdays, from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm.




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