THIS vs. THAT:指導法

2005.10.13 Cherry-trees Avenue
2005.10.13 Cherry-trees Avenue

“This vs. That” 導入法:Introduction-method of “This vs. That”




It’s a little hard for English teachers to have their beginners understand “the difference between THIS and THAT”.





The starting lesson is of the utmost important in everything, Yoshy believes; especially “Teaching oral response and writing letters with vivid recognition” means the dividing ridge between whether they would like to learn for a long time or a short time, which would be never exaggerate.




「あれは」は、that だよ。などと教えても身につかないのです。

If we, teachers taught like “THAT means ‘far away’”; the beginners would forget it very soon.





This year, Yoshy put each picture of “Eru, Yoshy’s ex-pet sheltie dog” and “Erie, present one” on each side of walls.





“Is THAT Erie?” “Is THAT Eru?” “Which is Erie?” … They could recognize THAT very well.





Yoshy thinks I had better prepare something difficult to distinguish each other as a teaching material.





In case of teaching THIS; it would be enough for us teachers to prepare “some things students would become much interested in”.





As you can see, Yoshy had a student touch or hold something, asking “What’s THIS?”





The student would answer, saying “Is this [a banana]?”





If his/her answer was wrong, the other students replied “No, it isn’t.” And Yoshy and the others gave him/her some hints, saying “It is [a vegetable], [an animal], [a fruit], [color], etc.”




「きゅうり?」- 「そうだよ!」

“Is this a cucumber?” – “Yes, it is. Bingo!”





This method is a sort of applications of Immersion Method.



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