How to Get to Mars: How Cool!

火星着陸成功の記録映画! How to get to Mars



Though Yoshy could introduced this fabulous You-tube once; because many visitors to this Blog have asked me to watch it again, You can enjoy this for the time being.



外国友人から転送されたYou-tube をお裾分け。

Let me share this cool You-tube one of Yoshy’s foreign friends sent with you.



勿論コンピュータグラフィックでしょうが、火星探査機の打ち上げから着陸までのYou-tube をご覧ください。

Although this must be of course a CG, you would be excited with the serious scene from launching of MSL (Mars Science Laboratory) to its landing on Mars.




This Mars-probe is called Rover and its nickname is Curiosity.




Curiosity was launched on November 26th, 2011.



Click ここを: HERE to see, please.