LL スピーチコンテストの、自作の絵の効用

2013.09.11 (Wed)
2013.09.11 (Wed)

LL スピーチコンテストの、自作の絵:His/her Own Picture of His/her Recitation of LL Speech Contest




This Mt. Myoko was taken a picture in the morning on Wednesday, September 11th; but it is not seen covered with a thunder cloud.




In this region, though we are suffering from heavy snow; we have had very little experiences of big flooding, tsunami, etc.




Yoshy believes, probably this “Echigo-Fuji” I love has been protecting from such disasters.




Yoshy writing until here, … as you can see this picture, you can understand what I want to tell you more easily than there is no picture, can’t you?



同じように、LL スピーチコンテストの練習、とりわけ低学年にとっては、画像がある方が「英文の理解」を助けてくれます。

By the same token, picture or paintings will help LL students, especially early elementary students who are practicing LL Speech Contest to better “comprehend their English recitations”.




The more they could exercise their imagination, the more vividly their pronunciations would be.




Let me introduce some pictures from a few recitations: “I Love Dango” of GA, “Feel the Weather!” of PA and “A Cute Kitten” of PB.




These pictures could never be drawn by adults, indeed.




By the same token, too; in case of teaching “country names, place-names, etc”, to have them stir their concrete imagination, Yoshy is using a globe and albums in which there are real shot pictures of the US and Canada Yoshy visited.



ところで、目下、10月6日(日)、2:00 – 4:30pm、勤研センターで開催される「第36回LL スピーチコンテスト、+英語劇:ライオンとなかまたち」のプログラムを作成中です。9月23日(月)~レッスン中に配布致します。

BTW, Yoshy is now making the program of “The 36th LL Speech Contest + English Play: The Lion and His Friends” held at Kin-ken Center on Sunday, October 6th, from 2:00 to 4:30 pm. The program is going to be handed in LL students from Monday, September 23rd in their lessons.




As soon as it is done, let me notice here; Yoshy is looking forward to your visiting the contest. Thank you.












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