LL スピーチコンテスト特訓報告

Mt. Myoko Early Morning on 2013.09.15 (Sun)
Mt. Myoko Early Morning on 2013.09.15 (Sun)

LL スピーチコンテスト出場生徒への特訓


9月15日(日)、9:00 am~正午まで、予定通り、LL スピーチコンテスト小6以下の部出場生徒対象の特訓をしました。

On schedule, on Sunday, September 15th, from 9:00 am to noon, the special practice of LL Speech Contest was done for each.



頭がすっきりしていないと生徒に失礼ですから、日曜日でしたが7:00 am 前にエリーと散歩をしました。エリーはびっくりしたと思います。いつもは8:00 am過ぎですので。

If I was not refreshed; I couldn’t teach my students well, which would mean rude to them. So Yoshy got up earlier than usual though it was Sunday. Erie must have been surprised at walking before 7:00 am because our morning-walking is usually around after 8:00.




The weather forecast told on TV that the typhoon No.18 would hit Kanto area in the morning on Monday, 16th. I hope they won’t have less damage than they are surmising.




In this Arai area, since Myoko mountain range are always protecting typhoons, perhaps we will have only Foehn today.




Yoshy and Erie saw “the poster of LL Speech Contest Interclass for Elementary School Students” on the window of the blanch Office of Joetsu Times. The desk, Mr. S, thanks a lot!



LL スピーチコンテスト特訓は自由参加です。小1から小6まで、9名の参加でした。

Nine elementary school students, from the 1st graders to the 6th joined the special practice of the speech.






コンテストの10月6日(日)まで、指導した箇所が治ってほしいです。でも、頑張りすぎないでね。LL スピーチコンテストも、英語劇「ライオンとなかまたち」も、実用英語能力向上のための一つの手段なのですから。

Yoshy hopes all of the contestants will perform their speeches on Sunday, October 6th; but do not go for it too much. Enjoy both LL Speech Contest and LL Play: “The Lion and His Friends”, which are just part of means of improving command of communicative English.



特訓参加の生徒にはいち早く、10月6日(日)のプログラムを渡しました。The visiting students were given the program of LL Speech Contest Interclass for Elementary School Students. You can see the program (PDF) by clicking:HERE:ここをクリックなさってください。