Texas Weather!

寒暖の差が大き過ぎ!Texas Weather!



There was a big gap of temperatures between in the morning and in the evening especially on Tuesday, September 24th.




Mt. Myoko and “a red dragonfly in the bamboo grove” were taken at close to 9:00 am.




Unfortunately, these days we can hardly see dragonflies around here, which has become, maybe because the irrigation water turned into three-sided concrete.




Next picture is “LL Office of LL Shihoya Arai School getting the afternoon sun”. Since we removed a green curtain of morning glories and gourds, look! As you see. It looks very hot, isn’t it?




Yoshy took two pictures of thermometers at noon: one was inside LL Office and the other was at the doorway of west-side of LL Shihoya Arai School on the first floor. 37.5℃ and 31℃!




Though the temperature read 20℃ on the ground doorway in the early morning and evening.




Just after noon, Yoshy evacuated Erie from the hot doorway to the kitchen door in sun-shadow. I took a picture of her with “a miniature rose”.




BTW, A one of LL students of PB-class draw her lovely message to Erie while her writing homework on her memo-book. putting it on Yoshy desk.