第4回LL英語劇練習リハーサル報告:Report of the 4th Practice of LL English Play: Rehearsal


9月29日(日)、4:00-5:30 pm、第4回「LL英語劇:ライオンとなかまたち」のリハーサルでした。

On Sunday, September 29th, from 4:00 to 5:30 pm; we did the 4th practicing of LL English Play: “The Lion and His Friends” as Rehearsal.





All the seven casts at last attended for the first time.





I’d like to write that everybody came here to have learned by heart at home, but I am afraid …





In a good way, did they realize or wake up to “how important daily learning is”?





It is true that this time they practiced most earnestly in past.





Their vivid sayings at last began to appear in their “vivid actions.”





And, this practice itself turns into “learning basis of communicative command of English”, which these students’ parents understand more than them. Yoshy thanks the parent.




「ライオンとなかまたち」の「練習記録」と「台本」はPDFで、You can see “the pictures of practicing” and read the script of this drama, “The Lion and His Friends” on PDF by clicking:HERE:ここをクリックなさってください。