2014.01.05 (Sun) beside the north doorway of Fureai Hall
2014.01.05 (Sun) beside the north doorway of Fureai Hall

M-PEC活動詳細ご紹介は、You can see Detailed Introducing “M-PEC” by clicking:HERE:ここをクリックなさってください。


2013年度思い出のLLクリスマスレッスン:LL Memorial Xmas Lesson in 2013



It’s Sunday today. A mood of New Year’s Break is a little bit remains.




Yoshy has some respected teachers who are determined in that “New Year’s Cards should be written just after New Year’s Day.”



うーん、年末に書くことが、「時季外れ」?… *「個人の意志は尊重しなければ」(Duo 3.0の最初の例文)ですね。

Hum … Is it “out of the time” to write it at the end of the year, isn’t it? … That depends on each will. “We must respect the will of the individual”, I think.




There are some snowy landscapes around here, LL Shihoya Arai School. They were taken pictures while walking with Erie on the early Sunday morning of January 5th.




We still *have a dusting of snow now: around 8:00 pm when I’m writing this. There is only about *10 cm snow-deep.

<have a dusting of snow:雪がちらつく> <10 cm snow-deep:10㎝の積雪量の>




So far, fortunately, we haven’t had a hard time of removing snow yet.




Well, these pictures are wrong in this season, but …




Yoshy prepared to be able to present the pictures of “LL Memorial Christmas Lesson”, which is going to be handed in at each class from tomorrow: Monday, January 6th.




Suddenly Yoshy is jumping into “Teachers’ running” again.




Yoshy is fighting against lots of preparation for the first LL lesson of this month and YEA (Yoshy’s English Activity) on Saturday, January 11th.




And I have a big work: “LL Recruitment Information for the year of 2014” and “Showing new classes for current students”, which will be announced in the middle of this month. I will do my best.



4月のイースターからの「イベントレッスン」の記録は、You can see some “Event-Lessons” started from Easter in April, 2013 by clicking:HERE:ここをクリックなさってください。