2014.01.01 Wed)
2014.01.01 Wed)

M-PEC活動詳細ご紹介は、You can see Detailed Introducing “M-PEC” by clicking:HERE:ここをクリックなさってください。






Yoshy has now received 150 and over New Year Cards from LL present students and graduates.




As of course, these are all private letters, the part of Cards had shaded off. another part of Erie is not done.




These are very special cards; every card includes “his/her warm-heart” a little different from courtesy one. They let me feel that I am very happy to have continued “this LL work” so long time. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!




“Every LL Graduate” wrote “Congratulations on the 40th Anniversary!” + e.g. “We’ve got married.”, “This is our first grandchild/ child.” or “I will walk on my own way.”, etc, etc.




All LL past students who were infected by Yoshy’s way of thinking … actually some of them, however, I wish all of you would be happy in your life!




Thanks to YOU, I am still now in active every day. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!








Yoshy is looking forward to see you at New Year’s Lesson of M-PEC.


2014年度に向けて、11月から月例講座を再開致しています。毎月第2(土) 7:00-9:00 at LLシホヤ新井教室です。次回の講座は、1月11日(土)です。

YEA (Yoshy’s English Activity) resumed since November 9th toward the year of 2014; on the 2nd Saturday every month, from 7:00 to 9:00 pm at LL as usual as before. The date of next lesson is January 11th (Sat).



英語学習をたのしみながら、仲間づくりを!:Shall we make new friends by enjoying learning happy English? 過去6年間の記録、理念などをご覧いただけます。You can see or read past record for six years: from the year of 2007 to 2012, the idea, etc by clicking :HERE:ここをクリックなさってください。