LL 節分アクティビティ:紙芝居

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LL節分:英語で紙芝居:Setsubun Activity, Telling a Story using Picture-cards




Thanks a lot many families visited “Individual Interview” on Sunday, February 2nd.




After that, Yoshy and R enjoyed driving to Akakura. I shot a picture of a white birch and a Japanese red-pine tree by a backroad from there.




It was warm for mid-winter on Monday, 3rd, too.




Yoshy and Erie enjoyed the smelling of earth in the snow field before LL-lessons.




“The activity of Setsubun” of LL Lessons was telling a story of “Paper-card Show: An Ogre and a Farmer”, told in English.




After the special time, we took a memorial picture of each class. They are showing the small pack of some in-shell peanuts and chocolate. The peanut was presented to us by Yoshy's aunt living in Chiba. This class is A3.




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