LL-PRが上越タイムス紙に掲載:LL-ad was put on Joetsu Times





The *banner headline of “Top-page of Joetsu Times” on Thursday, February 20th was “Reruhi Shimizu’s face was shining with Bronze Medal in his hands. *Historic first in Joetsu; Olympic Medalist was born. …”

<banner headline:大見出し> <a historic first:初の快挙>





On that morning, while walking with Erie, Yoshy took a picture of Arai Senior High School. It is his and Yoshy’s mother school.





Building the gym shown at right there was accomplished just before the end my third grade (in March, Showa 43rd, 1967).





A cherry tree is at the same place as at the time.





Probably he who is one of my juniors must have sweat with effort in this gym. He certainly *brought pride to us graduates.

<bring pride to~:~に誇りをもたらす>




LL-ad was put on this paper by chance.





Yoshy is waiting for “your booking of your trial lesson”.




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