最近の LL English Lessons から

2014.02.20 (Thu) Just before starting GA lesson
2014.02.20 (Thu) Just before starting GA lesson


最近のLLレッスンから(GA, PD Class):From The Latest LL Lessons (GA, PD Class)




On the morning of Sunday, February 23rd, we could walk on a frozen snow at Cherry Avenue at last; *nevertheless, only Erie could do because she weighs twelve kg.





BTW, in GA class on Thursday, 20th, they learned the key Q-As: “Do you have ~?” in LL Shihoya Arai School.




They need the props which should be as clear to understand as possible. The *indoor dog, Erie is one of them, isn’t it?

<indoor dog:室内犬>




Last Monday, 17th, PD class, whose level is around the 4th grade of Eiken enjoyed a game of “Finding the English Sentences” just before usual lesson.




First, Yoshy showed them some sheets of an English newspaper Ms. Y who is one of M-PEC members presented me before; in order to motivate them, saying, “How nice you will be able to quickly read this paper!” Then, Yoshy *had them lay all the “English sentence cards” on each desk.

<have ~do:~にしてもらう>



このゲームは、例えば、「Was it fine in Hakodate?:函館は晴れていましたか?」の「英文カード」の場合、…

That is for example, in case of using a card of “Was it fine in Hakodate?” …



ヨッシーの、落語家風の短いお喋りが始まります。「a:昨日は曇っていたね。b:雪かきのお手伝いしなくて楽だね。c:でも日本列島は南北が長いから、北の方の天気はどうかな? d:昨日の北海道の天気はどうだった? e:北海度は晴れていたかな?」…のように。

Yoshy starts telling a short *monologue like a rakugo performer; “a: It was cloudy yesterday. b: We are easy. We don’t have to help our family with cleaning snow, do we? c: But our Japanese islands *from north to south are so long that … How is the weather in the north? d: Do you know how was the weather in Hokkaido? e: Was it fine in there?” …etc.

<monologue:独白、一人芝居> <from north to south:南北に (語順に注意)>



つまり、CFC (制限付き自由会話)をスピーディに楽しみながら、a~d、夫々、途中で、「(英語でヨッシーに):分かった!このカードだ!」と言える子が出てきます。

I.e. during enjoying CFC: (Controlled Free Conversation) *not wasting anytime; on the way from a to d, some students begin to find saying, “I know the card!”

<not wasting anytime:てきぱきと>




No matter how much digital teaching materials make progress in English lesson, Yoshy believes, “face-to-face communication” is inevitable in there.



パソコンに向かっての「児童英検結果」に、「英語の力がついた、つかない」などと、一喜一憂する事は、「英語のお遊び」ならいざ知らず、「占い」のそれと同義ではないでしょうか? (財)日本英語検定協会に猛省を求めます。

I think it is ridiculous to *swing from joy to sorrow in front of PC taking “Digital Junior Eiken”. This kind of deed is, *for just a game it may be permitted, almost as same as to do reading *a fortune-telling strip of paper, isn’t it? Yoshy is *urging Eiken Foundation to reflect it seriously.

<swing from joy to sorrow:一喜一憂する> <for just a game it may be permitted:単なるお遊びならいざ知らず> < a fortune-telling strip of paper:占いの紙切れ> <urge~to reflect seriously:~に猛省を促す>




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