ゲームは、英語でのレッスンに入る準備運動 or その日までの到達確認のためです。
ゲームは、英語でのレッスンに入る準備運動 or その日までの到達確認のためです。


The 40th LL English Lessons of LL Shihoya Arai School starts on Monday, April 7th.



Yoshy is looking forward to your call for an appointment of Trial Lesson. Thank you.



エリーの世話と教育:To Take Care of Erie & Education




Just after a puppy becomes a dog, I think, most dogs don’t dislike being shampooed, washed out and rubbed with a towel so much. That must depend on individual ones, though.



その後、エリーとヨッシーを待ちうけているアクティビティーは、… (a): 耳掃除、(b): タオルでの歯磨き、(c): ドライヤー、(d): ブラッシング、(e): 毛玉取り、(f): 爪切り…最後に、(g): ひっくり返して「皮膚炎になっていないか」の確認:赤い斑点があれば「ドルバロン」の塗り薬を塗り込めます。以上の10項目のケアには、「養父の」私でも2時間かかります。

Then, several activities are waiting for Erie and Yoshy: (a) cleaning her ears, (b) teeth-brushing with a towel, (c) blowing her hair dry, (d) brushing, (e) removing pills, (f) clipping nails and final (g) is checking her belly to find red spots which means to confirm “if there is a skin disease there or not. ” If there is, I have to paint the medicine, “Dorubalon” on it. It takes around two hours for even me who am her DAD to finish this series of routine.



(a) ~ (g):この7つのケアに「大人しく我慢できる」までに、3年くらいかかりました。a, b, e, f は「なぜするの?」と未だに理解されません。

It took around three years for her to “become able to be patient” for these seven serial cares: from (a) through (g). She has not understood yet why (a), (b), (e) and (f) are needed for her.




Without them, however, Yoshy knows she tells me with her eyes, “Thank you!” It took around half a decade.




Hum… Does this resemble our humans’ “*upbringing and education”, does it?





“While being up-brought and taught, children should need *appropriate balance *the carrot and the stick. … In sound parent-child relation and parent-LL Shihoya Arai School one, most children and parents would go up to the stage of thanks, however, looking back to 39 years of running LL Shihoya Arai School, Yoshy is afraid that lots of them actually dropped out of me “without carrots”.

<appropriate:適切な> <the carrot and the stick:飴と鞭>




Looking up at “the *Japanese red pine”, it brings “lessons of art of writing with brush and ink” in my Arai Elementary School days to mind. We used to *grind an ink-cake viewing the tree at the edge of a courtyard. The teacher used to scold us saying, “You are in *poor posture!”, “Your ink-cake is *diagonally losing!” and so on.

<Japanese red pine:赤松> <grind an ink-cake:墨(すみ)を磨(す)る>

<poor posture:悪い姿勢> <diagonally:斜めに>




As soon as Mr. A found a student *bullying someone, he made the student stand with two buckets full of water beside our classroom for a while. … Yes, he was kind enough to teach us “To be made *harsh punishment has its *correct reason.” – He *put his life on the line to do.

<bully~:~を苛(いじ)める> <harsh punishment:厳しい懲罰>

<correct reason:当を得た理由> <put one’s life to ~:体を張って~する>




Thanks to you, all of lessons in LL year of 2014 were over on Monday, March 24th. A boy student, A is one of the most popular students in his class. He is very happy to be served cups of red-tea in this picture!




When he started LL School in his 1st grade of E/S, he was greatly scolded a couple of times. … Well, his parents were good! I called his mom asking, “May I give him a big punishment?” She answered to me, “Please hit him with your fist!” Of course, he is now a very good student. As he says out much louder than anyone else, his *proficiency in listening has been growing up! However, to be very sad, there are fewer parents like A’s parents in these days.

<proficiency in~:~の能力>



問題は、子供ではなく、親にある方が圧倒的に多いようです。「親業」を学ぶ機会が激減しています。逆に言えば、LLシホヤ新井教室には、立派な親御様ばかりで、私は幸せです。- 赤松を見るたび、そう思います。

This kind of problems *overwhelmingly exists on the parent not on their children, Yoshy thinks so. Now-a-days, many parents might forget “parenting” or very few chances to learn it. *Conversely, all the parents of LL Shihoya Arai School are excellent ones, which makes Yoshy glad so much. – I think watching the Japanese red-pine.

<overwhelmingly:圧倒的に> <conversely:逆に言えば>




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