LL Shihoya News 4-5月号


The 40th LL English Lessons of LL Shihoya Arai School starts on Monday, April 7th.



Yoshy is looking forward to your call for an appointment of Trial Lesson. Thank you.



40周年・2014年度・LL Shihoya News 4-5月号

The 1st LL Shihoya News April-May of

The 40th Anniversary of LL Shihoya Arai School





We had a strong wind from morning till afternoon on Sunday today, March 30th. All the buds were still so hard that I was happy not to see scattering of the flowers. Erie was scared of such strong wind.






The flowers beside a window of LL Shihoya Arai School *are starting in bloom, which is the 2nd time. They say, “Cherry blossoms quickly fall in a few days or so.” I prefer this childhood stage of flowering to full-blooming.

<be in bloom:咲いている>




LL Shihoya News4-5月号は、レッスン開始日の4月7日から配布致しますが、先に公開致します。


This LL Shihoya News is going to be handed in to each LL student from Monday, April 7th. You can read it in advance.




今回と、昨年度のニュース等は、You can read this News and ones of last year by clicking :HERE:ここをクリックなさってください。



<以下は、News A面:ご挨拶の一部です>

The following is the translation of a part of my greeting on page A.



■ ご継続、ご入学いただき、ありがとうございます。40年目の2014年度も当教室へのご信頼に応えられるように、I will do my best!!!


Thank you very much for your continuing and entering LL Shihoya Arai School! I will do my best so that I could respond to your confidence of my running of LL Shihoya Arai School as possible as I can.



■ 「使える英語力を身につけるために、英語でイキイキパワーを育みます。」の理念に向かって40年目…高3までに「英検2級、準1級」の力をつけて活躍している皆さんの先輩たちも応援しています。


Yoshy has continuing keeping the motto of “Yoshy will keep cultivating my students’ guts by teaching useful English” since the school year of 1975. Your regular LL graduates are also encouraging you. They were learning until the end of their high school and all of them are active in their lives.



「卒業生の声」は、You can read “LL Graduates’ Voices” by clicking:HERE:ここをクリックなさってください。





To *bring LL-idea into shape, LL Shihoya Arai School has been standing in the place that “LL future-adults should learn practical English as a tool of communication not as only learning one of school subjects.” Yoshy want them to learn how to make good friends with their future foreign friends. – I am trying to bring them up to be able to tell “his/her own thoughts in English” by using English.

<bring ~into shape:~を具体化する>



「ヨッシーの主張」は、You can read “Yoshy’s Opinion” by clicking:HERE:ここをクリックなさってください。




LLシホヤ新井教室・募集要項など」 ごあんない




2014年度・新入生募集要項は、HERE:ここを クリックなさってください。



Tel: 0255-72-2025 Fax:0255-72-2760、メールでのお問い合わせは、⇒ When you’d like to use email for more information:HERE:ここをクリックなさってください。




M-PEC「月例講座予告」(講座の1週間前までにブログや下記のサイトで)、活動過去記録等のご紹介は、You can see “Advance Billing of YEA : Yoshy’s English Activity, Record of “M-PEC” (Advance Billing is going to be written at both Blog and the site below.), etc: by clicking:HERE:ここをクリックなさってください。


次回の講座は、4月12日(土)です。YEA (Yoshy’s English Activity) is waiting for anyone who is J/S High School students and adults on the 2nd Saturday every month, from 7:00 to 9:00 pm at LL Shihoya Arai School Next lesson is April 12th (Sat).


初めての方大歓迎!年会費は徴収していません。資料代の500円のみ。ご出席者様は、資料作成のため、その週の(木)までにメールでご連絡下さいませ:Yoshy asks those who will attend YEA to e-mail to me:HERE:ここをクリックなさってください。