The 5th Anniversary M-PEC Festival on 11.20th, 2011

妙高チャンネル Can you see? Please use this file until You Tube be here for a while.

2011.12.02 Filmed 妙高チャンネル:#5 M-PEC Festival
20111202 MyokoTV:M-PEC Fes.AVI.avi
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妙高チャンネル(114 Channel)で放映されました:from 12.02(金)-08(木)

This description was put Blog on Friday, December 2nd by Yoshy.

M-PEC Festivalが「妙高チャンネルTV」で放映

122()8()1週間1120()に勤研センターで実施した「5周年・M-PEC Festival」が 114チャンネル:「妙高チャンネル」で放映されています。妙高市と上越市でご覧いただけます。ご覧下さいね。

The news about “The 5th Anniversary M-PEC Festival” has been broadcasted on Myoko Channel TV (114 Channel) since Friday, December 02, 2011 and this program is to be continued until Thursday, 8th: for a week. The Festival was held at Kin-Ken Center on Sunday, November 20th. The people in the cities of Myoko and Joetsu can watch this program. Please enjoy watching it!



The broadcasting time is 6:00, 9:00 am and 12:00, 3:00, 9:00 pm; 6 times a day.



We can see “English Drama, Prancer”, “some children’s impressions of the drama”, “some casts’ impressions”, “Recitation of Chinese Poems”, “some scenes in the Party with Tying Children’s Sashes, etc.”; for 2 minutes.



It was very lucky for M-PEC to be able to watch us on TV! Thanks a lot for Ms. K who was in charge of this broadcasting and Ms. I who made a film of this event.

You Tube Filmed and Editted by Mr. yasu who is this scenario writer and music composer.


20111123 AUK M-PEC Festival mp3.mp3
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報告としてのニュースです:Tuesday, 11/22nd/2011
20111122 M-PEC NEWS #5Festival PDF.pdf
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M-PEC News 11.22nd.2011
M-PEC News 11.22nd.2011


11月20日(日) 4:30 pm 記念写真
11月20日(日) 4:30 pm 記念写真


平田真義先生、宮下愛子様、西脇守夫顧問、岩下神繁先生、横尾神槳先生、長 明子先生、東條麗子先生、川上優子先生

2011.11.24 講師様、顧問様、報道様…への「お礼状」


M-PEC Festivalでお世話になった講師、顧問、報道様への「お礼状」です。

This is a “Thanks-letter” to Instructors, Advisers and Press at the 5th Anniversary M-PEC Festival. Yoshy thanks them a lot for their super help for the attendants.



Yoshy has been still walking around to hand in this to each, or is sending them by mail. As every member of M-PEC is one of staff of this Festival, I don’t have to hand in it, however, I privately thank all the members of M-PEC the best; especially our chairperson, Mr. Futoshi Hosaka.



One end is the first step of the next, isn’t it? Let’s continue enjoying monthly Yoshy’s English Activities (YEA) from now on!



Yoshy asks all ones who were involved in this event to support M-PEC to introduce us in order to increase M-PEC members. Thank you very much.