2012年度・改訂台本です。:This is the revised script in the year of 2012.

CD for Practicing in 2012
CD for Practicing in 2012

The Revised Script of “#4 Prancer” in the year of 2012

This English Drama is going to be performed in the 6th M-PEC Festival at Kin-ken-Center on Sunday, November 18th

2012年度「英語劇:#4 はね馬(2012年度改訂)」台本

2012. 11月20日(日) 2:00-5:00 at 勤研センター:#6 M-PEC Festival にて上演





【Scene 1】CD-08:Normal⇒ 09:Slow

<♪Song #1> CD-02

Hey, look! A horse is leaping!

It must be pleased with the beginning of spring.

Over the serene and blue sky,

It is galloping so far !


Narrator-1:In the Myoko region, at the time of melting snow or early spring, we can see the figure of a black Prancer on the middle foot of Mt. Myoko covered with snow.

Narrator-2:We call this figure of the Prancer “Haneuma” and its appearance shows us the beginning of the farm work of spring.














【Scene 2:Introductory Chapter】

CD-10:Normal⇒ 11:Slow

<♪Effect Sound>

(Taro is washing his horse’s legs grooming her with a brush.)

Narrator-3:Long long ago…, there lived a young boy, Taro and his parents, and their horse. Taro named the horse Hana and loved her very much.

Whenever Hana comes back home from farm work, he always grooms her by washing her legs and grooming her with a brush.

(On their way home, Taro meets some farmers.)

Farmer-1:How fine your horse is, Taro! That’s why you are taking care of her very well.

Farmer-2:We can’t find such a nice horse in any other place.

Farmer-3:Following Taro’s good example, I had better take care of my horse with more love and care.

(Taro is feeding Hana at home.)

Taro:Hana, you worked very hard today, too. You must be tired. You must work early in the morning tomorrow, too. Eat a lot and go to sleep early.

Narrator-4:Taro is satisfied with his giving Hana as much of her favorite hay as she likes.


<♪Song #2> CD-03

Her good coat of fur, clear eyes, slender legs…

My proud horse

Let’s play a lot with me after working

Until we’d like to sleep


【第二場面:序 章】














8. 語り手-4:太郎はハナが好きな干草をたっぷりやって、目を細めるのでした。









【Scene 3】CD-12:Normal⇒ 13:Slow

Narrator-5:One day in the early morning, a happy thing happened to Taro. Taro could go to the rice-field with Hana.

Father:Taro, try to use Hana today. I suppose you will cultivate the field by using Hana, will you?

Taro:Yes, I will. I’m sure Hana can do it, too.

(Taro puts a plough on Hana and they enter the field.)

Taro:Well, Hana, let’s plow up the field!

(However, no matter how much Taro tries to handle Hana with the rein, she doesn’t obey his orders. Sometimes she turns right or left, sometimes she stops suddenly.)

Taro:What’s wrong with you, Hana? Why don’t you obey me? You’re my buddy, aren’t you? Please!

Narrator-1:Taro’s father doesn’t say anything to him but just watches them with a smile.

Mother:Darling, Taro! It’s time for lunch!

(They are eating rice-balls on a ridge between rice fields.)

Taro:Mom, Hana doesn’t obey my orders at all, even though I’ve taken care of her so much. I wonder why?

Mother:Listen, Taro. To let Hana obey you, you must not only love her, but deeply trust each other completely. If you do so, she will work for you.

Narrator-2:After that, Taro began to stay with her in the stable. Then he gradually understood her feelings better than before. At last Taro could handle Hana very well in the rice field.

Father:Hum… What a wonderful thing happened! It seems like Hana handles Taro.

Mother:No way! That is because Taro’s been good at that!

Father:Ha, ha, ha…Hana sure is a horse, but… Groan…, yes, our son, Taro tamed Hana. Now, Taro, you’re better than me!

Narrator-3:Taro is in a good mood, he feels like walking on air as his parents are praising him. Hana also seems to be happy.


<♪Song #3> CD-04

Hearts relating to each other,

Our minds are getting warmer and warmer

It’s not love, but a reliable relationship

Infectious joy

Infectious joy

Our trust is beyond friendship




9. 語り手-5:翌朝のことです。うれしいことがありました。ハナといっしょに田んぼに行くことになったのです。

10. おとう:「太郎や。今日はお前がハナを使ってみろ。うまくハナを操って、代掻きをやるんだ」

11. 太郎:「うん、やってみるよ。ハナだって自信満々だよ」


12. 太郎:「さあ、ハナ。田んぼを耕すんだ」


13. 太郎:「ハナ、どうしたんだい。なんで、言うことを聞いてくれないんだ。友達だろ。頼むよ」

14. 語り手-1:おとうは田んぼのあぜで笑って見ているだけです。

15. おかあ:「おとう~、太郎~、こびりだよ」


16. 太郎:「おかあ、ハナが言うことを聞かないんだ。あんなに世話をしてたのに」

17. おかあ:「太郎や、ハナが言うことを聞くには、かわいがるだけではだめ。心から信頼しあわないと、働いてくれないよ」

18. 語り手-2:それからというもの、太郎は馬小屋に泊まりこみ、寝起きを一緒にしました。すると、ハナの心がだんだんわかってきたのです。田んぼでの仕事も、ハナと太郎の心がだんだん通じ合ってじょうずになり、はかどるようになりました。

19. おとう:「うーん、不思議なこともあるものだ、まるで、ハナが太郎を操っているみたいじゃないか!」

20. おかあ:「なに言ってんの。太郎が上手になったのよ!」

21. おとう:「わっはっは、確かにハナは馬だが…うーん、太郎が手なずけたには違いない。わしよりうまいぞ、太郎!」

22. 語り手-3:おとうとおかあにほめられて太郎は上機嫌。ハナも喜んでいるように見えました。










【Scene 4】CD-14:Normal⇒ 15:Slow

Narrator-4:One day, preparing for winter, Taro went to the mountains to mow grass for Hana. Just when he was going to return home shouldering much grass, a bandit appeared…

Bandit-1:Hey, you stole grass on my mountain, didn’t you?

Bandit-2:Boy, you’re a thief because you stole what belongs to others, don’t you know?

Taro:I am sorry. My horse needs hey. Forgive me, sir. Please help me.

Bandit-1:But still, this boy looks very cute.

Bandit-2:If we sell this boy to a children-trafficker, we will be able to get so much money. Ha ha ha.

Narrator-5:Bound with a rope, Taro was taken away to the bandits’ den.

Taro: Help! Someone, help me.

Narrator-1:Taro’s parents are very worried because he hasn’t come back home. At that time, Hana suddenly got wild and jumped over the fence of the stable. She rushed out.


<♪Song #4> CD-05

Run and rush, Hana. This is a big deal!

Hurry hurry as soon as possible

Even if your legs were broken,

Even if your heart stopped,

Run and rush now

This is a big deal!

Keep running, keep rushing!



23. 語り手-4:ある日、太郎は冬に備え、ハナのえさとなる草を刈りに山に行きました。草をたくさん刈り取り、背負って帰ろうと思ったそのときです。

24. 山賊1:「おい、おれの山の草をだまってとったな」

25. 山賊2:「人のものをとるのを泥棒というんだ」

26. 太郎:「ごめんなさい。馬に干草が必要なんです。許してください」

27. 山賊1:「それにしても、かわいい子供だな」

28. 山賊2:「人買いに売ったら、いい金になるかもな。わはは」

29. 語り手-5:太郎はなわをかけられて、山賊のすみかに連れていかれました。

30. 太郎:「だれか、助けて~」

31. 語り手-1:太郎の家では太郎が帰ってこないのでたいへんなさわぎです。 そのとき、馬小屋でハナが突然暴れて、馬小屋のさくを飛び越え、外に飛び出してゆきました。












【Scene 5】CD-16:Normal⇒ 17:Slow

(Hana returned home with Taro on her back.)

Narrator-2:Hana drove the bandits away getting Taro back and safely returned home. So Hana became famous very quickly. A landlord came to Taro’s house and said…

Landlord:Where is Taro’s horse?

Father:Hana and Taro are now in the field. What’s the matter?

Landlord:You haven’t paid the field-rent for a long time, have you? I will take Hana instead of the rent.

Father:What did you say??? We will pay the rent in this fall.

Mother:Taro loves Hana very much. Don’t take Hana, please. Forgive us, please.

(At that moment, with bad timing, Taro and Hana came back home. Some villagers with a landlord surround Hana and try to take her away from Taro. Taro is struggling hard. But young Taro’s power is much less than the villagers’. Although Hana is also struggling, it is no use. At last Hana is pulled apart.)

Farmer-1:Taro, I’m sorry, but I don’t want to do such a thing.

Farmer-2:Please understand, Taro. We must obey the landlord’s order.

Farmer-3:Taro, you will be able to buy another horse some day if you work very hard.

Taro:No way! I don’t want any other horse but Hana. Only Hana is my horse!

(The landlord and the villagers are carrying Hana off. Taro’s parents are preventing Taro from following them.)

Taro:Hana, Hana! …

Hana:Neigh, neigh! … I’ll come back some day, Taro…! Neigh, neigh! Keep waiting for me! …


<♪Song #5> CD-06

My heart’s lacerated.

Tears keep filling my eyes.

How sad and hard this is!

Dear Lord, please save us.


Father:Hey, Taro. Didn’t you hear Hana told us she would come back some day, did you? Certainly I heard so.

Taro:It can’t be true!




32. 語り手-2:山賊を撃退し、太郎を取り戻して帰ってきたハナは一躍有名になりました。それを聞いた地主がやってきました。

33. 地主:「太郎が飼っている馬はどこにいる」

34. おとう:「今は太郎と田んぼに行っておりますが」

35. 地主:「納めていない小作料の代わりにもらっていこうと思うんだが」

36. おとう:「なんとおっしゃりますか!秋にはお支払いいたしますから。」

37. おかあ:「太郎がかわいがっている馬です。それだけはお許しください」


38. 農民1:「太郎ごめんな。こんなことしたくないのだが」

39. 農民2:「地主の言うことには逆らえんでな」

40. 農民3:「またいっぱい働いて、馬を買えばいい」

41. 太郎:「ハナじゃなきゃ、いやだ。ハナがいいんだ」


42. 太郎:「ハナ、ハナ~」

43. ハナ:「ヒヒーン!いつか戻ってくるわよ、太郎!ヒヒーン、まってるのよ~!」









44. おとう:「おい、太郎、お前は聞こえなかったか?…いつか戻ってくるって言ってたような気がするんだが…。」

45. 太郎:「そんな筈、あるもんか!」 (おとうは、がっかりする太郎の肩をやさしく叩いて、しょんぼり家路に。)



【Scene 6】CD-18:Normal⇒ 19:Slow

Narrator-3:Now light snow is falling. They say Hana was taken to the landlord eating nothing at all and passed away. To hear that, Taro is depressed and thinks about Hana too much every day.

Narrator-4:Spring has come again. The white snow covering Mt. Myoko is melting step by step. The first wind of spring is blowing and the trees are forming buds. Taro and his father began to work in the field.

Father:We will be very hard this year. I wish if Hana was here, … Hey, Taro! Look! A horse is running down from the mountain. It has no reins. This is a wild-horse!

Taro:Good heavens! I think this horse likes me. The eyes are just like Hana’s. …Father, look! There is Hana on the foot of Mt. Myoko! Hana is raising her forefoot. She looks saying something!

Father:Yes! That’s really Hana. She is smiling. … I’ve got it! She is telling us to use this horse!

Taro:It must be true. This horse is really looks like Hana. Thank you, Hana!

Father:Taro, we can cultivate the field with this horse. This is Hana’s present! She is Hana-junior!

Narrator-5:Since then, every spring, Taro’s Hana has appeared on the foot of Mt. Myoko. The farmers around here looking at the figure decide to start working in the field today, too.


<♪Song #6> CD-07

The leaping figure

In a white snow falling mountain.

It’s “Prancer!” It’s “Prancer on the Mountain Myoko!”

* She appears to tell us the coming of spring

Leap higher and higher

Toward a bright future

* (Refrain)

- The End-



46. 語り手-3:まもなく、雪がちらつく季節になりました。地主の家に行ったハナは、何も食べなくなりやせほそって死んだといいます。太郎もすっかり元気がなくなって、毎日ハナのことばかり考えていました。

47. 語り手-4:また春がやってきました。妙高山をまっ白にした雪もだんだんと消えてきました。春一番が吹き、木々の芽がふくらみ始めました。太郎はおとうと一緒に田んぼの準備に出かけました。

48. おとう:「今年はハナがいなくて大変だなあ…おい、太郎、見ろ!山から馬がこっちに向かって走ってくる!手綱がついていないぞ、野生の馬だ!」

49. 太郎:「あれ?この馬、僕になついてる、目がハナにそっくりだよ。」



50. おとう:「ほんとにハナだ。笑ってるぞ。そうか、この馬を使えと言ってるんだ!」

51. 太郎:「きっとそうだ。この馬、ハナにそっくりだ。ハナ、有難う!」

52. おとう:「ハナからの贈り物だ。代掻きができるぞ!この馬はハナ・ジュニアだ。」


53. 語り手-5:太郎がかわいがっていた馬のハナは、その後も毎年春になると妙高山に姿を現しています。村の人々は、それを見て、農作業を始める目安にしているのです。










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