2013.03.09 Ms. Y's Brawny / Cherry blossoms are in full bloom.
2013.03.09 Ms. Y's Brawny / Cherry blossoms are in full bloom.


It was all day sunny on Saturday, March 9th.




Yoshy cleaned and dried “the hoses for melting snow” aside from doing Trial Lessons for New Students to LL Shihoya Arai School.



3月M-PEC講座は、予定通り7:00-9:00 pm LLシホヤ新井教室で開催できました。9名の会員がご参加くださいました。

Yoshy and nine members of Myoko Powerful English Club (M-PEC) enjoyed Monthly Lesson of March from 7:00 to 9:00 pm at LL Shihoya Arai School on schedule.



特別顧問、ライト教授からの「#6 M-PEC フェスティバルへの激励文」の読解学習をしました。実用英語の学習方法も含まれていますので、良い刺激になりました。

One of our activities was learning reading “Encouraging Message from Special Advisor, Professor T. J. Wright” which includes how to learn practical English; this work helped inspire us with keep studying English. Thank you, Tim sensei.


このライト教授からの激励文は、You can read HIS message by clicking:HERE:ここをクリックなさってください。



After enjoying “Quiz of Filling Blanks” of HIS message …




We enjoyed “Yoshy’s original game of Showing the Way” named “Deliver an Egg at Easter Bunny’s House!”



ペアになって、一人が英語の指示の通りに、もう一人が「ヘルプハンド」で卵を動かします。「~ブロック真っ直ぐ歩け。」、「右へ / 左へ曲がれ。」と、「ウサギの家は、あなたの右 / 左にあるよ。」の3つの指示だけで誘導します。

Making a pair, one should obey another one’s directions, which means the deliverer has to move the egg by Help-Hand. Three kinds of orders must be used; “Walk straight for [3] blocks.” “Turn [right / left].” “Bunny’s house is on your [right / left].”



路上の「動作カード」に卵が触れると、ジェスチャーだけで…「私は何をしているでしょう?」- 「あなたは泳いでいます。/ 泳いでいるの?」正解なら続行できます。…「爆弾:タイマー」が2分にセットされていますので、懸命です。

If the egg touches an action card on the road, the walking person has to turn over it to see its picture and show its gesture, saying: “What am I doing?” – E.g. “You’re swimming. / Are you swimming?” Only when his/her answer is correct, this game can be continued. Because the Timer-Bomb is set, each couple was very exciting at this game.




At tea-time, we watched one scene of the DVD of “Noting Hills”, “The most miserable person can get the last piece of brawny cake.” A member, Ms. Y by chance made and brought here the Brawny! …




Yoshy ate the last piece of Brawny! So who was the most miserable person?


With Erie in LL Office
With Erie in LL Office

香原ちさと先生ご来校! Ms. Kohara visited M-PEC to teach us the knack of speaking English well


予定通り、10月13日(土)、6:00-7:30 pm、楽しく、「良い発音にするためのコツ」を学ぶことができました。

On schedule, Saturday, October 13, 2012, from 6:00 pm to 7:30 at LL Shihoya Arai School, we could learn “the knack of speaking better pronunciation”.




It has suddenly got very cold in the morning and evening in a couple of days; two members were absent. 10 attended this special lecture.




In case of “a consonant + a consonant in a word”, we’d better not pronounce the latter one.




In case of “a consonant + vowel between two words”, the original two sounds become one.




If we could find “a mass of meaning”, we could say English with good rhythm. … We learned lots of knacks.




We tried to speak “part of lines of Hane-Uma” each by each in front of Ms. Kohara; who carefully checked our pronunciations.




At the end of her teaching, we enjoyed a few games; one was “Bomb-game”. Ninety minutes quickly passed. Thanks a lot!


Yoshy’s Welcoming Greeting for Ms. Chisato Kohara



They say “An empty sack can’t stand upright.” But, “Even a full sack can’t stand upright.” … bulling、mental disorder、conflict between neighbors and countries, etc. … We hear these on TV every day.



今年のM-PEC Festivalのテーマは、「先達の技にふれ、自分づくりを!」を提案致します。先達の様々な技にふれて、感動し、見失いがちな「私の生きざま」を一緒に発見できる縁(よすが)になってほしいと提案致します。

I’d like to propose / the theme or catchphrase of this year’s M-PEC Festival should be 「先達の技にふれ、自分づくりを!」“To find my own way of living through experts’ ones!” (or “To build my self-definition through learning experts’ skills of art!”)




She is also one of such experts of living. Today’s theme of YEA is “A knack of speaking English in Hane-Uma.” But, I want you to get “her strong way of living and thoughtful mind or compassion” in one hour and half.


Thank you.



8月11日(土)、7:00 pm~、LLシホヤ新井教室で、盆前のご多用の中、8名が参加して、第1回「改訂・はね馬」練習を開始しました。

On Saturday, August 11th, from 7:00 pm, though most members are very busy for preparation for bon, an annual Buddhist event, eight members attended the first practicing of Drama, “revised Hane-Uma: Prancer”.



Yoshy revised the former script so that it would be end a little happier.


ヨッシーが改訂したストーリーを、M-PEC顧問の香原ちさと先生 (c-k office主宰)が校正して下さいました。ありがとうございました。

It was VERY kind of her to have proofread Yoshy’s new script. Thank you so much!



Ms. Kohara is going to visit #3 practicing in YEA held at LL Shihoya Arai School on Saturday, October 13th from Tokyo as a volunteering instructor to teach pronunciation and performance.


香原先生の最新プロフィールは、You can read her profile at by clickingHERE: ここを、クリックなさってください。



We decide all the cast properly.


「この人に技あり・コーナー (仮称)」を会員が英語で、紹介します。その担当も決定しました。

Some members will introduce each special guest whose specific skill is going to show or teach the visitors at “The Corner: This Person Has his/her Own skill” at M-PEC Festival. We also decided each introducer.



「改訂・はね馬」の台本は、You can read “New Revised Script” by clickingHERE:ここを、クリック!



以下は、昨年度「香原ちさと顧問の特別講座」:These pix below, "Special Lecture by Adviser: Ms. Kohara" are shot last yaer.

M-PEC講座ご報告:Report of YEA, M-PEC Lesson



There attended nine including one lady-foreigner in today’s M-PEC Lesson, Yoshy’s English Activity (YEA) on Saturday, July 14th.




After a long time we had Ms. I, a native speaker as a guest who lives in Myoko City moved from abroad. So, many of us could have a good chance to talk with her in English a lot. Thank you! Hoping you will be able to join here again at next YEA held on Saturday, August 11th.



「DVD: とっさの一言」では、「贈答用に包装して下さい」のいいかたを。

At the time of the DVD: “Prompt words”, We learned an expression, “Will you gift-wrap this?” in a department store.



「CPC-L.3:楽しく挨拶しよう」では、「どうしたの?どこか具合が悪いの?」- 「疲れているんです」、「風邪をひいているんです」…

At the time of using Communication Practice Course (CPC presented by LL Education Center), we learned Lesson 3 whose title was “Let’s have greeting merrily.” We learned many expressions in there, e.g. “What’s the matter? What’s wrong?” – “I’m tired” , “I have a cold”, etc. …



11月18日(日)、#6 M-PEC フェスティバルで上演する「#4 はね馬」の配役を決定しました。

After that, we decided the cast of “#4 Prancer” which is going to be performed at the 6th M-PEC Festival on Sunday, November 18th.



ところで、10月13日(土)は、6:00-7:30 pm at LLシホヤ新井教室、「香原ちさと顧問の特別講座」が決定しました。英語劇「はね馬」の発音と演技を指導して頂けます。それまでに、練習を家でも頑張って下さい。

BTW, an Advisor of M-PEC, Ms. Kohara who is the president of c-k office is sure going to come here to teach us pronunciation and performance of the English Drama, Prancer on Saturday, October 13th, from 6:00 to 7:30 at LL Shihoya Arai School. Let’s go for it in order to show our result of practicing it; keep doing at home, too!



写真は、昨年度9月10日(土) の「香原先生・特別講座」の一こまです。東京から優秀な専門家をお迎えできて、私達は大変幸運です。

These pix of “Special Lecture by Ms. Kohara” were shot last year, on Saturday, September 10th, 2011. We’re so lucky because such a sophisticated and super-talented instructor came here from Tokyo to teach us! Again thank you, Ms. Kohara!




At the tea-time, we could have two kinds of hand-made cake Ms. Y and Ms. E made. Thank you VERY much!



今年度は、お客様が飽きないように、ストーリーを少し変更いたします。今月中に、www.shihoya.com の、「M-PEC-2012」に新台本を掲載致します。お楽しみに。

In order not to make the audience boring the previous story, Yoshy will a little change its story by the end of July. You can read the new script at “M-PEC-2012” in the site above. Look forward to it, please.




We are to start practicing this Drama from next YEA. Why don’t you join us as a cast? Yoshy’s waiting for your calling; emailing; the phone number and e-address are written below. Thank you.



YEA (M-PEC講座)記録は、You can see the record of YEA in 2012 by clicking here .




Report of YEA: Monthly Lesson on May 12th


■立夏 (5月6日)が過ぎたのに、この数日の寒さのため、LLシホヤ新井教室のレッスンも今回のYEAもストーブを使っています。

Though Rikka, the first day of summer in the traditional Japanese calendar: May 6th already passed by; it’s been cold these days. So a heater was again put in both lessons of LL Shihoya Arai School and YEA.



We had four members + Carin and Erie this time. Some were absent because of catching cold or bad conditions.



This was the first lesson corresponded with “Syllabus in 2012” which was uploaded last Blog.



The main categories of learning themes are “CPC: Communication Practice Course” developed by Foundation Japan LL Center and “Related Activities”.



The level of CPC is between the 5th and 4th of Eiken, English Attitude Test by The Society for Testing English Proficiency, Inc.



I.e. “vocabularies, expressions, pronunciation and application” in CPC are all “essential” for us Japanese people in any situation.



This time last year, though Yoshy tried to use “Kuria-Eiken 5th” Ms. Yoko Shimizu, an advisor of M-PEC; it couldn’t get familiar with the members. Yoshy thinks that was why it was focused to winning the test; almost written in English as questions, which was easy for some members, but difficult for some.



I am sorry, Ms. Shimizu who were kind enough to have presented the set for instructors to Yoshy free of charge.



Repeating trial and error for a year after that …



Yoshy decided to use CPC for the first time.



As it has copyright, let me show you a little: part of Lesson 1.



Also by watching DVD of CPC, Yoshy could teach “how to explain the location of one’s house” and then “how to introduce oneself”; i.e. I could have them get used to how to use “be-verbs, interrogatives and prepositions of positions”.



Finally, as its application, all of us could enjoy an activity of “Who am I?” – How to play it was …



As you can see a big sticker on each member, Yoshy wrote one name of celebrities the member knows him/her very well on a big sticker, and then stuck on his/her back; each member can’t understand what sticker was stuck. So each member is starting to ask “Who am I?” to another partner asking ages, occupations, etc. Each pair could find his/her name the earlier, the better.


■このゲームは、ヨッシーがかつて、東京の新宿にあるLL CenterでのLL講師研修で、M-PEC顧問の香原ちさと先生、Heather Garret先生、Christine Kamin先生から学んだものです。

This activity was taught by a group of instructors for LL instructors composed of Ms. Chisato Kohara, Ms. Heather Garret and Ms. Christine Kamin long ago at the training for LL-instructors in LL Center, Shinjuku, Tokyo.



Yoshy is going to offer not only LL students, but also to M-PEC Members, who are aiming to “make friends through learning practical English”.


■あなたもYEAに参加なさいませんか?毎月第2(土) 7:00-9:00 at LLシホヤ新井教室でお待ちしています。

Why don’t you join Yoshy’s English Activity (YEA) of M-PEC? We are looking forward to meeting you on the 2nd Saturday every month, from 7:00 to 9:00 pm at LL English School. Thank you.




“Happy Regular Meeting” just after YEA (Yoshy‘s English Activity)


■講座では、「DVD:とっさの一言」と、顧問のヤップ先生が贈って下さったKenny Gの音楽CDをBGMで静かに流しながら「国際化英語・間違い探し」で楽しみました。

We enjoyed learning useful expressions by using “Prompt Words: DVD”, then “Finding Mistakes in 13 pix of signboards” presented by Ms. Yap who is an adviser of M-PEC; listening to the music CD of Kenny G which was also presented by her. Thanks a lot, Ms. Yap!



They gave me lots of ideas for activities of the year of 2012.


■「総会ご報告」は、保坂 太会長が近々、会員宛てにメールで送信して下さいます。

The chairperson, Mr. Futoshi Hosaka is going to send “Report of today’s General Meeting” to members by e-mail in a few days.



After that, Yoshy is going to introduce main contents of today’s decision on this BLOG.



“Recruiting Pamphlets” of this year has lots of pictures, which must

be easier than before.



You can take them at the Glass-Beads Corner in Shihoya Bookstore.


■日常英会話を題材とした「月例講座」は、毎月第2(土) 7:00-9:00 at LLシホヤ新井教室で開催しています。

“Monthly Lesson” where daily expressions are mainly used has been held on the second Saturday, from 7:00 to 9:00 at LL Shihoya Arai School.



We are looking forward to your visiting here. Please scroll down and you can see more detail. Thank you! Yoshy (Yoshiaki Endo)