一番下に、実用英検、児童英検などの実施写真記録がございます. : Scroll down to the bottom to see some pictures of Eiken, Junior Eiken, etc.

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The style of the question in all grades except 3rd grade of Eiken: English Testing by STEP: The Society for Testing English *Proficiency was renewed in the year of 2016. For more details, click the site above, please.


合否に関係なく、54級にも「スピーキング・テスト」を受験できます。- 私は、その上の「LLディベーティングコンテスト」をいつでも受験できるように準備してあります。でも、実験してみましたが、時期尚早です。

The 5th and 4th grade *examinees are available to take “Speaking Test”, which has nothing to do with success or failure. Actually, I’m ready to have my students take “LL Junior Debate Contest”, but I think it’s too early yet.




I hope many good debaters like Mr. Dave Spector will be born in young Japanese students.




I’m not sure where this picture permitted to use comes from, but it’s a scene of a “speaking contest” not a speech one. The educational English standard in Japan is extremely lower than other countries, I think.




“Writing Test” is to be introduced to the 2nd Grade for the first time.




The style of “writing test” of Pre-1st and 1st is to be changed.





I’m a little happy to know Eiken is coming close to my idea: “English is a tool for brush up and build ourselves.” I’ll keep running LL Shihoya Arai School hoping that many LL students can be able to have guts with merrily using English in their lives.

<児童英検> ・1993年6月、LLシホヤ新井教室等で実験テストが実施され、翌年度から正式実施されました。





Cancelling Junior Eiken for the time being: Yoshy decided to cancel that. The reasons are that the number of examinees on website is rapidly increasing, and many students are just easily satisfied with their growing score and too much spoiling advice, neglecting “to keep learning communicative language of English by using CDs and workbooks as home studying”. *So to speak, to have LL students take the exam means putting the cart before the horse, which I cannot help but say it’s *flagrant.

I am sorry for my LL-students who are looking forward to taking it; I beg their parents to understand my decision.




For Taking Eiken Interview Test: 3, Pre-2 and 2




In Eiken Interviews, “unexpected questions” are given to *examinees.




For example of the 3rd Eiken, the *examiner would say to you, “Well, turn the card over.” … “Do you like summer?” … “What do you want to do this summer?”




例えば2級レベルでは、「たくさんの人たちがスマホや携帯をつかっています。あなたはそれらが大切だと考えますか?」- (はい、いいえに対して) - 「なぜそう考えますか?」

For example of the 2nd Eiken, the examiner would say, “Many people are using smart-phones, cell-phones and so on. Do you think having such a mobile phone is important?” – “Why do you think so?”




So to speak, we need to have got “*problem consciousness and your thoughts about it”; I want each student of LL Shihoya Arai School to be a *full-time thinker.

*problem consciousness:問題意識 *full-time thinker:問題意識のある人




Never being over the top, but that is not only for “passing the Eiken or the Entrance Exam to College”, but also for the first step to *bring about the world peace through *intercultural communication among the people in the world.

*bring about~:をもたらす、引き起こす *intercultural~:異文化間の~




The way of teaching English has to be changed not only by teachers of public schools, but runners of *cram schools; they have been facing against me for such a long time.

*cram schools:進学補習塾




Conversely, please accept my warmest thanks to the parents of my school; whose children are learning here believing or trusting my philosophy of teaching.



詳しくは、検索:「英検 二次 バーチャル」で、アニメや動画等をご覧になれます。For more information, you are able to watch the simulation of animation, YouTube, etc by clicking:HERE:ここをクリックなさってください。


<実用英検> 中高での実施と個人受験が浸透していますので、指導に徹し、教室での受験は中止しています。


LL Shihoya Arai School has this idea about Eikens from the first: Eikens should not be “a purpose of learning English”, but “an encouragement for keeping learning practical English”.

2013.10.13 (Sun) #2 実用英検実施中
2013.10.13 (Sun) #2 実用英検実施中


“Failure teaches success.” … Regardless pass-fail, only such students could improve his/her command of practical English as he/she would find the mistakes and solution, which means failure should be always means for your next success!




As Yoshy always tell every examinee, I am asking you who took this Eiken and brought your test-booklets to mark the check on the question you didn’t clearly understand. I am also asking you to bring it in order to ask Yoshy in your lessons. Yoshy is always waiting for your motivation like this.




Every class of LL Shihoya Arai School is organized according to the level of proficiency, which means that your competitor is YOU!


■ 「Hearing ContestとSpeech Contestは、車の両輪」と、当時の(財)日本LL教育センターは指導していました。1987年度が第1回目の「ヒアリングコンテスト」でした。1992年度の第7回までで、スピーチコンテスト指導技術の向上や、「実用英検出題内容の充実化」等に伴い、終了しました。「聞き→話し→読み→書く」の通り、「聞く力」がコミュニケーション能力の基礎であることは、今でも同じです。


■ 「児童英検」は、当教室が「サンプルテスト実施・モデル教室」でした:つまり、当地:LLシホヤ新井教室から、産声を上げたことを誇りに思っています。


■ ご存じの通り、「実用英検準1級合格」は、一流と言われる外語大学の学生でさえ、難関ですね。LLシホヤ新井教室の高3の中から、およそ5年に1名が合格しています。