1976 (S.51) 06.06-15 米国教育現場視察

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Since I was able to find my time during Golden Week, I tried looking back to the past: “the inspection tour of the latest educational sites in USA”


The purpose of our visit was to think about “the future of Language Laboratory Device: the balance between Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI) & Face-to-Face Instruction (FFI)”.-Four decades passing by, this question hasn’t been solved yet in Japan’s English Education World.


While I was carefully reading the report and remembering those days, I could reconfirm my idea now: “It’s someone who can raise someone.” & “Any digital device is nothing but a means for the former.” Paradoxically, I was taught the skill of interpretation by professional interpreter, Mr. S who is introduced here below.


We visited many public and private sites of education mainly in the states: California and Hawaii.


For example, we visited more than ten sites; the board of education of California, Heald Business College, University of Southern California, the board of education of Los Nietos School District, Japan-America Institute of Management Science (JAMS), etc., where we learned something new and discussed many things.

団長は、(財)日本LL教育センター初代専務理事の阿部三郎先生 (「特攻大和艦隊」の著者)、プロ通訳はS氏、私はS氏の補佐でした。私にとって、通訳はその時が初めてでした。「間の取り方のコツ」、「わからない語彙は前後関係で類推し、別の表現で確認を!」、「相手の価値観を楽しめ!」の3点を直に学ぶことができました。

The group leader was Mr. Saburo Abe, the first senior managing director of Foundation Japan LL Education Center (the author of “Tokko Yamato-kantai: Kamikaze-attack, Yamato-fleet”). Mr. S was a professional interpreter; I was his assistant. It was the first time for me to be an interpreter. Thanks to Mr. S., I could learn such three precious skills as “a knack of making the pauses between the lines”, “a knack of the way when unknown vocabularies appeared, we should guess them in the context and confirm them by another expression!” and “to be able to enjoy the speaker’s values!” through standing beside him or instead of him.

2015年は、太平洋戦争終結70周年に当たります。今思えば、HPA (ハワイ・プレパラトリー・アカデミー) 視察後に浜辺に立たれた阿部三郎先生 (向かって左)の胸中やいかばかりだったか…。


2015 is the seven decades anniversary of the end of Pacific War. Now I can consider his feelings when he was standing on a beach of Hawaii Island just after our last inspection of HPA, Hawaii Preparatory Academy. (Mr. Abe is the left in this picture at a beach.)




This is the cover of “Tokko Yamato-kantai: Kamikaze-attack, Yamato-fleet” published on the date of the end of war in 1994: the eighteenth year after our inspection tour. Actually I first knew he was once “a naval junior lieutenant”.

Now I am sincerely reviewing Mr. Abe’s passionate will for growing Foundation Japan LL Education Center including Yoshy’s LL Shihoya Arai School, introducing a part of “his postscript”.

<以下、後書きの末尾部分:The following is the last part of his postscript.>




Mr. Andre Malraux said, “It’s true that Japan was defeated in war, however, we must remember Japanese people have got something that is no substitute instead. It is Kamikaze Special Attack Units. What made them do so was just only precious zest or patriotism, which should be said a pure deed with no repayment; there is true magnitude in their deed.”

We must humbly learn our history and sincerely think how the future of Japan and the peace of the world should be and what action we should do. – That’s the way we should do for the people killed by war, I believe.

サンフランシスコでのスナップ:私、Yoshy(26歳) の隣が今は泉下の阿部三郎専務理事と須田政彦教室連絡課長。LLシホヤ新井教室を40年以上にわたってぶれずにやってこられたのは、このお二人はじめ、目白本部(今は新宿)職員、そしてこの研修旅行のおかげです。

This picture was taken in San Francisco; from the right: Yoshy (26 years old then), the late Mr. Abe: the senior managing director and Mr. Masahiko Suda: the chief of LL-Schools connecting section. Thanks to these two men, as well as all the staff in Mejiro GHQ ( Now: Shinjuku) and this tour in those unforgettable tour!