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お陰さまで、「上越タイムス:1010日付」に、5()に実施させていただいた「LLシホヤ新井教室40周年記念・LL スピーチコンテスト+えいごでコント」が紹介されました。ご掲載下さり、感謝申し上げます。

Thanks to LL students and their parents, Joetsu Times *ran an article about “LL Speech Contest + Conte in English for *marking the 40th Anniversary of LL Shihoya Arai School held on last Sunday.” I express my cordial gratitude to Joetsu Times.

*run an article:記事を掲載する  *marking~:~を記念して




The gist of the article is that “This LL English School students of elementary schools tried to perform Conte in English before their fluent speeches. The owner, Mr. Endo told that his aim of teaching English exists not on “teaching English” but on expressing his/her own will “by using English” – he has continued to have them learn practical communicative skills and he will do from now on.”

40周年記念・第37回 LL スピーチコンテスト・ご報告


"Translation to English" above + the other review by Yoshy are available to read below. Thank you for scroll down.


「第37回・LL スピーチコンテスト+えいごでコント」ご報告

Report “The 37th LL Speech ContestConte in English”




「教室開設40周年記念、第37LLスピーチコンテスト+えいごでコント」がお陰さまで予定通り、105()2:00-4:30 at 勤研センターで実施できました。たくさんの行事が重なる中、配役・発表生徒さんとご家族のみなさま、ご参加下さりありがとうございました。

Thanks to you, “The 37th LL Speech Contest + Conte in English to *commemorate *the 40th Anniversary of LL Shihoya Arai School” was on schedule held at Kin-ken Center on Sunday, October 5th, from 2:00 to 4:30 pm. *In spite of the day *overlapped with various kinds of events, more speakers, casts, their families and visitors joined us than I had expected; thank you very much.


  *the 40th anniversary of~:~の40周年記念

  *in spite of~~にもかかわらず

 *overlapped with~:~で重なっている




*Instead of *traditional “English dramas or Games”, five elementary school students were performing “Seven Contes in English”; which was the first trial through forty years.

*instead of~:~に代えて





New ideas struck us in every practice. The words and actions were changed through five drills.




Actually, in front of *a large audience; many kids seemed to be worried in their minds, “What is my line?” Whenever we couldn’t keep our minds steady, our actions would sure become *awkward. – Yes, our *companions are waiting for our words and actions.

*a large audience:大勢の観客 






However, we wished the audience could understand our contes as much as possible! Something we *made the *essence of communication visible is mainly included in “Conte in English.”

*make visible:可視化させる





As Yoshy wrote in Blog on September 30th, children now need to get “*tough resilience”; I believe. Their first trial became *a good reference to me like that “How can I lead them next year?”


  *a good reference:良い参考




*It should be worth getting higher score such speakers as could have imagined themselves “a teller of the story” *integrated with memorization, attitude and pronunciation; which is, I think, LL Speech Contest.

*it is worth ing:~するに値する

  *integrated with~:~で一体化された



<報告ニュース記載の感想文:Yoshy’s Review on Report News>


Yoshy’s Review (遠藤由明の事後感想です.)

「えいごでコント」は、練習の度に配役生徒から、A=「新しいアイデア」が生まれました。B= 「台詞が変わって」ヨッシーから、その英語を学びました。C= 「相手を思いやりながら、発話と動作の仕方を自分で」考えました。「自分の思い、考えを相手に伝え合う」:コミュニケーションの基本を、「見える」形= A+B+C でイキイキ練習できました。披露の結果は??? - Hum…反省点が多いにあります。

*On every occasion of practicing “Conte in English”, we had to *confront A, B and C; A = “New ideas” were born, B= the cast learned new expressions in English as soon as “their new words had to be used,” and C= each cast at last tried to decide “how to pronounce and perform in *thoughtful atmosphere.” So to speak, we could learn the basis of communication, which means “to *vividly tell his/her own thought and idea to the others” by “”visible” A+B+C. Well, how was the result? – Hum… Lots of review remain.

*on occasion of~:~の度に







Yoshy thinks now that “LL Speech Contest” is the calm world for “telling his/her *mental picture”; on the other hand, “Conte in English” is “the *dynamic one for wishing to show”. – Putting that in place, hoping they will be able “to find their own new worlds by using English” next year, too! I’d express my cordial thanks to larger audience with Joetsu Times Newspaper Co. Ltd than I had expected.

*mental picture:心象


2014年度・10月5日(日)実施予定:第37回LL スピーチコンテスト「プログラム」


"All the recitations" between up-and-down pages are available to be seen by clicking the right-side.

From Blog on 2014.07.01

Jay and Yoshy Instructors's Drill in Tokyo
Jay and Yoshy Instructors's Drill in Tokyo

日々のTVニュースでお分かりの通り、今のLLの子供たちが大人になるころ、一番必要な「生きる力」の一つが、「A: 協調性に支えられたB: 交渉力」であることは疑いがないでしょう。

As you understand through daily TV-news programs, it must be “individual power of negotiation supported with cooperativeness” what LL Future Adults need to learn the best now; that is not doubtful.




Though your kids have got many opportunities to learn A, how about B? – There are very poor educational measures as of these days, don’t you think so?





Yoshy wants you to learn “better pronunciation and guts not to get stage fright in front of people” through “practicing recitations of “LL SC”.




Yoshy also wants you to acquire “your own expressions from your own feelings and thoughts” through enjoying practicing “English Cont”.




I believe these two special activities will help you to gain “the basic powerful skill of negotiation in English” for your future English life. Let us do our best!