Yoshy's Childhood、恩師との出会い、英語研修, etc.



The 98th M-PEC月例講座:66() ,2015予告:

Advance billing of YEA on June 6th (Sat) .2015




Scroll down to the 6th paragraph, please and “Advance-billing of YEA (Yoshy’s Volunteering Monthly English Activity) of M-PEC” can be seen.




いつもは、月例講座は、第2():6月13日()なのですが、「新井聖書協会」で、「ライフラインの集い」がございますので、6月6日()7:00-9:00 pm at LLシホヤ新井教室に変更させてくださいませ。

Though YEA is always open on the 2nd Saturday every month: June 13th, let us change the date to June 6th, because “Gathering for Life-line” to be held by “Heaven’s Gate Chapel” on the date.




実は、私は未だにクリスチャンではありませんが、新井中学時代から、今も親交のある早津 栄牧師さんと一緒に、英会話学習に勤しんできた御恩があるのです。

Actually although I’m not a Christian yet, I am *obliged to Pastor Hayatsu Sakae whom I was able to study English Conversation with in my junior high school days and we’re still good friends.

*obliged [əblάɪdʒd] to A for BABの御恩がある、感謝している





The late Missionary, Leslie Grove was the first foreigner for me in my junior high school days, then I could have lots of opportunities to meet good friends from abroad “through communication in English”, e.g. the young staff of National Aeronautic and Space Administration at Kashiwazaki Bible Institute, etc.





Arai JHS in my youth was once located at the place where Arai ES now is now. “Arai Bible Church: Heaven’s Gate Chapel now” was at the north side of and next to that school.