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2019年1月現在も、根気よく、愉しく英訳を続けています. I'm continuing translation his great poets with his beautiful photos at http://mpec.blog.fc2.com/ as of Jan, 2019

TBW 002 updated on 20180210 (Sat)



カナダより, ティム・ビービの世界:TBW-002

Tim Beebe’s World from Canada:serial





<ティムの「英語俳句と画像 (☝)」:Tim’s “haiku with picture (Upward) ” on Sunday, February 21, 2016>




Icy waves wash

A Stony Superior shore …

Frozen driftwood



*stony [stóʊni]:(a) 石ころだらけの、無情な  *Superior [sʊpí(ə)riɚ]:スペリオル湖  *driftwood [drɪ́ftwʊ̀d]:(un) 流木、漂着物



《Literal Translation into Japanese:日本語直訳》






💛《Yoshy’s Haiku After Tasting Tim’s One in Picture:ティムからの画像と英語俳句を鑑賞後の、遠藤の俳句》







《Written in Phonogram Above:表音文字表記 + (Free Translation of Yoshy’s)》


Iteru Nami

(Icy waves)

Nagaregi Itsukara

(Wondering since when this driftwood has been anchored)


(Lake Superior)



<五大湖:Great Lakes: 西から順に、Michigan [míʃɪgən], Superior [sʊpí(ə)riɚ], Huron [hjˈʊ(ə)rən], Erie [í(ə)ri], Ontario [ɑnté(ə)riòʊ] : 米国とカナダの国境にあり、湖だけは全体が米国領内にある.>




ティムからのメール (一部分) Tim’s Message (only the part) to Yoshy on Feb 9th (Fri)

Thanks for your kind words about my blog. I have not written for a couple of years, but am thinking of starting again. I like to take photographs, and haiku helps me *capture with words the feeling I get from the scenery. I haven't studied haiku very much, so am not sure if I write it correctly, but it is fun to try. Feel free to translate anything you wish, and use any photographs that you wish. And thanks so much for posting the link to my blog. If I start writing again I will *reciprocate with a link to your blog on my site.


*capture [kˈæptʃɚ] with~:~で捉える  *reciprocate [rɪsíprəkèɪt]:(vt) 報いる、返礼する、 (vi) ~で報いる (with)



It has been very cold here this winter. This week it has been -30 C every night, and even colder with the wind chill, sometimes down to -45. We don't have nearly as much snow as you do in Arai, but some winters we have 60 or 70 cm on the ground.



I have included two winter photos (upward). I will send more later. Thanks again and take care! Tim



冬の写真を2葉 (☝)添付します。更に多くの写真を後ほど送ります。感謝します。お元気で!ティム

TBW 001 updated on 20180206 (Tue)


カナダより, ティム・ビービの世界:TBW-001 Updated Feb 6 (Tue) , 2018

Tim Beebe’s World from Canada:serial



<白黒写真はティムからのもの. Photo The black-and-white photographs among these were sent from Tim.>



From: Tim Beebe Sent: February 2, 2018 To: Yoshy (Yoshiaki Endo) Subject: I received your letter!



Thanks so much Endo-san! I enjoyed hearing from you and reading your blog. If you want to include part or all of my emails in your blog feel free - no worries about my privacy. I was a blogger for a few years too, but ended it in 2012. I tried writing a Haiku blog for a while, but ended that as well.


Here are links if you want to see them: http://beebewitzblog.blogspot.ca/ and http://elixirated.blogspot.ca/.






<From Yoshy to Tim through this article:このブログを使って、遠藤由明からティムへ>



Your generosity is as usual as those days. Thank you! The latter blog-address was linked to my blog, “Yoshy’s World”. (Scroll down to the bottom at the left side and you see “Tim Beebe’s Haiku”)



I am attaching a family photo from Christmas, and will send more photos later. Thanks again so much! Will write again soon! Tim






From: Tim Beebe Sent: January 28, 2018 To: Yoshy (Yoshiaki Endo) Subject: I received your letter!


Hello Endo-san! I was surprised and pleased to see your nice letter. I dug out my old photographs from Japan and found some from the English party that you hosted, I think in 1986. They are blurry, but they brought back so many good memories.

*We were young. I’m happy I can again write to one of my best friends I met in my young days. There’re two pictures in which YOU are; Click HERE, please.





≪私からティムへ:Reply to Tim≫




◎国内外の友人へ一言近況:Yoshy’s Brief Updates to my Friends at Home and Abroad



Feb 6th (Tue): around 2:30 pm. While being hectic due to expected heavy snowfall, I’ve finished writing this blog. Heavy snow is attacking Fukui and Niigata prefecture (mainly northern and middle parts) now; it’s cloudy in our area, Arai in Joetsu (southern part of Niigata prefecture).


Photo 2月5日(月)、8:50 am頃、東雲町の増村歯科医へ行く途中、撮影しました。北西、朝日町方向です。

Feb 5th (Mon): around 8:50 am. I took this picture on the way to Masumura Dental Clinic in Shinonome-cho. This direction is toward Asahi-cho, northwest.


Photo 10:00 am頃、南東、上町方向です。奥に経塚山、船岡山が見えます。

Around 10:00 am, toward Kanmachi, southeast. Kyoduka-yama and Funaoka-yama hills are seen in the depth.



Photo 2:00 pm頃:LL教室の屋根雪が、スプリンクラーのお蔭で、僅か20㎝位に減りました。6日~8日にかけて豪雪予報が出ていますが、雪下ろしは、多分無用でしょう。祈っています。



Around 2:00 pm, the amount of snow had been reduced to only 20 cm by sprinklers; though a weather forecast says we’ll have another heavy snow from 6th (Tue) to 8th (Thu), probably removing snow from our roofs won’t be needed. I pray.

Preface about TBW 001 20180206


ティムは、1986年に私の前に彗星のように現れ、去って行きました。N様のお蔭で、2018年1月28日(日)、彼からの嬉しいメールが届きました。現在、オンタリオ消防大学で消防士を育成しています。彼の過去のブログを読んで、そのきらめく才能の中で、私は、彼の「英語の俳句」に感動しています。このように時々 (気の向くままに)「ティム・ビービの世界」をご紹介いたします。


One of my good friends, Mr. Tim Beebe, who appeared in front of me in 1986 and left me like a comet. Thanks to Ms. N, his happy email arrived at me. He is now working as a fire instructor for the Ontario Fire College training firefighters. After briefly reading his two kinds of BLOG, I’m surprised at his brilliant talent for writing and particularly moved by “Haiku in English”. Well, let me sometimes (whenever I wish) introduce “Tim Beebe’s World” like this. 

Mr. & Mrs. Beebe and his Son and Daughter attached his mail on Feb 2, 2018