「英語で市民にお喋り」6年間を終えて (2007.04-2013.03)

Roman Holiday from CIC VIDEO
Roman Holiday from CIC VIDEO

新井有線放送、最終収録:Final Recording of YEC at Arai Yusen Broadcasting



Thanks to the citizens of Myoko City, the final 144th recording of YEC (Yoshy’s English Corner) in AUK: Arai Yusen-radio Broadcasting” was successfully done on Tuesday, February 5th. YEC started in April, 2007, which means this work continued for six years.




Let me introduce you part of the final issue in the language of J-E in advance. It’s going to be broadcasted on Friday, March 22nd, 2013.




“I wish I could fluently communicate with people from abroad!” or “I hope I can make my nice friends in the world by using English e-mail.”, …Most Japanese people have still been struggling against mastering communicative command of English for around nearly 70 years since postwar era.



「CDを聞き流すだけで」、「TVやラジオの英会話番組を見聞きするだけで」は、10年経っても「使える英語の力」は身につきません。どうすればいいのでしょう? …

“Only by just to listen CDs one ear and out of the ear” and “Only by just watching TV or Radio programs of English Conversation”, Yoshy believes, we couldn’t make our dreams come true even if you continue those ways for a decade. What should we do, the? …




The shortest answer is “Using English as much as we can!” To do so, we need the both “Desire that we’re dying to use English” and “Curiosity that would support the desire”, which would be sure helpful for your skill of English very quickly. For example, after those who live in Niigata prefecture come back from Fukushima prefecture staying for a year, they must notice themselves by their spouses’ saying … “My, you’re speaking with Aizu-accent, don’t you know?”




Devote yourself to an English school where you can use English with your instructor; not thinking of English as a school-subject, but as a good tool for communication through this world. Even if your English couldn’t be understood by him/her in the school, do not be afraid of that like you used to make many mistakes in your childhood.




You are a customer in the English school where you can communicate with your instructor in English, because you must pay the fee to him/her. You never have to dwell on your past mistakes; saying to yourself, “I disgraced myself!, I failed! , I broke down!”, etc. … The best way to find a good instructor is whether “the instructor is enjoying his/her lessons holding desire and curiosity in his/her mind.” or not. You can easily know that when you meet him/her in front of you.



3年続けばいいなぁ!と始めさせて頂いたYoshy’s English Cornerが皆様のご支援のお陰で6年が過ぎました。ありがとうございました。

Yoshy began YEC in April, 2007 hoping it would continue three years! Thanks to your support, six years have passed. Thank you very much.



原稿を書くにあたって、時折私の質問にお答え下さったc-k office主宰:香原ちさと先生、(財)日本LL教育センターのJoseph Hernandez先生、(財)日本英語検定協会の清水洋子先生、LL能代教室の佐藤直人先生、大妻女子大学のTimothy Wright教授、マレーシアの高校英語教師のYap Socy先生方にも御礼を申し上げます。

Sometimes I asked some questions to some of my respected teachers, who kindly answered. I’d like to say great thanks to them: Ms. Chisato Kohara: President of c-k office, Mr. Joseph Hernandez in LL Education Center, Ms. Yoko Shimizu in The Society for Testing English Proficiency, Inc. , Mr. Naoto Sato: the owner of LL Noshiro School, Prof. Timothy J. Wright in Otsuma Women’s University, Ms. Yap Socy: an English teacher in a high school in Malaysia, etc.



6年間の原稿の大部分は、You can read most of scripts written from 2007.04 to 2013.03: for six years by clicking:HERE:ここをクリックなさってください。