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Translation of the Rees Review Starts on 2016.08.17 Wed.



Yoshy’s Admiration for “Rees Review”-Preface 01





I was hoping I could translate this “Rees Review” someday, because this is one of the most precious learning materials for both students of M-PEC Monthly Lesson: YEA (Yoshy’s English Activity) and LL Shihoya Arai School. – This work has added to the remaining “Ms. Yamashita’s Poems” and “One Hundred Poems from One Hundred Poets”.





I’m very happy to be able to introduce one of my old friends, Richard and his wife, Wendy. He started emailing to me in 2000; it still continues now. I’ve got over 200 “The Rees Review” in total as of August 16th below.





I’d like to summarize it like a non-fiction story as vividly as I could.





Thanks to Richard’s favor as follows; he agreed to my translation last Tuesday, August 16th.




Dear Yoshy,

Thank you for your email. Please feel free to use pictures from our updates. We have settled into the new village but there is no electricity or internet. Now I am visiting a city about a six hour drive from the village to buy supplies. I stayed here one night and today I will return back to the village. It is rainy season and there is so much rain here.

Sorry this email is so short. I have many things to do before I drive for six hours on mountain roads back to our new village.









以下は、上記直前に受信した、7月29日のRees Reviewです。今回は約600字です(参考までの抜粋)が、平均的に500字~1000字です。

The followings are (an excerpt for your information) from The Rees Review which is the latest one with around 600 letters I received on July 29th. The number of his Review is usually from 500 to 1,000.




Dear Friends,

Thank you for your prayers.  The morning of "moving day" was *overcast but no rain.  Saw (Dee's husband) and Pei (Chi and Pai's son) and a couple of guys from the village helped *load. The truck arrived late and loading took longer than we expected, but we were done by midafternoon.  The truck driver told us that he was going to wait until 4AM to leave and planned to get up to Pueng Khlueng by noon. We knew that it would be impossible to get there that fast, so we realized that things were not going to go according to plan. We decided that we would wait until 2AM to start our trip.

*overcast [ˈɔʊvɚ.kæst]:(a) 曇った、陰気な  *load [lˈəʊd]:(vt) 積み込む







Next week we have business to take care of in town and then we will go on to Bangkok to apply for Megan's passport as it is due to expire soon.  Once we get back from Bangkok, we will drive on up to Pueng Khlueng and start settling in.  Once we are up there we can start working on getting internet set up.  Pray that the village electrical plant will get fixed soon.

In Christ,
Richard and Wendy Rees
Megan, Caleb, Rachel and Karis