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リース家族の活躍・ご紹介 150

Rees Family’s Amazing Mission (RAM)



2022年現在、リース一家は、タイの奥地で現地住民と共に、様々な試練を乗り越えながら布教を展開しています. 私の旧友リチャードからの、当時の近況メールを通じて、一家を紹介するコラムです. メールが大量ですので、「さわり:読みどころ」だけを、 “The World of Richard Rees” in my HP に保存してゆきます. 遠藤の判断で、個人情報が含まれる部分は、「Omission:中略」として、省略する場合があります.専門用語の和訳は、Heaven’s Gate Chapelの早津 栄元牧師 (Former Pastor Hayatsu Sakae, who retired in March, 2019.) のご指導を受けています.  Dear Richard and Wendy; Hoping you could enjoy having a taste of slipping through time back to your staying in Arai. (和訳 by Yoshy)



<Quoted the e-mail from a Young Couple, Richard and Wendy on Jan 29, 2017>





Dear Friends,



After our big road trip to *Kanchanaburi, *Laos and home again around the beginning of December, we have been able to settle down for some *quality time in the village. About a week after getting home, Gwen came back from Aunt Betty's and Aunt Betty came along for a week visit. We had an early Christmas with her and it was some good family time together. 


*quality [kwάləṭi]:(un, a) 上質・良質(な)


12月の初め頃に、カンチャナブリとラオスへの大掛かりなロードトリップの後、私達は村でしばらくの間落ち着くことができました. 家に帰ってから約1週間後、グウェン(ウェンディさんの実母)は、ベティおばさん宅から戻って来て、ベティおばさんも一緒について来て、1週間私達と過ごしてくれました. 私達はおばさんとも一緒に早いクリスマスを過ごしました. 素晴らしい家族の時間になりました.



<4a:ご参考FYI:Location of Kanchanaburi  [kāːn.t͡ɕā.nábū.rīː] in Kingdom of Thailand;「タイ王国の、カンチャナブリ(同州の中のカンチャナブリtown)の位置」 from Wikipedia>


<4b:ご参考FYI:Location of “Laos” [ˈlɑːoʊs] = (正式名称➯) The Lao People's Democratic Republic ラオス人民民主共和国(dark green:深緑色) / “ASEAN” = (正式名称➯) “Association of Southeast Asian Nations”東南アジア諸国連合 except Laos ラオスを除くアセアン (dark grey:灰色) ASDFGHJ – via Wikipedia>


We were also able to get homeschooling up and running again and Wendy and I concentrated on *catching up on our Karen reading and writing lessons. *With being away so much, the rest of the class had finished the material and were just reviewing. Wendy and I studied on our own at home and our teacher would come to our house and record the lessons for us. Rachel was the only one of the children still studying with us, but with the long break due to travel, she decided not to continue on. It is hard to concentrate studying at home when you *siblings are out playing. She is talking about trying again next year.


*catch up on:(vt) 遅れを取り戻す {このonは、副詞ではなく前置詞}  *「with + 分詞」:状況を示す分詞構文  *sibling [síblɪŋ]:(cn) 男女別をしない兄弟姉妹



また、ホームスクーリングを再開することができ、ウェンディと私は、カレン語の読み書き学習の遅れを取り戻すことに集中しました. かなり(学習から)離れていたので、クラスの残りの人たちは既に提出資料を完成させ、復讐の段階にいました. ウェンディと私は、家で自修しました. そして私達の先生は家に来て、私達のためにレッスンを記録しました. レイチェル(次女)はまだ私達と一緒に勉強している子供たちの一人なのですが、旅行のために長い休憩をとったので、彼女は続けないことに決めました. 兄弟姉妹が遊んでいる時は、家で勉強することに集中するのは難しいです. レイチェルは、来年再学習することについて話しています.



<4c: Attached Picture No.1 /2>


On January 18th we had our big test. It was the end of the Karen reading and writing school year and all the students and teachers from nine different villages (on both sides of the border) descended on our town. The event lasted four days with meetings, singing, dancing, football (soccer) matches and lots of visiting. There were hundreds of people there and we met many of them. Wendy and I both passed the test and Wendy got the highest score of over one hundred students from the nine villages. They also made a special presentation of giving me my diploma even though I didn't place in the top three in the class. 




1月18日に私達は、大きなテストを行いました. それはカレンの読み書きの学年の終わりであり、9つの異なる村(国境の両側)からのすべての生徒と教師が私達の町にやって来てくれました. イベントは4日間続き、ミーティング、歌、ダンス、サッカー(サッカー)の試合、そして大勢の訪問がありました. そこには何百人もの人々がいて、私達は彼らの多くに会いました. ウェンディと私は両方ともテストに合格し、ウェンディは9つの村から100人以上の学生の最高得点を獲得しました. 彼らはまた、私がクラスのトップ3に入らなかったにもかかわらず、私の卒業証書を私に与えるという特別なプレゼンテーションをしてくれました.



<4d: Attached Picture No.2 /2>



The next study season does not start until August, but we plan to continue on at home with help from our teacher. There is an urgency to be proficient in reading and writing this script as we want to use it for Bible lessons and Bible translation. We also need to learn to type in this writing system and that doesn't appear to be straightforward either. 









After our trip to Laos I discovered that I am *running out of pages in my passport and needed to make a trip to Chiang Mai to apply for a new one. I have just made that trip and applied for the passport. I was also able to get some help with starting to figure out how to type Pwo Karen on my computer and run a number of other *errands. Last but not least, I was able to find and buy a vehicle to replace our "town truck". I had a specific list of things that I was looking for in a vehicle to use in our location and situation and found a vehicle that met everything on the list! The passport will be done in about two weeks and I will need to make another trip to Chiang Mai to get it. There is also some paperwork that I need to do in Chiang Mai with the new passport, so having it sent to me is not an option.


*run out of~:(vi) 不足する  *errand [érənd]:(cn) 用向き、用事



ラオスへの旅行の後、パスポートのページが不足していることに気付き、新しいパスポートを申請するためにチェンマイに出かける必要がありました. 私はちょうどその旅をして、パスポートを申請しました. また、自分のコンピューターでPwo Karenと入力する方法や、他の多くの要件を実行する方法を理解し始めるのに役立つことができました. 最後になりましたが、私は「タウントラック」に代わる車両を見つけて購入することができました. 私は私達の場所と状況で使用するために車で探していたものの特定のリストを持っていて、リストのすべてを満たす車を見つけました!パスポート(の申請記入作業)は、約2週間で完成します. パスポートを取得するには、チェンマイにもう一度出かける必要があります. 新しいパスポートを使ってチェンマイで行う必要のある書類もいくつかあるので、パスポートを送ってもらうことは無用なのです.


<4e:ご参考FYI: Location of Chiang Mai [ˌtʃæŋ ˈmaɪ]:チェンマイの位置; From Wikipedia>



Now that life is settling down some after the big test, I want to concentrate on getting back into writing Bible lessons. We have gotten to know many people in the village, pray for wisdom as I seek the help I need with developing the lessons. Pray for willing and faithful helpers that are skilled in figuring out how to clearly communicate the Bible stories and truths into the Pwo Karen language.


Thank you for your partnership in this work.



大きな試練を経て暮らしが落ち着きを取り戻した今、聖書のレッスンを書くことに集中したいと思います. 私達は、村の多くの人々と知り合いになり、学習を進展させるために必要な助けを求めてゆけますよう祈って下さい. 聖書の物語と真実をポーカレン語に明確に伝える方法を理解するのに熟練した、意欲的で忠実なヘルパーのために祈ってください. この作業にご協力いただきありがとうございます。



<4f:ご参考FYI: “Buddhist Karen pilgrims at Ngahtatgyi Pagoda in Yangon” 「ヤンゴンのNgahtatgyi・パゴダでの、カレン族仏教徒の巡礼者」Created: 10 February 2008; by Wagaung at English Wikipedia>



カレン族(カレンぞく、Karen; 中国語: 克倫族; ビルマ語: ကရင်(လူမျိုး)は、タイ北部・西部から、ミャンマー東部・南部にかけて居住する、カレン系言語を母語とする山地民の総称である. 広義にはカレンニー (赤カレン) などのカレン系諸族すべてを含み、狭義にはスゴー・カレンとポー・カレンを中心とする白カレン・グループが主なカレン族と見なされる. 伝統的には半農半狩猟である.

(From ウィキペディア)



Richard and Wendy Rees
Megan, Caleb, Rachel and Karis





Translation of the Rees Review Starts on 2016.08.17 Wed.



Yoshy’s Admiration for “Rees Review”-Preface 01

Updated in 2016




I was hoping I could translate this “Rees Review” someday, because this is one of the most precious learning materials for both students of M-PEC Monthly Lesson: YEA (Yoshy’s English Activity) and LL Shihoya Arai School. – This work has added to the remaining “Ms. Yamashita’s Poems” and “One Hundred Poems from One Hundred Poets”.




I’m very happy to be able to introduce one of my old friends, Richard and his wife, Wendy. He started emailing to me in 2000; it still continues now. I’ve got over 200 “The Rees Review” in total as of August 16th below.




I’d like to summarize it like a non-fiction story as vividly as I could.




Thanks to Richard’s favor as follows; he agreed to my translation last Tuesday, August 16th.




Dear Yoshy,

Thank you for your email. Please feel free to use pictures from our updates. We have settled into the new village but there is no electricity or internet. Now I am visiting a city about a six hour drive from the village to buy supplies. I stayed here one night and today I will return back to the village. It is rainy season and there is so much rain here.

Sorry this email is so short. I have many things to do before I drive for six hours on mountain roads back to our new village.








以下は、上記直前に受信した、7月29日のRees Reviewです。今回は約600字です(参考までの抜粋)が、平均的に500字~1000字です。

The followings are (an excerpt for your information) from The Rees Review which is the latest one with around 600 letters I received on July 29th. The number of his Review is usually from 500 to 1,000.




Dear Friends,

Thank you for your prayers.  The morning of "moving day" was *overcast but no rain.  Saw (Dee's husband) and Pei (Chi and Pai's son) and a couple of guys from the village helped *load. The truck arrived late and loading took longer than we expected, but we were done by midafternoon.  The truck driver told us that he was going to wait until 4AM to leave and planned to get up to Pueng Khlueng by noon. We knew that it would be impossible to get there that fast, so we realized that things were not going to go according to plan. We decided that we would wait until 2AM to start our trip.

*overcast [ˈɔʊvɚ.kæst]:(a) 曇った、陰気な  *load [lˈəʊd]:(vt) 積み込む








Next week we have business to take care of in town and then we will go on to Bangkok to apply for Megan's passport as it is due to expire soon.  Once we get back from Bangkok, we will drive on up to Pueng Khlueng and start settling in.  Once we are up there we can start working on getting internet set up.  Pray that the village electrical plant will get fixed soon.

In Christ,
Richard and Wendy Rees
Megan, Caleb, Rachel and Karis